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Animals should not be kept in a zoo

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Started: 2/21/2015 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In this argument, I shall breifly clarify why it is morally wrong to keep animals in a zoo.

People might see them as a threat or something else in their eyes. However, they still deserve equality like the humans have. Even humans are a threat- everyone of them around us- there is no telling what they would do. Do you go ahead and lock every person up for public entertainment?

It's not right to keep them in captivity, they're living things as are we. They were born as animals and deserve to live a life as we do. They have to be free. They are born in the wild and that is where they should live. People may very well say that they're enclosure is similar to their natuaral habitat. It is not the same though. The atmosphere, the smell, the other animals and their instinct to survive is not there. They all have their suvival techniques and have all their skills in the wild. We are taking that priviledge away. We want this world to be civilised. Why are you proving the opposite?

People should leave these poor animals in peace. We should respect them and not take them from their home and family. These animals are part of our world. We should all live as one. No one has the right to rule over one another, whether it is human or animal. At the moment, the humans are proving selflessnes and cruelty.

Wild animals are majestic and fascinating. How can you expect them to be majestic when they are locked up and being constantly disturbed by shouting children. They are not the same in a little zoo. If you want to see an animal at its best, take it to its natural habitat.

If you think that someone can just lock an animal away for educational purposes, lets see how they like it and then the animals can learn how selfish that person is.

An animal has rights. An animal has feelings. Imagine the animals trying to pull away from a tight rope around it's neck. Imagine them being dragged into a tiny crate at the back of a van. Imagine that animal's family watching it all happen.

It makes them sad and depressed. All they ever want to do is get out of that place and go home to its family. Animals deserve their freedom and deserve their life back. Do you really want this happening to them? There are many wars and conflict in this world. Now, this world is taking a step up to stupidity and making conflict with animals.


As you are the affirmative and are challenging the norm, I accept with the the understanding that the burden of proof is on you. Thus I ask you to prove that animals deserve rights, that zoos violate those rights and that the violation of those rights causes real negative impacts which outweigh any of the positive impacts. You have made statement like zoos cause depression however you have provided no proof for this statement. Please elaborate in your next speech.
Debate Round No. 1


Animals are in this world. We are all equal. We all live in one world. We should respect each other. There is no point in proving it because if you had a brain you should work it out for yourself thus if you think humans are more important than the inoccent animals then you disgust me. What have animals ever done wrong they are living and are vulnrable. Animals have the capability to learn and from what arguement you gave you are incapable of learning.

Animals are living and deserve the right to live. Us cruel humans have captured and inslaved these poor creatures. Humans can speak, walk,think. Now we will look at animals: They can communicate, They can walk, run and think. Humans and animals are similiar and just are unique in there own ways. Humans have rights and I have showed animals are equal to us. This means animals too deserve rights.

Zoos violate these rights by taking away their freedom and natural environment.

To prove that animals suffer depression, overcrowding in enclosures may lead to filth and fighting for territory, resulting in injury to the weaker animals. It also may limit animal movement and physi-cal activities within the cage. The animals reacted negatively to harassment from the visitors and showed signs of depression. Passivity and anger, especially inlarge animals, may be associated with a lack of food variety. Depression and ste-reotypical behaviors in large animals were noted when their need to mate was un-met or delayed. To be taken away from the wild and its family, increases the depression and anxiety. They deserve to live in the wild. If you disagree, why don't you live in a cage?

Now, you have not stated your arguement. You have only asked me to prove what everyone knows is right. Please elaborate in your next speech.


If you were here professing that rocks and twigs deserve rights, I would call you a madman. Animals can be seen in the same way. Like rocks an animal has no soul, and only a soul begets rights. Most importantly animals aren't concious and cannot Think or be self aware for the most part, thus like a rock or a rmountain, they have no rights.

So far you haven't proven that animals are any different than rocks, animals will consistently attack people without regret and even unprovoked, they don't care about us or our imagined rights because in their head all they care about is eating, sleeping and reproducing . I say that if we give rights to monkeys and tigers we then Must give rights to spiders and ants. The real reason that you want to give rights to animals is because they make you feel bad. Animals can feel pain, it's true, and when you see an animal cry or experience pain, you feel bad thus giving you the impression that they are somehow people or people in the body of animals. I'm sorry to tell you that animals feel pain but that doesn't mean that they are people.

