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Andy will cave in and have sex with me even if I wear a Three Moon & Jesus t-shirt.

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Started: 6/10/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Andy claims that ze'll* never have sex with me EVER again if I ever wear a Three Moon & Jesus t-shirt:

The quote in IM:

"if you wear that three jesus moon shirt I WILL NEVER SEX YOU AGAIN"

For background on why a shirt like this would be funny see:

and the Bible.

I find Andy's claims highly improbable. Ze's in love with me and highly attracted to me. We've been together for 2 years and have sex often. I can understand how this particular image might kill hir Boehner**, but that's very superficial. And it's just a joke. Andy is easily distracted, often misses obvious dangers in hir proximity, and couldn't keep hir revulsion in mind long enough to matter. I'll bet ze couldn't even last a week in indignation, if that.

*For pronoun use in this argument see:

**"kill your Boehner" is an erection reference making use of congressperson John Boehner's name and the fact we don't like him:


It seems to me what we are actually debating here is the concept of Cannot Unsee. It's bad enough that I have the image of the isolated shirt graphic to haunt my dreams, but to view it superimposed over the object of my sexual desire, to know that you made such a choice, would be uncleanseable.

Cannot Unsee (aka What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen):

It has long been recognized throughout the history of the internet that there are certain images nobody would ever wish to be exposed to, lest they lose the sense of comfort and childlike wonder surrounding a beloved topic:

From the dawn of Goatse, to the Party that is Lemon, people have been reaching for bottles of mind-bleach in vain.

And the Bible.

Also, you know I have ADHD, and reducing my range of possible actions to a stereotype to my condition is rather ableist of you:

In summary:
Debate Round No. 1


Well if you've already seen what cannot be unseen, then what is the difference? If anything, wearing it on a shirt presents you with options.

Option A: More Three Moon Jesus

Option B: More Bencakes.

This could be seen as exposure therapy:

You can get over your fear and embrace sexiness instead.

And ableism? Stereotype?


I'm not quite sure I understand your obsession with that particular shirt. If you're going to get a cliche' shirt, at least get the original. This shirt cures AIDS:

But seriously, exposure therapy only applies to phobias, not to acquiring new sexual orientations. However, I am graceously willing to make a deal with you: If you go to therapy and successfully get over your fear of a bear topping you (with photographic evidence!), I'll attend as well to get over my aversion to Three-Moon-Jesus-endowed Bencakes. (Bear: . Topping: .)

Also, if you really wanted me to embrace sexiness, you'd pay attention to the desires which please me. My hips don't lie, and they're asking for this:
Debate Round No. 2


To summarize, I believe that Andy would still have sex with me even if I were wearing a customized Three Moon Jesus howls at Andy t-shirt because I'm so sexy and zi'd be unable to resist. I'd just have to always wear the shirt and wait for hir to break.

Andy says, "exposure therapy only applies to phobias, not to acquiring new sexual orientations." This misrepresents my position. I never said that being sexually attracted to the t-shirt or even me in the t-shirt was the goal. Simply being apathetic about the t-shirt would suffice. I'm still sexy underneath.

If it takes some S and M + Three Moon Jesus to do the job, we can call that a compromise. :p


In summary, Ben has insulted my ability to determine what I am and am not attracted to, all people with ADHD, and the very concept of Cannot Unsee itself.

Do not want.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by WarOnERROR 7 years ago
Andy, I just want to know that if you had just one chance to have sex with Lady Gaga, and she insisted that she had to be wearing that shirt and nothing else...would you do still do her?

I didn't use this argument for fear you could say "yes" to that proposition, but claim it was beside the point of having sex with me in that shirt.
Posted by TheNerd 7 years ago
This is hot:
And this looks like a superhero (also hot):
Posted by TheNerd 7 years ago
Also, it's Three Jesus Moon, not Three Moon & Jesus.
Posted by TheNerd 7 years ago
"And the Bible".

Lol forever.
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Reasons for voting decision: "In summary, Ben has insulted my ability to determine what I am and am not attracted to, all people with ADHD, and the very concept of Cannot Unsee itself." - yeah but it is an awesome shirt, only second to four Muhammad's and uranus.