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Angels and Airwaves is a better band than +44

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Started: 8/28/2013 Category: Entertainment
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So me and HostileBelief have been chatting in a PM together, both discussing one of our favorite bands, Blink-182 and their musical talent. We decided it would be fun to do a debate oriented around them, and their bands.

This debate specifically centers around their side projects from blink-182, during their few hiatuses throughout the years.

Introduction and Background

Blink-182 made their first side project in 2001/2002, where they made an album for a band called Box Car Racer, which focused a little more on mainstream punk. They only completed one successful Album with BCR, and it got fairly popular, with hits like "I feel so" (video 1). They had made this project to play some of their stuff that wasn't blink friendly, but continued Blink-182.

During the Course of Blink 182's fame, they made several other popular side projects as well.

+44 was Blink-182's next big project in 2005, this time started by Mark Hoppus as the lead vocals and bass guitar, and Travis Barker back on the Electronic drums. The band also included Craig Fairbaugh from the transplants, and the lead guitarist Shane Gallagher from The Nervous Return. Female vocalist Carol Heller was later added in the group to make this more of a trendy pop rock flavored band.

Blink 182's Latest Album made, was Angels and Airwaves, has so far been their most successful project so far, lasting from 2007 to their latest album in 2011. Even still, they have plans for a new album to begin in 2014. Angels and Airwaves features members: Tom DeLonge, David Kennedy, Matt Wachter, IIan Rubin. This band features a different style of music than the normal punk rock driven styles from previous ventures, and focuses more on dramatic musical effects, and great meaningful lyrics.

This will be a 2 round debate, with Round 1 being an acceptance round. I will start off my arguments in Round 2, as will my opponent. Good luck!


I accept your challenge
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to start out by apologizing for this being such a short debate. I meant to make this a 3 round debate, with the first round being acceptance. That said, I won’t really be able to respond to any of my opponents points, but he will be able to respond to mine. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about this.

To clarify the resolution a bit, when the word “better” is used, it is used as a non-definitive adjective. In this debate, when we argue for why we think a band is superior, we will be using our own opinions on the band, but justifying how those opinions on a whole make the band better not only for ourselves, but for others. That way this debate can stay away from simply getting by saying “+44 has cooler music than AVA”. Why the music is cooler, or what exact effect that has on making the band better for everyone, should be used to support such an argument.

Contention 1: AVA hits a broader audience

The maturity level used in AVA is a little more strengthened within the band, than it is within +44. To be fair, the bands were also a few years apart in their formation, and also with different members. And while +44’s one hit album had several hits, most of the songs were teenager influenced pop songs. Most of the songs in this band are aimed at a younger populous. Songs like, “Baby Come On”, “When your heart stops beating”, “155”, and especially “Make you Smile”, are all songs that display that generation this album supports, being strictly younger. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a ‘bad thing’. The band is a great band, and is still loved by many to this day.

But Angels and Airwaves made a name for themselves, in my opinion, because their genre of music seemed to be centered to almost any type of crowd. At the point where you can tell that Tom Delonge’s has been maturing, his Angels and Airwaves is an amazing band that is directed towards almost any audience. I am quite frequently amazed to hear and see older adults in their 40’s and older listening to such a band, just knowing Tom’s background with BCR, and Blink-182. But the reason I think Angels and Airwaves hits a broader audience is because it features different quality in lyrics, and music style.

Lyrics are designated mainly towards inspiration, finding beauty in life, and love. Songs like “Breathe”, “Young London”, and “Love like Rockets”, are good examples of the true beauty and inspiration they express though their music. The lyrics, are inspiring, and intended for entertainment and positive feelings. These are lyrics most humans of all age groups can relate to easier than +44’s lyrics that are more Teeny pop rock oriented.

Angels and airwaves has increased its fan base within the years since its formation, so much, that this was the most successful Blink-182 branch out of any other project. This band carried on for years, with further plans for a new album stretching into 2014. I-Empire, Love parts 1&2, We don’t need to whisper, and stomping the phantom brake pedal, all have become pretty popular within their quality. I Believe that the fact that AVA focuses on trying to reach a bigger audience, and uses more versatile lyrics that can be understood by those of any age group and appreciated with the same value, is the biggest reason for their success, and what makes them “better” than +44.

Contention 2: Quality of music styles uniqueness

Both bands focus on a slightly different music styles. +44 takes on the soft pop rock genre, where AVA takes the turn towards dramatic emphasis with rock influences. The Dramatic emphasis in AVA is probably one of it’s more superior qualities, and really defines it as unique and artistic. Blink-182 is known to use dramatic influences in their songs, but it is still different than what AVA uses. The music they provide, adds more meaning, and physical feeling of a song as you listen to the impact.

