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Animal Jam Debate: Is Greely evil?

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Started: 5/21/2016 Category: Games
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After playing Animal Jam for a bit, I found plenty of evidence showing a certain "hero" is working for the evil Phantoms... the Wolf Alpha, Greely.


1. No trolling, semantics, kritiks, etc.
2. It is recommended (but not required) that you know a lot about Animal Jam before accepting this debate. There is a wikia you can use for your sources.
3. Burden of Proof is shared. Pro (Me) must prove that Greely is evil. Con (The Contender) must prove Greely to be a hero; one of the good guys.

[If you need a rule added, say so in the comments]


Alpha: In Animal Jam, the Alphas are basically the Avengers. There is one Alpha for every animal. Greely is the Wolf Alpha.

Animal Jam: An online game where you can create an animal and play variosu games with it. There's also the Adventures, which is the bulk of both Pro's and Con's arguments, since that's where the story mode is.

Evil: Currently against the Alphas, and the player.

Phantoms: Evil black creatures seen in the Adventure mode of Animal Jam.

[If there's anything else that needs to be defined, let me know in the comments.]

You can start debating Round 1. I'll post mine Round 2. Let's do this!


I accept your challenge, but I feel that starting this now would give me an unfair advantage. So instead of there being an odd number of arguments, I will allow you to go first.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Corm_onthe_Cob for accepting this debate. As I've said, I've got quite a few pieces of evidence to prove that Greely is evil. Let's get into this, shall we?


Point 1: Secret missions

When you first meet Greely in The Hive, he claims to be studying the Phantoms. He also tells the player to "turn back, and don't tell the other Alphas you saw him". Kind of suspicious, wouldn't you say? If he was merely studying the Phantoms, why must it be kept secret? Soon afterwards, you meet up with Cosmo, the Koala Alpha. Of course, he's surprised when the player tells him that Greely was here. Cosmo wonders why Greely was there.

Then, in The Great Escape, Greely, again, tells the player to stop interfering. When Cosmo learns about Greely's appearance, he's wondering what Greely's getting himself into.

So far, we know that Greely is doing "undercover missions", studying the Phantoms, finding out their next move. Suspicious, isn't it? He doesn't mention anything about stopping these plans, just... observing.

Point 2: Direct Evidence:

The wiki I'm using doesn't state this, but in Greely's Inferno, there is some evidence linking him to the Phantoms.

In order to see it for yourself, you must do this Adventure as a Wolf. Northeast of the entrance to the 2nd area, you can find a secret area. There's bookshelves with books on "The Art of Deception", and "How to trick Friends and Manipulate People". When checking the "Art of Deception", it says it must be one of Greely's books. Very incriminating evidence indeed. We can see plush trophies that look like Phantoms. Why Phantoms?

Let's think about this. Greely is one of the Alphas, the enemy of the evil Phantoms. There's no reason for Greely to possess Phantom plushes unless he has some relationship with the Phantoms. Note that these are found within an area only accessible to wolves, like Greely. It's much like a secret base. None of the other Alphas know what Greely's doing within this base.

There's also a wardrobe. If you check it, it says it contains dark cloaks and capes. They're purple, the Phantom's signature color. Could be a disguise, so he could meet with the Phantoms, and discuss their next plans.

Still a bit shaky? I thought you might say that. There's even more direct evidence than what I just listed.

In The Search for Greely, Graham the Monkey Alpha has other monkeys search for evidence saying what happened to Greely after he stopped the volcano from erupting. Evidence they did find!

When the volcano erupted, Greely's journal got scattered. When talking to the monkeys, this is what the journal entries said:

"None of the other Alphas suspect a thing" Greely is in fact deceiving the Alphas.

"After I meet with the Phantoms tomorrow, my plan will be underway" Greely is working with the Phantoms!

"I've done it! I now have the power to travel through the Phantom Portals" The Phantom portals can only be accessed by Phantoms. Greely created a machine that can temporarily turn you into a phantom. This helps with his private meetings in the Phantom's secret area.

