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Android is better than Windows OS

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Started: 1/13/2015 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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According to me, android is more competent than windows OS because it has more apps and more games than windows and also windows is not having an attractive layout.


Opponent states that Android OS for mobile devices is superior to Windows Phone because of having more apps and games, as well as having a more visually appealing GUI. Opponent fails to back up such claims, as well as provide other reasons than the reasons they provided in their argument. Simply claiming that one OS has more apps and a better GUI does not necessarily make it superior over another. Opponent clearly lacks knowledge of operating systems and thus will fail at winning this debate.

You criticize Android for having more apps and better GUI, but that alone does not make it better than Windows. What about the design of the phone/tablet itself? What about the hardware the OS is running on? What about the unique features and OS-exclusive apps that make each OS different? What about its network connection capabilities, whether wi-fi or through a phone service provider? What about the security of each operating system? Opponent clearly is incompetent and does not properly analyze such details when comparing one OS to another.

Besides those flaws, I will also refute opponent's main arguments. How does having more apps and games make one OS superior over the other? Are the apps and games of high quality compared to the small amount on Windows? Do the apps and games run better on Android's hardware and with higher security? Opponent is too vague and does not give reasoning or evidence to back up their claims. Are you trying to imply that Android has better third-party support than Windows? If so, explain how third-party support makes the operating system of a mobile device superior over another. In reality, third-party support only benefits the app stores that are built-in with the OS, not the OS itself. I ask that opponent must do more research in the next two rounds to increase chances of winning.

Also, since when did the GUI of an operating system affect the quality of it? Both operating systems allow you to customize each layout to your liking, and each design will appeal to different audiences. One has a set of square shaped apps on a wallpaper; the other has a bunch of square tiles with a simple graphic logo to represent the app. Third party apps on Windows resemble apps seen on Android and the same can be said for Android as first party apps are vector-based apps as well. So both operating systems are similar in design and can be customized - the Windows GUI itself is actually more convenient and easier to navigate, and the vector-based logo approach is actually visually appealing and radically different than what iOS and Android have to offer.

I hope that opponent does well in the future rounds and in future debates. From what I am seeing, opponent will most likely lose this debate. I apologize in advance if the wording of my arguments may sound too controversial or sound as if it were personally attacking the opponent. Voters can penalize me for misconduct to give opponent a higher advantage as this is his/her first debate and is new to this site.
Debate Round No. 1


The challenger is completely deviating the discussion because we are talking about the OS not about the device or the other features and if he says about the security he will certainly know that android phones have ample number of security locks such as swipe,pattern or pin etc. but almost all windows phones are having only pin lock.

When the challenger is saying,
"You criticize Android for having more apps and better GUI, but that alone does not make it better than Windows."
he should know that I am not criticizing android, in fact I am in favor of it.

He said that games and apps don't matter to an OS but he should know that today mobile phones are not just a device to talk and send messages but many people but phones only to show-off and that are mostly android operated. And to support my point of view, let's take the example of any game, for example I am taking angry birds, first of all it was not available in the store since mid 2014 and now when it is available, it is only the trial version.

Also,in South Asian countries windows OS is not functional without internet connection.

If windows is better than android, why should many mobile phone companies prefer android,for example L.G.,H.T.C., and Samsung etc.
Why only it's owner, Microsoft, is operating it's mobile phones with it.

Next, the GUI is more colorful and bright and attractive unlike, windows which has only one type of display screen.

Thanks to the challenger for his wishes for me but I will appeal to voters to judge honest and neutrally.


It appears that opponent understands little of operating systems and how they work. As this is their first debate, I will allow voters to be more generous with opponent to give them a more fair advantage. The reality is that operating systems do have an influence on the device and its features. Many features that one may assume is exclusive to that particular device is wrong as removing the device's current operating system with another will completely remove those so-called device exclusive features, thus proving that certain features are tied to the OS and not the device. Now, that's not to say that is true for all features - I am merely stating that some features are exclusive to the operating system and not the device.

Again, opponent lacks knowledge of OS yet again. When I meant security, I was referring to the security of the OS, not the phone itself. Of course we know that Windows only has a number combination and password system, but that isn't the point of this argument. Security of the OS is meant by how it is able to defend itself against online and network threats such as viruses, malware, trojan, RAT, and so on. We are debating about the operating system of different phones, not the phones themselves. The Windows Market-Place also has many third-party apps that users can download to add extra phone security that Android users already have such as pattern swipe, which makes opponent's argument about phone security invalid.
I never said that I claimed opponent was criticizing Android in a bad way - I meant you were praising it (yes, it's a typo, but anybody could have found that out and disregarded it). As stated before, games and apps alone do not make an operating system superior over the other; rather, it depends on the quality, quantity, security, third-party support, modern concepts, etc., like I stated earlier. Opponent continues to misinterpret and ignore many of my arguments in order to make me look like an idiot to the voters. Opponent still has refused to answer how the apps and games are superior to Windows in terms of quality, security, hardware usage, and third-party support - all of which are key factors (including others) which determine the overall quality of an app or game when being reviewed by professional critics.

