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An orange is better than a banana

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Started: 12/8/2010 Category: Health
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I thank whoever my opponent is.

Let's begin!

1. Definitions

Orange- a globose, reddish-yellow, bitter or sweet, edible citrus fruit. Let's just say it is the orange that we eat.
Better- of superior excellence. You know the main idea.
Banana- the fruit, esp. that of M. paradisiaca, with yellow or reddish rind. Let's just say it is the banana we eat.

2. The Orange

An orange has a sour flavor. When you are sick, you will have to eat sour items to get well faster. Orange juice. Many people love this type of juice. Orange juice is more famous than banana juice. Orange leaves could be boiled to make tea. Orange peel is used by gardeners as a slug repellent. Orange wood is a flavoring wood in meat grilling. These are the facts that I will throw out in round 1 about the orange.


My opponent should have eaten a banana and know about bananas. Thank you.


I wish my opponent luck and thank him for creating this very important topic.

First I'm going to rebut a small number of my opponent's crazy claims about oranges. Then I'll tell you why oranges fail. Finally I'll give a multitude of reasons why I love the banana.

My opponent's claims:
1. Sour foods help you get well when you are sick
This is because of the high content of Ascorbic acid in oranges. This substance is really good at warding off illness. However, if you are already ill, it will in fact make you sicker as it interferes with your body's natural defence mechanism. It certainly is a great detoxin, but it is so good that when you are sick it will attack wildly, causing much discomfort. Besides, oranges are of no use against more serious diseases. [1]

2. Oranges have juice, which is more famous than banana juice
Bananas do not have juice, which is good because the orange juice's combination of high sugar and high acidity destroys teeth mercilessly. Smoothies are a much safer drink. Banana smoothies without a doubt superior to orange smoothies. They are richer in texture, faster to make and are much less messy than their orange counterparts.

3. Peel can be used as a slug repellent
True, but that same peel will probably get eaten immediately by maggots and other creatures, and so needs to be continually replaced. Therefore it is not nearly as cost effective as a proper slug repellent. Besides most oranges do not have a lot of peel, so you'd need to eat quite a few oranges before you can build an effective wall around your precious veggie garden.

4. Wood can be used in meat grilling
Theoretically. In practice few people bother. This is because orange wood is expensive, and the flavor is not very strong. Banana leaves have approximately the same effect, prevent food from burning and are much more widely used (throughout south-east Asia).

The (painful) truth about oranges:
1. Oranges make you sick
Just as the Ascorbic acid in oranges can help ward off weaker illnesses, the other ingredients present much more serious threats. First, oranges are highly acidic, which rots your teeth. Second, the acid in oranges increases blood congestion, mucus production, and decreases white blood cell's ability to ward off bacteria and viruses [2]. Third, you don't need all the extra vitamin C that an orange provides (2 oranges will give you 150% of the recommended adult dose [3]) - a healthy diet will have all the vitamin C you need.

2. Oranges are destroying the middle east
Wondering why the middle east is almost a desert? Oranges are your answer! Oranges require huge quantities of water to grow [3]. When Muslims planted hundreds of orange trees during the middle ages (Muslims tended to admire orange trees back then), little did they realize that these harmless-looking fruits were draining their rivers and causing their grass to turn to sand.

Why bananas are awesome:
1. They can be eaten in so many ways
Some of my favorite ways of eating a banana are deep fried, as chips, on pancakes, in oil, in curry, baked, mashed, cooked, in fritter form or just plain raw.

2. The banana plant is awesome
The leaves make carrying a banana easy. The trunk and the flower is eaten in many south east Asian countries. The fiber of the plant is used for clothing and paper manufacturing. The sap is a strong glue.

3. Banana is a much better desease fighter than oranges
Bananas fight three forms of cancer, contain lots of healthy vitamins and minerals, and fight kidney stones. If your tummy feels unwell after eating an orange, a banana will set you right! [5]

4. Bananas are more radioactive than oranges
This increases your chance of becoming a super-hero ever so slightly.

5. Bananas are there for everyone
Bananas are grown in 107 countries. That's more than can be said for oranges.

This will be enough for round one. I hope my opponent is eating lots of oranges. If so I am assured of victory!

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -
[5] -
Debate Round No. 1


Way to go with the humor!

However, let us begin Round 2:

1. Sick of Sour Foods Refutation

According to ancient Chinese medicine, sour fruit is helpful if you have the cold or other diseases.

2. Oranges

There are "sweet Oranges."

