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Anarchy better democracy

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Started: 6/27/2016 Category: Politics
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To me, government says they're for greater good, but we're trying to explore space already when we havn't even scratched the surface of our own planet. They throw their own people in prison without remorse for the smallest of non-violent crimes not to mention invading our rights, tax us out the *** for something i won't even qualify for in 40 years because it'll be broke (social security), and even the people who fight for this land we all share get thrown in prison for having opinions.


So your answer to all of that is anarchy? No more law and order. Just chaos. Anarchy. I mean don't get me wrong I feel where your coming from. Some things are really messed up. But anarchy? Usually people try criminal justice reform or tax reform or lifting the cap on social security first but no we're going straight to anarchy. So let me ask you who or what in this United States of Anarchy is going to protect your clean drinking water from pollution? Who is going to keep your roads paved? What military is going to protect you from foreign armies? The government isn't perfect and yes it needs improvement but it's better then anarchy.
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hewnot forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by eZminT 2 years ago
"So let me ask you who or what in this United States of Anarchy is going to protect your clean drinking water from pollution? Who is going to keep your roads paved? "
Unless your definition of "clean" consist of toxic lead, I don't think the government has a very good track record of insuring clean anything. As for the roads, the precious rrrrooooaaaaddddsss, roads do not require government monopoly over the use of force to maintain, in fact, when you consider how much liberals bitch about the infrastructure in this country you'd think they'd point the finger at the people who are in charge (government). The reason roads and bridges are getting worse in this country is the result of the fact that there is nobody FINANCIALLY responsible for their degradation. Privatizing this industry would give us better results for lower cost, just like with practically everything else. The only argument against volunteerism that's sound is the organizing of national defense and enforcing of individual rights, or rather, things that require force to be enforced.
Posted by domfincrag 2 years ago
Honestly I prefer more government control over less government control. That's just my personal opinion.
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