Opponent uses a vague and bad example to support their argument of how apps are superior on Android over Windows, yet still refuses to discuss the quality, hardware usage, and third-party support (in which I have recommended to opponent to use which I am technically helping them). Opponent states that since apps along with expansion packs, DLC, and updates are released earlier on Android, it must be better than Windows - the same can be said for iOS; since iOS always has apps released earlier than Android, it clearly must be superior over Android right? Wrong! Even a person like you can realize how flawed my analogy is as it changes people to think that one is better than the other simply because of earlier release dates.

Where is your evidence to claim that Angry Birds was released in mid-2014 for Windows and Windows OS being limited in South-East Asia? Burden of proof lies within opponent until they can provide a credible and legitimate source that backs up their claims. Again, opponent has no evidence to back up their claims when stating that only Microsoft phones have Windows OS installed in them. It appears that you are wrong, as not only will I explain, but also provide a source at the end of this argument to prove why you are false. As stated earlier, Windows OS is not just on phones and tablets manufactured by Microsoft, it is also available on third party phones and tablets such as Nokia and (shock!) HTC. Again, source will be provided to back up my claims.

Both of us can agree that the GUI on Android is more attractive and colorful, but that is too weak and vague of an argument to support your claims. You are wrong when stating that Windows has only one type of display screen as I have stated in the last round that you can customize each GUI to your liking. To be more specific, one can change the colors of the tiles; adjust the size and/or shape of the tiles; and even re-arrange apps in any order with many color and size combinations. Many third-party apps also have their own design which is different from the generic vector-based tiles. And what is so bad about the vector based tile design? It is clearly visually appealing and is inspired by graphics design products such as logos and signs - there are many who praise such an interface design. Though it may still be limited, Microsoft will eventually update the GUI to be as good with Android.
Opponent has misinterpreted and avoids many of my arguments as well as failing to use outside sources; I suggest they step up their game if they want to win. As promised, here are legitimate and trustworthy sources to back up any claims that refute your skeptical arguments:
Debate Round No. 2


Debatingkid forfeited this round.


Hahaha! Looks like I won because opponent has purposely forfeited this round. He knew that my rebuttal to refute his rebuttal was high quality and amazing that I took all the words straight from his mouth. I end off this debate by wishing the opponent in future debates and asking voters to choose con over pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Shrek_sDrecKid 2 years ago
You know absolutely nothing about Windows phones. Just as the Chrome-Book OS is on Google Chrome-Book and third party laptops, the same can be said for Window phones - it is both on phones made by Microsoft as well as third party companies.
Posted by Shrek_sDrecKid 2 years ago
This guy is such an idiot! When I meant security, I was referring to the OS, NOT the phone itself. You contradict yourself as you yourself vowed to not discuss about the device that the OS is running on. Also, criticizing something can mean many different things. It appears that I will win this debate no matter what. Even the commentators of this debate agree as well.
Posted by rethaluious 2 years ago
I would accept, too bad "You cannot accept this challenge because you do not match the Instigator's age and/or rank criteria."
Posted by TheSymbiote 2 years ago
U don't have any evidence. According to you means nothing. Its just an opinion
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Con. Pro forfeited the final round which is rarely acceptable conduct in any debate setting. I would warn Con against saying things like,"From what I am seeing, opponent will most likely lose this debate" or "Hahaha! Looks like I won because opponent has purposely forfeited this round." Saying such things isn't really necessary and reflects poor sportsmanship. S&G - Tie. Both had adequate spelling and grammar. I would warn Con to always double-check arguments because typos such as saying "criticize" when you meant "praise" can throw your point out of context. Arguments - Con. Pro introduced arguments for android having a higher amount of apps/games, as well as better service. Con showed how games/apps don't reflect the OS nor does it outweigh the games/apps that are windows OS exclusive. Thus this balanced out. Service-wise, Con called Pro for not providing proof. Due to Pro failing to uphold the BOP and rebuttals, Con wins. Sources - Con. Pro didn't use sources.