2. Feeling like a forfeiting guy

Since my opponent did not debate about the facts of my fruit, I will not refute some of the facts about
3. Slug Repellent
Use common sense although it's great that you use humor. We both know that the farmers use orange peels to prevent slugs from eating the plants. If you throw it on the dirt of a neighbor's yard, you technically aren't littering. In fact, you prevented slugs! Therefore, you could just peel an orange, throw the peel at your neighbor's yard, and eat the orange. Killing two birds with one stone.
4. Wood
Speaking of wood, you could chop down the orange tree that seems to be "draining" the Middle East. No need to buy them.
5. Eating Oranges
Many people don't eat two oranges in a day.
6. Middle East
Already answered it.
7. Bananas' Radio activeness
No one wants to be killed. Why do you want be near something that is radioactive? The topic of superheroes is false. Do you believe that if you touch kryptonite, you could fly into the air, pick up a train with one finger, and do somersaults while flying? However, it is great that you include humor.
1. Citrus Acid
Many foods contain potassium, but very few foods contain citrus acid. This makes oranges "rare."
2. Orange vs. Bananas
"Oranges are among the most valuable food crops in America. These fruits are suitable for everyone and are known as the best fruits to treat diseases. There are many orange nutritional facts that are not known by orange lovers. There is more to orange nutritional facts than just being the best source of Vitamin C. Orange is a major source of calcium, phosphorous, potassium, citrus acid, beta-carotene, aldehyde and compounds of alcohol ENE group. The predominant flavonoids in lemons and oranges, Hesperetin and Narigenin are other essential components in oranges. Narigenin is a bio-active compound that acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune system modulator. These antioxidants neutralize the effects of free radicals and unstable oxygen molecules in the body. This helps in slowing the aging process and gives you a younger looking skin. It also helps curbing diseases by increasing the immunity level of the body. Oranges are also rich in Vitamin A and other flavonoids and antioxidants like alpha and beta carotenes, beta-cryptoxanthin, zea-xanhin and lutein. Vitamin A helps in maintaining a healthy mucus membrane and skin. Vitamin A is also one of the most important vitamins to maintain a proper eye sight.

Oranges are a good source of fiber. These little marvels of nature are fat-free, sodium free and cholesterol free. The orange nutritional value further increases due to the presence of thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium and copper. As oranges are acidic, with a pH value between 2.5-3 that depends on the age, size and variety of the fruit, they are excellent detoxifying fruits.

Oranges are rich in pectin, that is a bulk laxative. It is very effective for people who are overweight. Pectin protects the mucous membrane of the colon by decreasing it's exposure period to toxic substances. It also binds itself to cancer causing chemicals in the intestine, thus reducing the chances of cancer. Cholesterol levels in the blood are also reduced if the pectin level in the body lowers. Pectin decreases the re-absorption process in the intestine by binding to bile acids.

Orange juice helps in absorption of medicines by the body, thus helping in the biochemical and physiological effects of the medicine. The following table will give a fair idea about the orange nutritional value:
Energy (kcal)198/47
Fibre content (g)3.1
Ascorbic acid (mg)70
Folate (mcg)40
Potassium (mg)237
Water (%)87
Protein (g)1.0
Sugar (g)10.6
Vit. A (mcg)2
Vit. C (mg)49
Vit. B1 (mg)0.07
Vit. B2 (mg)0.03
Vit. B6 (mg)0.06
Vit. E (mg)0.1

Orange Trivia
1.Oranges are fourth most popular fruit and orange juice is the most popular juice in America.
2.Brazil is the largest producer of oranges in the world.
3.The Florida oranges are greener than the California oranges. The warm night climate in Florida causes the chlorophyll pigments to migrate into the orange peel making it more greener.
4.It is possible for more than one plant to grow from a single seed of orange.
5.The ripe oranges that are unplucked from the trees, may turn to green due to a process called re-greening. This effect does not hamper the taste and the oranges nutritional value.
6.Oranges contain more fiber than most fruits and vegetables.
7.Oranges and orange blossoms are a symbol of love.
8.Oranges were known as the fruits of the Gods. They were often referred as the 'golden apples' that Hercules stole.
9.There are over 35,000,000 orange trees in Spain." ~
I thank my opponent for this great debate.


I'd like to thank my opponent for eating oranges, as is evidenced by his delusional case. I hope he keeps it up. As usual, I will deal with my opponent's claims first and then continue to state my case.