There are songs like “Start the machines” that feature a melodic bell kit through the intro and chorus, that adds an effect to the music quality. Possibly one of my favorites, “The score: Diary” Gives a dramatic, slowly increasing impacting crescendo, and focuses very little on lyrics themselves, “Saturday Love” Has a horror oriented sounded intro, that slowly shifts into a positive upbeat song. The music exemplifies an excitement build for the song. “Inertia”, features tambourines, that create a mood that matches the condescending push the song uses within it’s own lyrics.

Through all of these examples, the best thing about AVA, is that you never know what to expect, and with every new song listened to by them, you will get something new and interesting and can experience different musical values with every different song.

+44 is more focused on it’s one rock style oriented music style. And while the music is good, most of it sounds, the same. Mark Hoppus was a great lead vocal for the band, however, the closest thing to mixing it up, would be in “Make you smile” Where he had Carol Heller co-sing with him, and add in a different effect to the music flow. The style used in +44 is definitely less punk and emo oriented, as seems to be the theme with Blink-182, and BCR. They started going a productive route with this band, in trying a different style, but quite frankly, they pulled a style that has been used before plenty of times. In order to have continued success with this band, Hoppus and the gang should have tried several new things, as was often done with Blink-182. Nonetheless, +44 was an interesting turn out, and over all probably a big learning experience for Hoppus.

To Conclude, we can look at the growing success that AVA had and analyze that there are several strong reasons the band did so well for as long as it did, with so many albums. Comparing this to +44’s slight success, and ultimate failure for following the same typical pop teen rock styles looking to make a few singles (which they did). But those singles, might be the entire story of +44’s success levels. AVA will always be popular, successful, and historical evidence of a great band, with many great hits. Impressive as all of this is, AVA can strike several emotional chords in it’s listeners, as well as provide the equal entertainment value for listeners. I think that AVA is the superior Band for the reasons listed above, and pass the rebuttals on back to my opponent. Good luck!



Hello Everyone and Welcome to the "Angels and Airwaves is a better band than 44" debate. To start off, I would like to thank my opponent for offering the oppertunity to debate with him even if it is only for two rounds including only one time to put arguments on the table. I do wish that my opponent had the time to respond to my arguments. Just as TUF explained, we were at a PM talking about Blink-182 and while Blink-182 may or may not be in my top 10 favorite bands, They are certainly up there and one of my "Personal Favorites". I would also liked to mention along in this debate that I would like to see the pandora site which TUF had provided, but due to licencing constraints because I'm from Canada, I can't see the site and therefore, can't respond to them.

Before I respond to any of my opponents arguments, I would like to clarify some things not to be D!@# but because I feel they are worth warrented. Box Car Racer was not a side project of blink-182 but rather just a side project with Tom Delounge and Travis Barker. For some reason, this pissed off Mark and you know the rest. The band went on hiatus and went separate ways with Tom working on Angeels and Airwaves and Mark and Travis working on +44. I would also like to clarify specifically that Angels and Airwaves are a Space Rock band where as +44 is a pop punk band.

The argument about Angels and Airwaves is a better band than +44 because it's more mature is meaningless. Why does it have to be? This is art not who's the most adult. Since were on the topic, while +44 does feature some songs that are inmature like "Cliff Diving".for the most part, the majority of their songs deal with intense issues such as depression, break-ups and suicide. If anything, +44 might be more mature than Angels and Airwaves.

TUF argument was that Angels and Airwaves is hitting a broader audience and makes them more superiour than +44 but I would like to argue that by trying to go to a broader audience, it becomes and bland and mediocore. I believe that ether contradicts himself later on by saying they are creative or TUF was being very Ambigous with his phrasing. The reason why +44 avoids being bland and mediocore is because not only were they one of the pop punk bands that did not sound like new found glory, but also different lyrical content then most of the other bands. Granted, Tom and his new fellow band mates at the time were making a risk to sound different but when I listen to Angels and Airwaves with albums like "We Don't Need to Whisper" and "I-Empire", I feel like I'm listening to a U2 album so I don't see it as revolutionary or superemely better than +44.

+44 features a different mechanic into the songwriting by having catching hooks in the song while being gut renchingly depressing. Songs that demostrate this perfectly are "No It Isn't" and "Chapter 13". +44 uses electronic sythnizers and acoustics bits more than AVA giving the listener more to digest instead of Angels and Airwaves sounding like "Where the Streets Have No Name".

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
This would be a hard one to judge, since the nature of bands is very subjective. Leaving just the strength of arguments.
Posted by HostileBelief 5 years ago
Posted by TUF 5 years ago
Eh, let's just rock it out with this lol
Posted by HostileBelief 5 years ago
that's okay. Just start a new one and it's all good
Posted by TUF 5 years ago
Sh1t, I was supposed to make this 3 rounds, sorry!
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