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Android Is Better Than iOS

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Started: 8/31/2014 Category: Technology
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Thank you for accepting/viewing this debate. This is my first debate, so please correct me if I'm doing anything wrong. I will be supporting Android.

-No swearing
-Only your own personal opinions and knowledge/facts

Opening Argument
I am somewhat of a tech nerd, and I have used both iOS and Android. In my experience of using both operating systems, I have concluded that Android is the better of the two. Android is more customizable, in that it has widgets, which are live icons on your homescreen that display data from one of your apps without actually going into that app. In addition, there are many legal 3rd party launchers and modifications available on the Google Play store which allow you to completely change the look of the OS. Also, there are a lot more Android apps that are free or ad-supported, where as the Apple App Store has more paid apps, and who doesn't like getting something for nothing. Apple design for iOS 7, is completely unappealing to me, especially when comparing it to something as slick as stock Android. The font is so minimalistic that sometimes you can barely read it, and the whole of it is so neon it hurts my eyes. Some of the icons (Safari) look like a kindergartner drew them with crayon, and others (Game Center) don't have anything to do with what their representing. Finally, Apple has this "walled garden" approach, in that it only wants you to take from it's services. Want music? Then you have iTunes, but nothing else. And it's the same in all the rest of the services. Android, on the other hand, has the stock Google Play options, but there are other services available that you can download and use without rooting/jailbreaking.

Thank you for your opinions and I am looking forward to our debate


iOS was the first popular software to go out, Android pretty much copied it. Who had the accelerometer first? iOS. Who had the Proximity sensor first? iOS. Who had the multi-touch screen? iOS. Yes Android lets you customize your phone more and all but Apple is more secure and its easier to use, there is a reason big companies have now allowed their employees to use iPhones instead of Android phones. Android is a great software dont get me wrong but it just cant compare to iOS when it comes to user friendliness, popularity, and originality.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, by the way for accepting the debate


"iOS was the first popular software to come out"
Android has been around and in development since 2003. iOS was launched in 2007 with the iPhone. Google didn't just all of a sudden decide to make Android because it wanted an iPhone competitor, it was originally in development to compete with Blackberry and Symbian OS. Yes they added the touch screen at the last second, but they did that also to compete with the LG Prada, which was launching in 2006. So we can assume it was added before the launch of the iPhone. Yes, when it originally came out, iPhone may have sold more than Android. But as of now, and since 2010, Android has had the highest smartphone OS market share in the world, and only in the US does the iPhone sell better. In 2013, Android accounted for 81% of global smartphone sales. Apple and Blackberry and Windows Phone accounted altogether only 19%. The reason that iPhone sells better in the US is because specifically here, we and our companies have a "if they've got it, it must be good." I am a student and I see this everyday, people who have iPhones think themselves to be better than other people. Even if the Samsung Galaxy S5 is technologically superior, almost everyone thinks iPhones are better.

"Apple is more secure and it's easier to use"
Why does everyone think Android isn't secure? I mean, there are new glitches in iOS like, every update, and the ones that get fixed with the update simply get replaced with new ones. Apple apps crash 1.7% of the time, according to Techradar, which is great, but Android devices running 4.0 and up crash 0.7% of the time. That in itself is a fact, Android is easier to use than iOS and more secure. Yes, Samsung has had several security issues, but this debate is about Android, not Samsung. Consider the Nexus line, stock Android, I own a Nexus 7 and never once have I had a security issue with it. Again, it's a textbook case of thinking iPhone is better for no real reason.

Here's my sources.

I look forward to the rest of our debate.


The term better, as defined by New Oxford American Dictionary, states " of a more excellent or effective type or quality" - meaning that whichever platform, iOS or Android, must prove that it is more excellent, and effective.

In other words, the platform must meet the basic requirement of being effective - which I believe that both do. However, it must also be efficient. The level of efficiency within iOS is stellar compared to Android.

Currently, Android 4.3 is still plagued with glitches and for the general end-user, it can be extremely frustrating. For those who are not code-literate, any chance of rectifying issues is nearly impossible. IOS 7 runs seamless, is reliable, and the speed is on the high-end compared to Android 4.3.