Why oranges (still) fail:
1) The Ancient Chinese believed oranges could heal the cold
Yes. The Ancient Chinese also believed mercury made you immortal. Their culture was filled with crazy superstition. I admit oranges can help reduce the effects of the common cold, but then so can your immune system, making eating those oranges completely unnecessary.

Related to this point is my opponent's assertion that most people do not eat two oranges a day. This is because more than one is dangerous. Oranges are therefore, unlike bananas, a dangerous fruit.

2) My opponent did not debate orange facts
Spot on again. It follows logically from the above statement that since I did debate something and it wasn't fact, I must have debated fiction. Which is true - I argued against you where you did not tell the truth (which was almost all the time). My opponent says that because of this, he will "not refute...the facts about bananas." True to his word, he rebuts almost none of my stuff about bananas. Therefore everything else I said about bananas is fact.

3) Orange peels are safe to litter
Yes. So are banana peels, by the way. Just to reiterate, I don't think I made it clear enough : orange peels will only repel slugs if the slugs can find no way between the peel and the garden. Just one peel haphazardly thrown on a flower bed will both make the flower bed look ugly and not keep away all that many slugs. Banana peels also make better fertilizer because they have a higher fiber content, so they are better in this respect too.

4) Let's chop the orange trees in the middle east!
Great idea! That will seriously drive up the price of oranges, by the way, removing their menace from the affordability of the common man.

5) Radioactivity kills
You get more radioactivity by flying in an aircraft. The earth itself is radioactive. Our bodies are designed to handle radiation. The tale of people gaining superpowers is only a tale AS YET. My evidence that superpowers stem directly from bananas are here, no such evidence for oranges:*us8uioQ6ptv-TBzD2hPpLvjaK8BNezNX63HPTBW3JzKh7qTqmvtjcuhghtDt361clNd0kbKv7*Caj/SupermanBanana.jpg

On a somewhat related note, thanks in part to my banana-eating, I can in fact do somersaults while flying (on an aircraft) and pick up (model) trains with one finger.

6) Oranges are rare for their citrus acid content
So do lemons. Bananas are just as much a collector's item for being the only smile-shaped fruit.

7) Oranges are full of vitamins, fiber etc...
My opponent lists (or rather, plagiarizes from the internet) dozens of chemicals that make up oranges. Almost all of them are in bananas too. Rather than give a list of chemicals to attempt to sound smart, I will concentrate on the health benefits of bananas. At a glance, bananas give you all the same benefits you just told me oranges do, usually even utilizing the same ingredients. However, they come without all the nasty health issues of oranges I identified in the last round. Over and above these many benefits, these wonder-fruits will also fight cancer (risk of kidney cancer is reduced by 40% by eating two and a half bananas per day) and kidney stones, lower your chances of contracting certain eye diseases by a third, reduce depression, strengthen bones, help people quit smoking, reduce nerves - and perhaps best of all, if my grandfather had only included bananas in his diet, he would have had a 40% lower chance of getting a stroke. [1] Do oranges do that? No. All we have is some dodgy scientists saying that they contain some chemicals. It's no coincidence that most of them are the same chemicals contained in a humble banana.

Related to this point, I'd like to hear a response to my analysis as to why oranges are bad for you. My mother used to pay thousands in dentist bills, but after giving up her daily glass of orange juice she hasn't seen him since. This is a preventable affliction. We need to spread the word.

Finally my opponent gave some orange facts that have no bearing on this debate. Tellingly, he has no responses to my analysis that bananas are there for all countries, that bananas can be enjoyed in more ways than oranges (so they never get boring) and that the banana plant has a multitude of other uses.

More reasons to love bananas:
1) Smart people eat them
Bananas are proven to boost brain power if eaten once with every meal [2]. If we all ate more bananas we'd be stronger AND smarter. Like Alexander the Great, who fueled up for his Indian campaign by eating bananas.

2) Bananas hate your enemies too
Believe it or not, bananas are much more your pals than anybody else. Not only do they keep you fit strong and smart ... if somebody is annoying you, simply throw your banana peel on the ground and wait for them to slip over it. It's worked for the movies since 1910, the year in which bananas made their grand film debut. They beat the oranges by several years, by the way. Back to the point, in 2001 bananas hurt 300 people in this way. All of them were ignorant of the banana's mighty power. [3]

3) The Gods favor bananas
The Tamils hold bananas in the highest reverence and use them in all their major religious festivals. If you're anti-bananas, you must be anti-Tamil and therefore a racist bastard. You're not a racist bastard now, are you? Interestingly, the prophet Muhammad of the Islamic faith is also likely to have sampled the divine-tasting fruit of bananas. Sources indicate his mouth probably watered at the mere sight. Jesus and Abraham didn't know about bananas, but after they went to the afterlife I'm pretty sure they wished they had.

