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An individual chooses to be homosexual

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Started: 7/19/2015 Category: Society
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Firstly, let me state that I am not against homosexual people. I welcome them; I am tolerant of differences. Secondly, I have befriended those who I have met, and I have treated them as humans should be treated, after all, one sexual orientation doesn't make him/her less of a human. Lastly, I am about equality, hence, I support the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, because I believe in the fair treatment of all. Less hate, more love, that's what we need in this problematic and changing world. In spite of those, the elephant in the room is that an individual chooses to be homosexual. In taking up this debate, my opponent will argue that an individual doesn't chooses to be homosexual, while I on the other hand, will seek to argue that an individual chooses to be homosexual.


Individual: a single person or thing

Chooses: pick out or select (someone or something) as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives.

Homosexual: sexually attracted to people of one's own sex.


Round 1: Acceptance only
Round 2: Opening arguments
Round 3: Rebuttals/refutations
Round 4: Defend arguments
Round 5: Final rebuttals/defenses & conclusion


Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Opening statement: For all those who are reading this debate, thank you for doing so, and I hope you will cast your vote. The position I have taken has met scrutiny and criticism and will make meet scrutiny and criticism in this debate. I do not retreat from them. The truth is that homosexuality is a movement based on people advocating for the right to live as they please; while this advocacy has met partnership and opposition, our society has changed to the point where homosexuality is being the new norm. Although this is becoming the new norm, it doesn’t mean we cannot have healthy debates about it.

Social and cultural shift

In a Huffington post article, Homosexuality & Choice: Are Gay People 'Born This Way?’ it raised some crucial points that we tend to ignore. One of them is “Your environment affects your sexual and romantic relationships.” The people one hangs out with tend to shape their behaviors. If I hang out with poorly behaved people, I will eventually pick up their attitudes, either to fit in or it have been instilled in me. If a boy hangs out with a female, treated as a female, and plays with female materials, it is likely that he will pick up that female feelings and become attracted to man instead of a woman, because he feels as though he is one of them.

Another interesting point that article raised is that “your culture affects your views on homosexuality.” Most western countries are opened to the idea of new things and are tolerant of challenging the status quo. This paves the way for people to act certain ways or to “remake themselves.” In countries in Africa or other stricter countries, the government is closed minded, and unwelcoming to new ideas, because it doesn’t only challenge the status quo, but try to create an artificial of what is. People in those countries are straight, but only choose to believe that they are gay, because of western influence, this in turns, puts pressure on the sitting government for reform, so as to please the “minority.”

I also thought this point to be interesting… “Your upbringing can influence what you find desirable and what you find repulsive.” I elaborated on desire in my second contention. How we’re brought up, whether around mostly man or woman, treated like a gender were not, and forced to act like a certain gender, the potential for us to pick them up and carry them on in life is likely. The family research council helps answer this, “In contrast, our results support the hypothesis that less gendered socialization in early childhood and preadolescence shapes subsequent same sex romantic preferences.”

Last point: “What you have learned about homosexuality as you were growing up will affect whether you consider engaging in homosexual acts to be desirable or disgusting.” It says “will affect whether you consider,” which means it is not part of you, but if needs be, it is something you will consider doing if you’re taught that it is OK, however, if it is condemned and protested against in your home, you will possibly find it disgusting and will not consider it. The fact that you will consider it means you’re going to make a choice, which makes homosexuality a choice.

C2: Desires – we experiment things

Being sexually attracted to someone, like other things, is a desirable experiment. We find happiness in the things we find pleasurable. As a man, I find a woman to be attractive, therefore, I will seek to establish a relationship with a woman both for union and sexual pleasure. Needless to say, a woman and a man were created for each other; subsequently, we’re destined to meet. Although I do not want to get all nude, a woman has a viginal while a man has a penis, both serving a different purpose. Obviously a woman cannot have sexual intercourse by herself or with another woman; it is only with a man. The same goes for a man. Two men together with penises or two women together with viginals, are essentially serving the same purpose, and this is outside of the norm of a penis and a viginal serving separate purpose. Now, as a man, after being in a relationship with a certain woman and it didn’t work out, I ought to seek to establish relationship with a different woman, because this is what ought to happen. But if I start having feelings for a man, then something has happened that led me to this.

A young boy sent this to Dr. King: “My problem is different from the ones most people have. I am a boy, but I feel about boys the way I ought to feel about girls. I don’t want my parents to know about me. What can I do? Is there any place where I can go for help?”

In his careful and thoughtful response, Dr. King made a critical point when he said “it is necessary to deal with this problem by getting back to some of the experiences and circumstances that led to the habit.” Our sexual orientation and sexual desire are fixed; should we seek to change otherwise, there must be a reason for our abandoning of these fixed part of us. Now, no man tells himself or his parent this, “I’m straight, and I think I like women,” because that is something we’re born with, it is a natural feeling of itself. A straight person admitting that he is straight is sort of like him discovering all of a sudden that he has a penis, which he is to make love with a woman with, or that he is to find love and make a baby. These were met to happen, if he chooses to make them happen. But people have come out and said, “I’m gay.” If this is the case, then that means they were inherently straight, only later changing their sexual attractive preference. If so, it is not a natural part of us, it is something we acquired, a point which Dr. King included in his response: “the type of feeling that you have toward boys is probably not an innate tendency, but something that has been culturally acquired.”

The same can be said of smoking cigarettes, eating certain food, and doing certain hobbies. Simply because one chooses to do those does not mean that they are genetically destined to do them. They are culturally acquired. Smoking is a habit that can be picked up and stopped. You may be used to eating a certain food in your country, but if you move to a different country, you will have to learn to eat their food. If one says that they were born to eat American food, then that means genetically, they’re not able to eat another food. I wasn’t destined to play tennis or a certain sport. I tried and liked one of them and decided to continue playing it, which I can stop. Same with homosexuality…it is something someone picked up and can be stopped.

C3: Changeable and unchangeable

We have to recognize that some things are changeable while others are not. The fact that one is born black or white is unchangeable. The fact that one will be born either a male or a female is unchangeable. The fact that a female will be born with a vagina while a male will be born with a penis is unchangeable. The fact that a man, who has the penis, is to have sex with the woman both for pleasure and procreation, is unchangeable. These are fixed. Anything else we do outside of these are by choices, such as changing one’s skin color, turning into a woman, vice versa. Once we recognize this, we will understand that choosing to be homosexual is a choice. Obviously two men or two women could have sexual interaction, but that will result in nothing, other than pleasure and experimentation, whereas a man and woman did it because it’s pleasurable and necessary for procreation. We can conclude then that knowing that nothing will result from identical gender sexual interaction, both did it out of choice, therefore, both chose the homosexual route.



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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4


Was hoping for a meaningful debate.


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Debate Round No. 5
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