One common counter to iOS is that it falls behind, or it's developments are delayed and is always running behind the standard of technology. This may be true that Apple will wait to implement features, however the features that they do implement are almost 100% reliable and stellar. In other words, Apple nails it when others don't.

I have personally dealt with both, and both have their pro's and con's. Android excels in customization of GUI, while iOS comes with minimal persistent bugs. Ultimately, it is because of that that I must give my vote to iOS - especially for the general end-user.
Debate Round No. 2


Did you not even read my last paragraph? Android apps crash half the time that iOS apps do. That sounds like efficiency to me. And also, the latest version of Android is 4.4. And even with 4.3, it wasn't "plagued with glitches" like you describe. Did you name any specific issues? Nope. And I am not code-literate, but I can download a patch or google a fix. iOS in fact, doesn't fall behind, I agree with you on that. But what it does is that they wait until someone else tries and fails or partially suceeds, and then they release their own version. They did this with the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod. Now if we were living in 2007, I would not have a viable argument against iOS vs Android. But since then, Android has caught up and passed iOS by about Android 4.1/iOS 6. And the gap just keeps getting wider. If Steve Jobs was still around, he would think of some, new great innovation to put Apple ahead again. But he's not. So they try to make do on the iPhone 5s by adding touch ID and some new internals, and the 5c is just an iPhone 5 with a plastic case. That doesn't sound like innovation to me. If by "general end-user" you mean an ordinary Joe walking down the street, someone like my grandma who doesn't know beans about tech, then yes, you are probably right. But for anyone with even just a little experience with tech, Android reigns supreme because of increased features and smoother user experience.

"The features that they do implement are almost 100% reliable and stellar.In other words, Apple nails it when others don't."

No. Ever heard of Apple Maps. The one that was a complete failure. That doesn't sound 100% reliable and stellar to me.
iOS 7 and on has had many glitches, and as many if not more than Android.


The whole purpose of having a mobile OS is to provide end users with the ability to run applications efficiently and effectively. This effectiveness is a direct correlation to the users interactions with the device's UI, and therefore a more user friendly UI results in a more effective and efficient platform for application and thus a better OS.

iOS's UI is better than Android's UI because it is much simpler and more efficient. iOS provides the user with a paginated view of all installed applications that can be easily navigated by swiping through these pages. All applications are easily accessible to the user and can be grouped into folders to maintain organization and accessibility. This is a more efficient way of managing applications as opposed to Android's use of an Application drawer, which puts applications out of the users initial view and requires an extra step to access them, making it less efficient than iOS.

Another way in which iOS's UI is better than that of Android, is in the user's interactions with the actual devices. iOS devices contain very few buttons including the home button, sleep/power button, volume control buttons and ring/silent button on the iPhone only and screen lock button on the iPad only.[2] Having such few buttons on the device provide the user with simple way to control the device as opposed to Android devices which typically contain at least 7 buttons making the device more complex and require more physical actions of the user. This shows that iOS has a more user friendly physical UI and ultimately contributes to the OS as a whole.

iOS's superior UI provides a more efficient platform for users to interact with their applications than Android does, thus it is the better OS.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Snuphalem 3 years ago
Android. Anyone who favors iOS and isn't all about "oo that's pretty" is an idiot.
Posted by PartTimeHipster 3 years ago
I would accept this challenge, but I agree with you.
Posted by dynamicduodebaters 3 years ago
So, this debate will have no facts only opinions? hmmmm. Reply on my profile plz
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Reasons for voting decision: Fundamentally a subjective debate. However, Con's arguments failed, particularly when Pro showed that android was more stable than iOS. And Con's closing point regarding UI fails for lack of truth--the app drawer exists, it's true, but it is disingenuous of Con to not note that android allows apps to be placed on a swipable screen as well--just like iOS, which he was lauding. Pro never got a chance to rebut this, because it was in the last round, but I found it unfair of Con to bring up, given that it wasn't even subjective--it's just false. Arguments to Pro. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.