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Ancestry shall not be judged upon. Children shall not be judged from the acts of their elders.

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Started: 2/8/2016 Category: Society
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2 Rounds.

Yes, my name is Dank Meme and I am to be taken seriously despite such.

Ancestry shall not be judged upon, as it prevents the child from being introduced to society as a normal just as all of us are. We have been taught not to repeat the history that the ancestors of ours have made, and it has made it to our advantage.

Of course we hold true to our grandparents and parents, as we have learned to respect our elders. Yet, we are out of reach of the constant bickering we give and receive, from what people of a certain group have done longer past.

It is not until we learn to respect others for who they are and not what their elders have done in the past, that we will be one step closer to closing the gap of profiling and prejudicial acts.

- Dank Meme


Judged: form an opinion or conclusion about.


1. Judging children based on their ancestry prevents them from being normally introduced to society.

Children are judged by their ancestry and that's the norm in human societies. If your aim is to respect the norm and tradition, you shouldn't be trying to change them.

2. We were taught not to repeat our ancestors mistakes.

We learn with our ancestors by assuming their mistakes. Germany current state of affairs is a good example of how a country grew and evolved by assuming the responsibility for its past mistakes. If we simply forget or disregard the crimes of our ancestors, we won't be able to evolve as a society and history is going to keep repeating itself.

3. "We are out of reach of the constant bickering we give and receive, from what people of a certain group have done longer past." (not sure what you meant, maybe you could sustain this with an example?)

4. "It is not until we learn to respect others for who they are and not what their elders have done in the past, that we will be one step closer to closing the gap of profiling and prejudicial acts."

People's right to be respected is something that transcends their ancestors and themselves. All humans should be entitled to dignity, care and respect, regardless of who they are or where they come from. If you're not judged by your ancestry, you will be judged by your political inclination, sexual orientation, job, friends, achievements, etc.. but regardless of these factors, you should always be respected and cared by your society.


1. Judgmental society

a) Every day we see and meet lots of people, we live numerous experiences and we assimilate tons of new information. In order to organize and conveniently use this new information, we judge what we perceive and we form opinions about the people and experiences we live.

As we grow up, our brains start to identify patterns, making assumptions and allocating people in certain categories, without requiring much information. These patterns can be influenced by experiences, parents, media, etc. and we will eventually notice that some of the assumptions we made were wrong and will then adjust them accordingly.

However, despite being sometimes wrong, these assumptions are a fundamental part of our brain process and we have to believe in their validity. Most of our knowledge is empirical, therefore inductive, therefore susceptible to error. Nevertheless it's what allows us to make choices and to exercise our will.

b) We are, in part, the result of the genetics and education that our parents bestowed upon us. When we are children and we haven't had many experiences outside our family sphere, our parents influence is even more evident. Therefore, is only natural for others to judge children in accordance to what they know about the parents.

My cousin, who is extremely caring and protective, had a child recently. I assume that the baby will be a little spoiled. However, in a few months I may realize that the child actually is very independent.

This judging process is natural and inherent to us, and judging children according to their parents is something spontaneous and justified by common knowledge, genetics, developmental psychology, etc.

2. Physical Heritage

All of us will die, but the possibility of leaving something behind to our successors motivates us and makes us want to do more, which is reasonable and respectable. We receive a physical legacy from our family and country that we enjoy and then pass to next generation. However, if for same reason our ancestors screwed up and left us with an enormous debt for example, we also need to assume the responsibility and own up to it. This streaming of responsibilities allows families and countries to establish an agreement that allows them to interact and evolve together.

3. Motivational factor

If parents take in consideration that their children will be judged by their actions, they will be motivated to perform and behave better and set an example to follow.


I am sorry for taking so long to reply! I understand and respect your good intentions, but I also praise the importance and the inevitability of judgments and assumptions, they are inherent to the human nature and part of who we are.

For me is not a matter of not judging, but a matter of how much credibility we assign to these judgments and of how we deal with the formed opinions :)
Debate Round No. 1


dank_meme forfeited this round.


I guess my opponent was not looking for a debate, he was just sharing his opinion on the topic.
However, you have other places for that.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
Con wins because of multiple factors. She took the winning side of the argument. Pro had no case.

Paternal parenting effects are Factually relevant to a persons psychology.
social/ethnic/cultural standards effect a person profoundly. (low standard, poor communication etc..)
A parent literally can withhold or corrupt children.

A GRUDGE is a real thing, which makes people decide, " I would rather help this person over here for whatever reason, before I would help the son of a bigot." ~ "It is only fare."
(like choosing to marry a faithful woman instead of saving a whore-prostitute, because she is deserving of your faithfulness, hard-work, consideration, companionship and prosperous success. )
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