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An old apple is not all that great.

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Started: 2/3/2016 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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An old apple is not all that great


Old Apple: Colorful Socks

all: everything

great: above and beyond


-1st round is acceptance of this debate
-no sources, just your brain
-no swearing
-don't be a jerk face



I accept this challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent, Bysiyan, for accepting this challenge. Now lets begin.

The resolution we are confronted with is colorful socks are not all that great. Which being affirmative, I agree with this statement and heres why:

1. People who wear them are jerks.

- Everytime I see someone wearing socks of many colors, I get frustrated because they come over to me and brag about their socks being one of many colors while mine is just plain o' white. Terrible right?

2. Makes your other clothes look like crap.
- Wow, I have some neat red, pink, purple, green and blue socks, lemme just put them in the washing machine with my nice white materials. Ya, there goes your white undies. The ones you wore everytime to church. Gone.

3. Look terrible.

- Don't care if you like them, my opinion is superior. Socks that have so many confusing and terrible colors put together are a monstrocity!

4. Plain socks are more swag and practical with everything.
- Need I say more?

- mic drop.



This is not an argument against colorful socks, but jealousy. The act of being jealous proves that you secretly appreciate fine colored socks.

Everything wonderful has a dark side, but the dark side doesn't have to be bad. While you may consider this an inconvenience, it has great potential for passive agressive warfare. Furthurmore, fine socks should be dry cleaned or handled by professionals.

Pro has admitted this to be purely opinion and as such it will not be addressed.

Swag is a mysterious power yet to be completely harnessed or understood. However, many youths of this day would agree that colored socks are very "swag" or even "swagbiscuits."

Finally, pro has not proven that colorful socks are not any of the defined words. Being pro, the burden of proof lies on him.
Debate Round No. 2



1. My point on people being jerks about having their socks is not a sign of me being jealous. It's the annoyance of the person, and the sock causes the annoyance. My opponent is pulling the "Jealously" card to prove his point instead of providing a sound argument.

2. Responding to my opponents response to my argument, not everything has a "dark side." My opponent just wants to force the dark side on everything, promoting evil within everything. I will not stand for this evil doer to continue his heresy. Don't fall for the traps of the wicked

3. My opponent believes I can't have an opinion in order to declare a point. Everyone has a opinions, and everyone will use them when confronting a resolution such as this.

4. swag is not a mystical power like my opponent has claimed, it is simply is the meaning of something being cooler than cool.

For all these reasons I ask for an affirmative ballot at the end of todays round.


1. Pro has merely subtly shifted his blaming in this argument. His blame was on the sock. He has shifted it onto the person owning the sock, then back onto the sock. Nothing has changed. Pro is clearly madly jealous of my socks and card tricks.

2. Pro is underestimating the power of the dark side. Join me, and we can rule the galaxy as father and son except I'm not your father and you're not my son and we'll all call each other by our first names or by nicknames based on our fabulous socks. Pro wants to stop this joyful revolution. Don't let him.

3. Pro is blatently publishing opinions on opinions and I will not stand for it. As such, this argument will not be addressed.

4. While this is the conventional definition, it only scratches the surface. Colorful socks and memes have very little in common, but contain high amounts of swag.

In conclusion, pro never gave decisive proof of his initial claims, making the rest of the argument void. A vote for con is a vote for fabulousness.
Debate Round No. 3
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