4) Bananas have been by our side for as long as anyone can remember
The first bananas were domesticated about 10,000 years ago. Oranges are relative newcomers, being first domesticated only 4,500 years ago.

5) Bananas are tasty
That's why they're America's #1 selling fruit. They fly off the shelves so fast that they leave the oranges in the dust.

Wake up. It's time to recognize that not all fruits are made equal. In this case oranges are clearly the inferior fruit.

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
Debate Round No. 2


Great, let's start!

1. Chinese

Thank you for agreeing to my point. Oranges let you heal from the cold faster than just waiting for the immune system.

2. Banana diet

Your 150% of vitamin C is only for a 2000 calorie diet. Boys 11- 13 could eat 2100 calories if they are active. Teenagers have more calories. Therefore, you could eat two oranges a day. However, it's only their opinion to not eat two oranges a day.

3. Spot lights

You did not refute about the orange leaves for tea argument.

4. Littering

We both know that you could throw the orange peel and the banana peel away on the ground. You should also know that bananas contain sugars, which means that ants will crawl into your garden.

5. Middle East

Still, if you don't want the orange tree because it drains water, then chop it down. You will have orange leaves, oranges, and orange wood.

6. Superhero reactivity

You would still die. You would die from gamma rays. Technically speaking, you cannot control the plane (having two hands on the controls), and doing somersaults without crashing. Autopilot does not work. You have to control the plane with your hands. You made a topic of model trains. Let's just say the train is 10 centimeters long and about 5 ounces, the typical Thomas the Train. You cannot hold it with one finger.

7. Rare

There are more potassium foods than citrus food. Citrus food is rarer. You could get potassium off many foods, but many foods lack citrus. Banana's smile. True and false. A banana is a frown shaped fruit.

8. Plagiarism

False. I put it in quotes and listed the source. This is not plagiarizing.

9. Your mom

Well, everyone has a different body.

10. Enjoyment

Oranges could also be enjoyed, too. You could juggle them. Besides, you could eat oranges one slice by one slice, or gobble the whole thing. You could also roll them, too. Could a banana roll? No.

11. Banana Peel

Let's face it. This is harmful. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." ~ The Golden Rule.

12. Muhammad

Note: You stated that the research said that Muhammad's mouth PROBABLY…

13. Lies

Oranges is the 2nd best fruit. Bananas are well off the Top 5.


1. Top 5

Bananas are the 6th best fruit, while oranges are the 2nd best fruit. Oranges rock!

2. Eating

People who suffer hypoglycemia cannot eat banana breakfast, while many people can eat an orange breakfast.

3. Termites

Orange oil prevents termites. Bananas can't do that.

4. States

Florida's fruit is the orange. How about bananas?

5. Storage

Bananas could be stored for 3 to 4 weeks, whereas oranges could last a month.

I thank my opponent for this outstanding debate! Good luck!


I'd like to thank my opponent for his rapid responses. In this round I will introduce no new material, only a heap of rebuttal.

1. Chinese
No, they don't let you heal faster, they make you feel sicker. They do fight illness, but only while fighting your immune system at the same time. The overly-superstitious Chinese did not know this.

2. Some people can have more calories
You gave indications that some people can eat 10% more calories. It follows that they can therefore have 10% more vitamin C. 2 oranges do not give 10% more, they give 50% more. Therefore even for these fringe groups they are dangerous.

3. Orange leaves can be brewed in tea
Thanks for reminding me. Orange leaves can. Bananas can be made into banana splits, enjoyed on a roast and in curry. Refute that. In addition, refute the fact that banana leaves are better for cooking with than orange wood as they add flavor AND prevent burning. When you refute even half of my arguments you will be in a position to say to me "refute the one and only argument you missed."

4. Bananas contain sugars
So do oranges, so that's not an argument for orange peel being better than banana peel.

5. I still say we stop middle east orange production
I'm going to extend this and recommend they plant banana trees instead. Banana trees will build up the soil, look attractive and not use as much water, being used to growing in harsh conditions.