To be honest you haven't proven much in your entire speech. You have told me I am disgusting and stupid however this staunch cockiness doesn't help prove your point in the slightest, and in fact your lack of evidence shows how little you have to prove your case. You have failed to prove your point or even fulfill your burden of proof. I Agree with you on this point and none of my arguments reflect my personal opinion however I am disappointed in your argumentation, I wanted to see your points on the matter and see how you can hold up to basic arguments but to me you seem to have flopped in this debate. A lot of people would agree with the points I made even though I don't and even to someone who agrees with you on this topic I don't believe you have upheld the resolution. Thank you
Debate Round No. 2


Animals should not be kept in zoos. A zoo is the equivalent of a prison. Imagine being imprisoned for no reason whatsoever. Humans and animals deserve freedom. Animals are just as important as humans. Zoos such as tweedle have been careless and thoughtless.

In 2010, a CAPS undercover investigator filmed sick animals left untreated and dead animals to rot on floors at Tweddle Farm Zoo.
This healthcare is unexceptable.

Imagine being ill
You know someone could help but they didn't
It could have all been prevented
But you were left for dead

How would you feel?

Now, if you were an animal that was used to playing in the open, with your family. You were taken somewhere without your say in it. You family have been separated and you are taken to a place that is overcrowded and small. You are alone and all you have are your memories. You then fall ill after a month of living there. You are left to suffer. The torture gets too much and you need help! Your crying takes you bed every night.
How would you feel?

Animals are born into this world, some are born at the same time as us. Many are treated like garbage. Animals should be treated with the same respect as a human being. They are smart in their own way, and they are always caring and loving to everyone regardless of their actions. They definitely deserve more human-like rights in this cruel world to make up what has been done to them.

Humans and animals are very much alike. For example, we both are intelligent. Humans are homo sapiens, the wise man. We can think and reason to our great advantage. There are many definitions of intelligence, but generally it is thought to be the ability to think, reason, plan, assess, and learn. However, humans are not the only animals with intellect, nor are they the best in all its categories. Animals like birds easily outdo humans with both visual searching and geometric recognition. Animals estimate and predict things that are going to happen accurately. They analyse/sense to see if things are dangerous or not. They can calculate things like amount and weight of food. Big mammals like elephants use arithmetic. This is just one link between humans and animals. This shows animals and humans are very much similar.

Furthermore, I reccomend you look up what a rock and a twig is because animals are not at all like these.

Please put proof in your arguments because you can't tell me to do that when you are not doing it yourself.

Therefore animals should not be kept in zoos, thankyou


This shall be the final round, I thank my opponent for his effort to initiate a debate. I would like to take note of the fact that the opponent has decided to post more evidence in the final round, thus I can only assume this is a rebutall and summary round. Let's begin:

"Animals are just as important as humans" - No evidence

I agree that it is mean to torture animals and it certainly isnt neccesary. But god says that animals have been put on earth for the sole purpose of serving and pleasuring us for our uses. Animals have no sould and in no majjor religion do animals go to heaven. To reiterate in a non-religious manner, animals have little to no self awareness, nor can they descern right from wrong. They dont and cant care about us or our lives and thus they deserve no rights.

How would I feel? I would feel happy. Zoos provide constant food, love and training to their animals. In the wild I would be scared because someone could poach me or another animal could kill me in a terrible way. In the zoo you are safe and you have love and affection given every day. Remember that most pets in the zoos are raised from birth in captivity and thus even if they could feel remorse from their 'familes', which they cant, they wouldnt, because their families are already in the zoo with them.

Animals are certainly not caring creatures. Exceptions include dogs and cats but most everyother animal is not 'caring'. try making a hungry shark feel bad for you...

So what should we do if pro is right? give rocks and houses rights? How about computers that we program to interprit words and talk to us, or ones we program to talk? Agreeing with this is like agreeing that snails, snakes, spiders and ants all deserve rights. The only reason that pro believes animals have rights is because they cry. Pro is doing a very human thing in feeling sorry for animals and personifying them however one could feel bad for a clock given the right storry line. Neither feeling bad for something nor the fact that an animal can feel pain demonstrates that they deserve any form of rights.

As pro conceeded the burden of proof was on him and he has utterly failed to prove anything or to provide evidence in support of his case. The resolution is copletely unaffirmed and I thank anyone who wasted, I mean took the time to read this entire debate. Thank you all one again and I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by iluvkitty 3 years ago
i hate u
stop antagonising me!
Posted by iluvkitty 3 years ago
Dear TheJuniorVarsityNovice,

First of all i was talking about big animals like tigers and monkeys etc. Not insects! Second of all, you are cocky and did not use any evidence to prove you were right. Animals do deserve rights and imagine this... there is a person taken away from their family crying in a jail. People laugh and shout outside the jail. This would surely make people sad for that person. This is a clear case with animals. You are obviously not clever enough to work that out especially if you think rocks & twigs are animals.
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