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Animals in a zoo are in bleak prisons.

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Started: 2/12/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Is a zoo really a prison, just for animals?
A prison is any place of confinement or involuntary restraint. Are animals in a
zoo being restrained? Stuck in a cage and put on a schedule. Can a zoo really
say that they are helping these animals? Or are they stripping them of learning
on there on?

A legitimate zoo is a place of conservation, running breeding programs to reintroduce
threatened species back into their natural habitats. A zoo helps rebreed
endangered animals. Zoos have become the last refuge for many species. They are
managed by the leading professionals in wildlife and zoological fields.
Conserving, protecting and studying endangered and threatened species and the
places they inhabit, most facilities work united. A zoo also plays a role in
environmental education.

However, the word zoo means an
establishment, stationary or mobile, that maintains a collection of wild
animals that are kept for exhibition for study, conservation and display to the
public. Though being taken well care of, the animals are forced to maintain in
a small area for a very long time. Unlike a rescue center, a zoo doesn’t let
the animals go back to being free. Most animals start of in a zoo as babies and
are too adapted to be set free. Other animals are forced to adapt to an
enclosed environment and put on a strict schedule.

Many animals in a zoo die from diseases
only found in captivity. Some animals also suffer from zoochosis, which a
psychological problem associated with animals that are kept in prolonged
captivity. They are secluded away from normal animals that they will normally
see in the wild. Animals that are born in a zoo don’t have the ability to learn
how to hunt and gather food on their own.

In conclusion animals are being taken away
from their natural habitat and put in cages and behind glass, like a common
criminal. To be put on a schedule, become secluded, and surrounded by strange
people. In my opinion an animals are in a bleak prison.



The resolution is that animals are kept in prisons when kept in zoos.

The definition of prison according to Merriam-Webster is "a building (or vessel) in which people are legally held as a punishment for crimes they have committed or while awaiting trial."

We do not put animals in zoos for breaking the law; therefore, the resolution is false. Words mean things. You can't just throw them around to make statements more extreme.
Debate Round No. 1


In the Merriam-Webster dictionary it also states that the word prison as a noun means a state of confinement or captivity. Key word captivity. I did look the word prison up multiple times before I used the word.


Well in that case this is totally debatable.

I will be taking the side that animals in zoos are not in bleak prisons.

For my first card of evidence, I would like to present this picture of a peacock enjoying his zoo

And of course, how could we ignore the rancor in his natural habitat here at the zoo?

The simple fact is that zoos are not prisons. They don't keep animals captive. Here we see an animal enjoying his freedom to come and go from the zoo

My basic point is that animals are not captives at zoos. They're free animals that stay there by choice. Here's the history behind zoos. They were originally created as houses that animals could come and go from, and people from the village could look at the animals and pet them. This is a picture from back in those days. It's the only surviving picture of the original zoo we have:

Zoos started to spread throughout the country, and they were keeping all sorts of animals safe and fed. The animals and humans had a wonderful relationship with each other. Beast and man were best friend

Then one day, the animals got tired of being observed by humans. Rumors started to spread that animals were going to be hunted at these zoos despite the promise of protection. The animals were quiet for a long time, but one day war broke out.

These are some of the remaining pictures of the war:

So the zoos had the make a change in the way they did things. They put fences around the animals and put them in cages. It was for everyone's protection. Animals, however, we're not captives. They were given a proper escape plan on case they did not want to be there. Here is the great boa constrictor escaping:

Modern day, the animals do have an illusion of captivity, but they are not captive. They are completely free to leave whenever they want. They just have decided not to open up war on humanity and leave their cages. If humans were to provoke them, however, total war could break out again.
Debate Round No. 2


Maybe their free to run around the zoo but not beyond that. Wild animals crave blood. They are taken from their natural habitats and put in cages to be seen by other people as entertainment and for study.


My arguments have been up refuted. I have given a detailed history and explanation of the zoos behind the scenes. My opponent has provided you with nothing. I ask you all to vote in my favor.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
I like how Pro didn't refute the evidence. He didn't seem to notice Con snuck Lego, Doge, and an old version of Beauty and the Beast. I'll look at the other links after posting this comment.
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