6. Gamma rays
Radioactivity does not necessarily induce gamma rays. Besides, the gamma rays from the sun are thousands of times more powerful. I just did a quick test and proved to myself that I can lift Thomas with one finger. Indeed, my finger is so strong that it can lift Annie and Claribel (Thomas' carriages) too. I suggest you eat a banana to appreciate the awesome finger strength bananas provide. As to doing somersaults while flying an airplane, I could do that too, I've just never tried. Doing it and staying alive afterwards might be a bit trickier but not impossible for a banana eater.

7. Oranges are rare
Citrus may be rarer than potassium, but smile shaped fruit are rarer than citrus. Whether it is a smile or a frown, it is still rarer.

8. Plagiarism
You have to admit you're passing it off as being YOUR argument though.

9. Everyone has a different body
But everyone has the same teeth. These can still rot. Please also address the myriad of other banana health benefits.

10. Enjoyment
You could, of course, juggle bananas too. Jesters, however, prefer oranges because they are so laughable. You can also eat bananas in portions, or mash the banana and eat a part of the mash, or stew it and eat a part of the stew, or grill it etc. Bananas not rolling is a good thing, it is so that they don't roll away. For added convenience, their packaging is also slip-proof so it won't pop out of your hand.

11. Banana peel dropping is harmful
It's no more harmful than orange peel dropping

12. Muhammad
You can't say ANYTHING about a historical figure with certainty. You don't even know if Muhammad existed for sure. All you can go on is probabilities.

13. Top Fruit
I will repeat my source: You have no source to back up your sixth-place placement. Thus you are the liar.

14. Hypoglycemia
If you suffer this, you cannot eat any high-GI foods. Oranges are a high-GI food too.

15. Termites
Right, bananas don't prevent termites. To be honest, though, who buys oranges, extracts their juice and uses it to fight termites? Most people drink the juice. Besides, orange juice won't kill termites, it only drives them away for a little while. Bananas have many more practical uses than that that people DO use, such as making people you dislike slip up.

16. Florida
Florida has oranges. The whole world has bananas. They are not specific to any state or continent. Florida are known as big banana lovers too, by the way.

17. Bananas can't be stored as long
That's OK because bananas grow all year round, unlike oranges. Therefore bananas don't need to be stored as long and are therefore always fresher.

My opponent STILL has no responses to my analysis that bananas are there for all countries, that bananas can be enjoyed in more ways than oranges (so they never get boring), smart people eat them, bananas hate your enemies too, the Gods favor bananas, bananas have been by our side for as long as anyone can remember and that the banana plant has a multitude of other uses. I think he's overwhelmed by the power of bananas.

I've already commented on how bananas are better than oranges in terms of uses and health benefits. What more can I say? Bananas are simply perfect! Easy to eat, great for you, full of flavor and enjoyed around the world. Everybody loves bananas! With that, I conclude this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I would love to thank my opponent for his stumping arguments. I can barely refute!

1. Chinese

Sour foods heal the sickness. Just like how my mom drank pomegranate juice (just juice from the blender), and recovered the next day.

2. Vitamin C

We all know that if you eat fast food, it won't kill you, even if it the whole day you ate 2,500 calories. Eating a bit more of vitamin C is not that bad, as you are stating. Vitamin C is in fact, healthy. However, I agree that eating TOO much is bad, like a 210%.

3. Banana splits

Who eats chocolate, bananas, and a cherry on the roast? That's disgusting. On to the topic of banana leaves, banana leaves will burn, very easily. For example: My grandma has a banana tree. The bananas on that tree grow SO slow. It seems that it takes about five months for a small batch of bananas. Whenever she cuts the banana tree's leaves from the tree, she gives it to me to cut. I cut it. She then used it as a "dish", but soon, the banana leaf just turned black and crumpled to ash. "They add flavor." Not really. I can't taste anything different from eating rice once on a banana leaf. If you're going to argue about banana leaves being a dish, orange peels can be made for tea and my grandma uses it as a "clamper" to clamp hot dishes or tarts. Yeah, tarts. I know it is funny, but it's true.

4. Bananas' sugar

Bananas have a higher sugar content than oranges.

5. Middle East

Banana trees look more unattractive than orange trees. Bananas need some colder climates. In the Middle East, it is very hot. Therefore, bananas are useless when in the Middle East.

6. Radioactivity

Radioactivity includes radiation, which consists of alpha, beta, and gamma rays. Okay. I ate a banana. Nothing happened. Thomas fell right over. If you do a somersault, while flying an airplane, there is an 94% chance of accidental hitting a button. The button could cause you to take an unsuspected dive at 84 degrees. You would fall to your doom.

