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Angels Of Islam Are Not Sent From Allah

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Started: 11/26/2013 Category: Religion
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The Angels found in the Islam are not sent from Allah according to the Qu'ran.


Always interested in a debate on such a topic.

I've never heard this claim mentioned before, and hope you can enlighten me. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting and a pleasure to meet you.

I would like to start with the important word "EL". EL in Hebrew means God. This name only belongs to God. EL is the most important highest name in the Bible. You will see EL in both Christianity and Judaism.

Angels are God's messengers and they are sent from him. The names of the angels of the Bible in Christianity and Judaism have meanings. I stated a few below for understanding the concept and there are more if you wish me to list them.

Michael - Micha means who is like, and EL means God = "who is like God"
Gabriel - Gabri = Might of, EL=God = "Might of God"
Barachiel - Blessing of God
Jegudiel - Glorifier of God

In the Qu'ran we can find the names of Angels very similar to the Bible.

Jibril or Jibra'el (2:97, 2:98) <---revealed Qu'ran to Muhammad.
Mikail or Mikael (2:98) <--- brings rain to the earth in Qu'ran.
Israfil or Israfel <----in Qu'ran is responsible to signal judgement day.
Izrail or Azrael <--- Angel of Death in Qur'an

All of the above most important angels to Allah do not end in Allah or one of his 99 names. Instead these Angels in the Qu'ran belong to EL. To be accurate in arabic there name would end in allah or one of his other 99 names.

Allah DOES NOT BELIEVE IN EL! These angels belong to the God of ISRA-EL, the God of the Christians and Jews, not to Allah.


Thanks for the post, but you don't really seem to understand Islam.

Islam (Quran) doesn't claim that Allah is a different God then the Judeo/Christian God. Islam holds that Allah is the same ONE God, who gave his revelations to Jesus and Moses, but that over time, the Jews and Christians perverted and changed the teachings.

Therfore, even accepting all the questionable premises you use, the fact that the Angel names in the Quran end in "El", does not "prove" that the Angles aren't sent from Allah (God), since "El" and "Allah", are one in the same (via Quran).

Debate Round No. 2


The Qu'ran is the ONE true book, Arabic is the ONE true language, and the true name of God is Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet according to Islam.

Muhammad was supposedly illiterate . The Angel Jibra'el came to Muhammad to deliver Allah's word which makes up the Qu'ran.

You are saying that Allah sent an angel with a name referring to the God of the Hebrews to deliver his new message to the world? You are saying Allah who was delivering the new true book in arabic sent an angel whose name means he belongs to the Hebrew God EL? I mean this is THE ANGEL! Jibril in Arabic just means archangel. In arabic the names of the angels are meaningless. They lose all importance. If you try to investigate their meaning you will see an Hebrew origin.

If Allah is the perfect name of God which leaves no ambiguity would he not have named the angel Jibrallah in order to prove he sent him? Would not all his angels be named in Arabic? Islam supports our Bible is corrupted and many muslims propose the name of God in the Bible is lost. Allah said our Bible is corrupted and gave you a new book in Arabic but yet has angels with hebrew names.

Allah is used 2669 times in the Qu'ran. EL was never used. A name not belonging to Allah but belonging to a corrupted book of those you cannot trust is the name of the angel who gave Muhammad his new, true, and uncorrupted book.

Allah! there is no god but He! To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. (Qur'an 20:8) and EL is not one of them.

"Allah" is the name which God has chosen for Himself, as stated in Verse 9 of Surat Al-Naml (Chapter 27), and Verse 14 of Surat Taha (Chapter 20) of the Holy Quran.

Allah! there is no god but He! To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. (Qur'an 20:8) and EL is not one of them.

I propose the writer of the Qu'ran just knew the names of the angels of the Bible. The meaning of these names was not understood. Most Arabs were named after plants found by their homes. An oops to be found later. If Allah sent angels to give his new book in arabic he would have given them Arabic names and not Hebrew ones.


"The Qu'ran is the ONE true book, Arabic is the ONE true language, and the true name of God is Allah"

Um, no. According to the Quran, the revelations sent down to Jesus and Moses would be legitimate, assuming they were the original versions, and not the versions that were corrupted by man.

Likewise, the Quran never makes the claim that Arabic is the "ONE" true language.

Likewise again, the Quran never says Allah is the "true" name of God. Allah is simply the Arabic translation for this "one true" God.

"You are saying that Allah sent an angel with a name referring to the God of the Hebrews to deliver his new message to the world?"

You seem not to understand that the Quran claims that Allah IS the Hebrew God.

"In arabic the names of the angels are meaningless."

How so? The names of the Judeo/Christian angles were well known by the Arabians of Muhammad's time, both in their original Hebrew dialect, and their Arabic derivatives found in the Quran.

The rest of your "points" are basically repeats of the above quotes.

Somebody commented on this debate, providing an excellent article detailing that the Hebrew "El" does not actually mean God, nor it it always used in that context in the Bible.

I should also inform the voters, that Pro has yet to actually "prove" that the Angles of ISLAM are NOT sent from Allah, or even adress this in a direct way.

At BEST, ASSUMING all her logically flawed points stand, she simply proves that Allah didn't change many of the Angle's names, from when he revealed the Bible, to when he revelaed the Quran.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by OtakuJordan 3 years ago
Actually, el can be used to refer simply to men or spirits of might.
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Reasons for voting decision: I think the concept of angels is ludicrous, but in this debate Con definitely had stronger arguments. Pros position is based on a faulty understanding of Islam and Pro corrected that presupposition. No sources were used, so the points are tied, also spelling and conduct points are tied.