Note that I've said "temporarily". When the player uses the machine and goes through the portal, the disguise wears off immediately. So Greely isn't meeting with the Phantoms as one himself.

Final Thoughts:

I said I had plenty of evidence, and I meant it. I really hope my opponent knows his Animal Jam, because I was prepared before creating this debate. Let's see what I'm up against.

Source for some of the things I listed:;

NOTE: There is an adventure called "Battle for the Beacon", but do NOT use this as a source. It would be a spoiler to me, since I've never encountered it before, and could also reveal Greely's true alliance, which would ruin the whole debate. So do NOT use this for your argument! Doing so will result in an automatic loss!


I read through your arguments and just had to a lot of research to figure this out.
So here goes...
Greely could not be working for the phantoms because there are no more phantoms after battle for the beacon... because of his help...woops.
Debate Round No. 2


Oooookkaaayyy..... So does Pro forfeit? I guess I'll analyze his few sentences.

"I read through your arguments and just had to a lot of research to figure this out." Research, I did. Your research... lacking, it seems.

"Greely could not be working for the phantoms because there are no more phantoms after battle for the beacon... because of his help..." Okay, I was going to prohibit the use of Battle for the Beacon, but it seems necessary now. I could never find it as a party anyways.

So I looked at the page, and it has basically nothing to do with story. It's basically a never-ending war. The thing is, though, it used to be an actual Adventure. There is no story, therefore no real spoilers. Con could have pointed this out, breaking my sudden rule, therefore continue his argument. I repeal my rule about Battle for the Beacon. Sorry about this.


I do not plan on going easy, as my research suggests. Even though Con made only one argument, I'll go at it like I've got heavy artillery against a Goomba.

Out of Troops:

Con's logic is simply this: Greely can not be working for the Phantoms because he destroyed them all in the Beacon War (What I'll be calling Battle of the Beacon from now on). This is false. The Phantoms have a hive, where they breed. Around The Hive, there are Phantom Pods, which kind of resemble a type of egg. I believe this is how they are created; through eggs.

There's also Phantom Spawners (forgot the official name) that will spawn infinite Phantoms unless you destroy it with a Boomseed. If they don't hatch, surely they're created via the Spawners. If not created by Spawners, then transported through them.

Basically, the Phantoms will never go extinct, because the Phantoms are being bred. The thing is, by who? Assuming they're laying eggs, the best answer we can get is the Phantom King.

The Phantoms are like ants, or bees. They're both colonies, and they live in a hive. In ant colonies, it's the queen that lays the egg. So wouldn't it follow that the King lays the eggs as well? If not eggs, then what are the pods?


Con has not yet refuted my arguments regarding Greely's alliance with the Phantoms. His journal clearly states "When I meet with the Phantoms tomorrow, my plan will be underway." But, the heaviest peice of evidence is "The other Alphas don't suspect a thing." If Con still wishes to protect Greely from my accusation, then he must explain that line sufficiently. This is no small order.

I await Con's response. May Mira have mercy on his soul...


This debate is cancer. Animal Jam is the shittiest game on the internet. I figured this was a troll debate, but holy god you are one invested little weeaboo.

Debate Round No. 3


I accept Con's concession. Keep in mind, when I make a debate, I usually plan on fighting to the end. I always do my research. Good game, and vote Pro!


Corm_onthe_Cob forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
And I saw that one of my rules was indeed "No trolling", so it couldn't even be a troll debate. This is always a rule in my debates, keep this in mind too.
Posted by David_Debates 2 years ago
"I'll go at it like I've got heavy artillery against a Goomba."
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
Yeah, I responded all right. Good luck, may Mira have mercy on your soul.
Posted by Corm_onthe_Cob 2 years ago
I hope Pro is online, they only have 2 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and... 5 seconds to respond.
Posted by Corm_onthe_Cob 2 years ago
29 whole hours?? I am shivering.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
I hope Con is actually online, because he has 29 hours remaining!
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