7. Smiles

Easy. Just grab a tomato. Some tomatoes will look like a smile. Just like some other fruits.

8. Plagiarism

I listed it in quotes and named the source, so it still gets all of the credit. Just like how you stated in round 2, "not refute..." If you call what I did plagiarism, then you are also doing plagiarism.
Plagiarism- the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.
I listed the sources and placed it in quotes. You cannot argue that I plagiarized. If I did it, then you also did it.

9. Bodies

I can't argue about that.

10. Enjoyment

Rolling away is part of the enjoyment. You could play a game of who rolls the farthest. Oranges cannot be contaminated easily, unlike bananas. Banana contains contaminated yeast. Oranges are sour, right? Some people, including myself, are sensitive to sour foods, because we did not eat as much sour foods when we were young. Whenever I ate an orange, I would make funny faces because of the sourness. My younger cousins would be laughing their head off (exaggeration).

11. Peels

Technically speaking, you would fall down more from a banana peel than with an orange peel.

12. Muhammad

Okay. So, I guess we both drop the topic?

13. Top Fruit

Orange is ranked #2.

14. Hypoglycemia

Okay. I guess that we should both drop that topic.

15. Termites

Let's face it. You buy an orange to eat. An orange consists of: the juicy middle part, the peel, and the oil. You can eat the juicy middle, but what do you do with the rest? Just use it to fight termites. You are using all that you could have used. This means that you aren't wasteful of it.

16. Florida

The whole world does NOT have bananas. Only many of the countries have bananas. You are a liar. Oranges also grow in many countries.

17. Banana Storage

Please read 3. It took about five months for the tree to have a batch of bananas! All the plants around it withered and died. Your Middle East argument is false.

18. Arguments

That's because most of them are facts! How can I refute them? "Everybody loves bananas!" False. Not everyone likes bananas.

I await my opponent's response. Good luck! Thank you.


I'd like to thank my opponent for his complement. Just as an aside, seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, I hope you've all gone to the grocer to buy your presents! Bananas are the best, being a classic, affordable, desirable, healthy and mouth=watering gift that the whole family can enjoy!

1. Sour foods heal sickness
My opponent claims the rapid recovery of his mother from illness after eating an orange. He claims one night is a rapid recovery for this minor illness. In my banana-friendly lifestyle, I usually recover from minor illness in hours, not nights! My opponent also dodges the issue of what exactly the contents of his mother's juice were, and what proportion was orange pulp (the part of the orange that contains the vitamins).

2. 210% of vitamin C intake is bad
Put another way, that's three oranges being harmful to your health. In a day, you should be eating at least five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat five oranges and you will feel terrible. Eat five bananas and you will feel great, revitalized, fulfilled and nourished. I know it is good to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables, but do you really want to put your health at risk by eating oranges?

3. My grandma uses banana leaves as a dish
There's your grandma's problem - she's got the wrong technique! Put your meat/rice on the grill/fire first. Then cover the grill/fire completely with banana leaves. It's important that the whole top of the grill/fire is covered. The fire/grill will rapidly lose heat due to a loss of air. You'll also smell banana-flavored smoke. Leave it until cooked. Do not try to increase the heat (but you can refill the bottle/add new logs if need be). You'll get a raw banana flavor in your meat.

Related to this, banana splits are not to be eaten on the roast, but they are a fine complement. Besides, if you add ice-cream, they make an awesome dessert. Bananas by themselves actually taste quite good in roast, particularly turkey. Peel them, soak them in milk, add sugar, slice and put on the top before cooking.

4. Bananas have a higher sugar content than oranges
To be honest, I don't think ants care about a few grams of extra sugar. They'll come if there is any sugar there.

5. Bananas need some colder climates
That's a lie. Banana trees are native to Indonesia, one of the hottest places in the world. Africa and south-east Asia are the world's top banana exporters. Egypt, which neighbors the middle east, grows millions of bananas. Bananas are thus not useless in the middle east.

As to the attractiveness of bananas, that is of course a matter of personal preference. Suffice to say that many people do in fact find the tree good looking.

6. I ate a banana and I'm not yet superman!
A one-off banana will not have immediate effects. I still maintain that, given the better nutritional value of bananas than oranges, you are more likely to be able to perform your feats with a banana than an orange.

7. Tomatoes smile too
Only when genetically engineered and full of scary chemicals. I have never seen or heard of a smile shaped naturally grown tomato.

8. You plagiarized too!
Well, I plagiarized myself, and I say it's OK for me to do that. Did you ask your source's copyright holder for permission to reprint their work?

9. I can't argue about bodies.
OK, so I guess I win this point then?

10. Oranges are more enjoyable
Similar to the game of rolling oranges, you play spin the banana instead of spin the bottle, or cowboys and Indians, pretending that the bananas are guns. As to contamination of some bananas, any fruit that contains water can be contaminated. Oranges are over 80% water.

11. Banana peel more likely to make you slip over
Great! So you agree that bananas hate your enemies and oranges are still a bit ambivalent?

12. Muhammad should be dropped
NO. Bananas are good because religions (and therefore gods) respect them. This is regardless of the historical veracity of religions.

13. My source says oranges are number two
I'd like to quote from your source: "Americans still consume more bananas than any other fresh fruit." Sorry, oranges. Bananas beat you again! Your source goes on to say: "Americans still consume more bananas than all citrus fruit combined." My source, by the way, uses newer data (2009 as opposed to 2005) and tells us bananas are still out on top!

Point 14, I agree, should be dropped.

15. If you don't use an orange to fight termites it's a waste!

16. The whole world does NOT have bananas
Name one country that you think does not have bananas. Most countries grow bananas, all countries consume them. I stand by my statement.

17. Bananas do not grow well with (insert plant name here) and take five months to grow
All plants affect soil composition. Bananas affect that in a large way, but there are many plants they grow well with. They do not drain very much water (especially compared to oranges), so my middle east argument is true. As to taking five months to grow, that is true. Therefore, simply plant twelve banana trees and you have year-round bananas.

18. Not everyone loves bananas
I concede this point. What I meant was "Everyone SHOULD like bananas."

I look forward to the next round, right now I have an appointment at the grocer's.
Debate Round No. 4


I would like to thank my opponent for this wonderful debate!

1. Sourness

You must have read it wrong. All of it was pomegranate, which is a very sour fruit. You may be asking, "What does this have anything to do with the topic?" I refuted the fact that sour foods do not heal. On to oranges, I, most of the times, heal from illness (minor) in a couple hours too.

2. 210%

Eating five bananas won't make you feel great. To some people, eating a banana will cause stomach problems.

3. Banana splits

Disgusting. So you're telling me that slicing bananas on top of the turkey will make it taste good, right? Well, not really. I bet you know about those turning skewers. Once the turkey turns in a 93 degree angle, all the bananas fall off. They will just fall onto the coals. If it's on the grill, you would have black, grilled bananas. That's a bit disgusting.

4. Sugar

Still, bananas have a higher sugar content. I win this point.

5. Coldness

Huh. Must be the dumb old Wikipedia. You win this point.

6. Superman

All fruits are equal. You eat a pomegranate, and you can also do what a banana can do. Not about cancer, but about like doing somersaults in an airplane, but, of course, we can't do that.

7. Tomatoes

I win this point, I guess.

8. Plagiarized

I plagiarized, you plagiarized.We both plagiarized. I'll ask a question to you that also refutes your argument,"Did you ask me for permission to reprint my work?" No. I suggest we both drop this topic., please.

9. Bodies

Yeah, I guess so.

10. Enjoyment

Okay. Oranges contain over 80% of water. This means that oranges can be a replacement of water when you need it.

11. Peels

No. People can also trip on orange peels too. You could also do the old trick: Orange peel toothpaste= tripping. Orange peels hate your enemies too.

12. Muhammad

Fine. You win this point.

13. Oranges are number 2

@#$%! Wow. I hate some sources.

14. Termites

So, you agree with me, right?


I meant banana being grown in countries.

16. Bananas

My tomato plant died. Yeah. All thanks to the banana tree.


1. Voters

Larztheloser should win this debate. I think I lost. Well, good luck to him on his future debates! However, please vote Pro on having the sources. Thank you. Merry Christmas to all the readers and to Larztheloser! Happy Hanukkah, if you are Jewish! See ya guys later! Have a happy Christmas vacation!


My opponent claims a sources win. My opponent gave you 17 unique sources in this debate. Of these, 4 were from the dictionary, 3 were from Wikipedia and 3 were from dubious blogs. One was also a source that only supported my argument. Therefore the number of good sources he cited was six. I cited only 9 sources, but of these only 2 were from Wikipedia and none were from dubious blogs or the dictionary. One was a dubious image. Therefore the number of good sources I cited was also six. In this respect we should be tied for sources. I might not have the time to trawl the internet and find every single relevant website, but the sources that I did list were quality sources.

With that being said, I'd like to thank my opponent for having this discussion with me. I hope I've been able to enlighten the world as to the wonders of the banana and the dangers of the orange. I see, however, that my opponent did have a few responses to some of my points left. Here is what I think of them:

1. My mother has a juice made of 100% pomegranate
Wow, no added water? No apple base? How much does it cost? You should export it to New Zealand. However, just because one fruit heals very sowly does not mean all other fruits that share an arbitrary characteristic will heal quickly! That's quite a causal link to make. I don't think you've made it.

2. To some people, bananas cause stomach problems
True. It's a minority of people, by the way. The tooth rot that is inevitable when you eat oranges affects everybody. Besides, some people (such as, by your own admission, you) are sensitive to acidic fruit and thus find them hard to stomach too.

3. We use turning skewers
Simple solution: attach the banana slices. I use toothpicks for this purpose, other people like to use string. Alternatively, roast the turkey in a conventional oven as opposed to a skewered fireplace. As well as turkey, my friend tells me pork works even better (I don't like pork for some reason).

4. Bananas are worse for the garden
I admit you may get, at most, maybe three ants instead of two. Honestly, I still think that's not a significant difference. Therefore the point is not won by you, but should be moot.

5. "You win this point"

6. Pomegranates turn you to superman
First, pomegranates are not oranges. Second, pomegranates are MUCH less radioactive than bananas.

7. Bananas are less rare because you can engineer a fruit to be any shape
No. Bananas are still rare because they are naturally in that smile shape. Gold is a rare mineral, regardless of how easy it is to make in a lab.

8. You did plagiarism too, so it's OK
I did not cite, quote or reprint any of your work before this round, where I made three short quotes. Rather, I paraphrased. You could have paraphrased your source too, but you chose not to. Therefore my question is still valid, and I didn't need to ask your permission.

9. "Yeah, I guess so"

10. Oranges can replace water
If you tried to stay hydrated by eating oranges, you WILL get sick. Bananas contain a healthy amount of water too, but also all the right nutrients in the right proportions to keep you active during the day.

11. People can trip on both
But in terms of numbers, still more people trip over banana peels than orange peel.

12. "You win this point"

13. "@#$%! Wow." <- Awesomest way to concede a point. Ever.

14. Do you agree with termites?
No. I think it would be a better idea, rather than eating a thousand oranges, spending a week extracting all the oil, putting it in a bottle and adding a nozzle on top, to just buy an anti-termite spray? Besides, the best termite solution is to use an airborne fumigator (the bomb-type things you get in hardware stores).

15. Bananas are not grown everywhere
Neither are oranges. Bananas are grown in many, many additional countries. They are also more widely consumed.

16. My tomato plant died
Puny, tiny tomato vs big banana tree. According to common sense, what did you expect!? Both the tree and the tomato are plants that want space, I'd say if you plant them about 2M apart you would be safe.

In conclusion, having made all of my arguments and finished this debate, I pronounce my judgment. I condemn oranges. I launch against the orange industry the harshest of all rebukes that any rebuker has ever uttered. Oranges are the worst fruit, the greatest corruption, the one highest blemish upon mankind's gastronomy. Howsoever, of bananas I can sing naught but the highest praises. The banana has been called the fruit of the Gods, and it is not hard to see why. Filled to the brim with the most fulfilling, nutritious, delicious and attractive sensation that has been our top fruit for 10,000 years, every banana tree is a trophy of our achievement. Now is the time to make the change. Throw away your rotting oranges, throw away your juicers and peelers, race on down to your local shop and purchase your very own fresh, ripe, golden, unique and bountiful bananas.

I thank my opponent for an enjoyable, crazy and fun debate, and urge a con vote.
Debate Round No. 5
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Mind f*ck. Debate = wtf.
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I'll take the majority.
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Tiger in Fire
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Just to ask, which is better for my profile picture?

Winged Dragon of Ra
Tiger in Fire
Chicken with a candy cane in the snow
Slifer the Sky Dragon
Dark Magician
Obelisk the Tormentor
Pichu in a Link Costume
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I bet larztheloser would win.
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One of my links did not submit correctly. It should be:

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(delete the space - I hope this appears correctly)
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I wish I could take this...
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Which is better.
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so, what is the debate? Which is better? Which has more utility? i'm confused.
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