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Anime Rap Battle

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Started: 4/4/2016 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is for acceptance.

Good luck!


I accept but first a few questions what anime's are we rapping about and what style of rap are we talking here (savage, bad, or weeb)
Anyway this seems like fun and good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Choose two anime characters. One for each verse. It can be any of the two.

Really? I got out of bed and lost rest just to go ahead and prove you're not the best. Hold on. Let me get Enju to come and catch you when you fall to my metal. I got black bullets flying all around the battlefield. You have one up your @$$. Don't worry! I'll give you a pass. Boy I'll cast you to the depths of hell. Oh wait. I'll won't tell you how. You're so ugly, you beloong in the pound. Inzen Kouktei you rright into the ground.

I'm finding out murderers so fast you must think I'm a sorcerer. Actually, I'm your torturer. While you sit at home, having a fit with your little slice of life, I get solve all the murders and have Chiaki that wants to be my wife. Let's just hope Monokuma doesn't cause you too much trauma. You're a fool; just a tool on the wall. I can use at any time to solve any crime. So please, go home. You're out of your league. I'm the ultimate hope. You should just hang yourself with rope.



This is gonna suck but it's worth a try.

Kaori Miyazono (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso):
I guess i'm here to tell you about myself but first I've got this kid Arima whose head is up on a shelf. He's got problems with his mom even though she's gone and his piano really isn't going on. He used to live the high life now he's living my life just a simple musician trying to turn a blind eye.
Then you got me the one true masterpiece taking classic and making it fantastic.
That"s enough about me now let's roast this kid who thinks he's got rhymes that I bet didn't even come out of his own mind. You've got some black bullets but what are they really for are you compensating for something or is it really something more.

Nyanta (Log Horizon):
My name is Nyanta just a simple stylish cat and if I wanted to I could easily whoop ya @$$ i'm part of log horizon and it's as simple as that. I"ve beat dragons and bards and wizards and the like I can tell you right now I could beat this skinny little brat. Your naive son if you think you can beat me I mean you even got told off by a teddy bear with ADHD.
Debate Round No. 2


Satomi Rentaro: (Black Bullet)
What's that, little girl? I couldn't hear you. You're too sick cause you're weak and very prone.
At least I can say my significant other didn't end up all alone.
You couldn't help by die?
What did that little wimp of a man do? Oh yeah! All he did was cry.
Just another generic tsundere
who couldn't keep all her wounds away.
Hang on... You'll fall for me if I take a picture of you when the wind is blowing at a certain angle, right? *looks lewdly*
You call what you went through a masterpiece?
More like rinse and repeat.
Your boyfriend acts like he hides himself during Halloween.
Just remember my Tendo style as I bend and snap your back.
Let me put it you this way. Your anime was bad. Really cheap.
Look on the bright side. When I feed you my Rokuro Kabuto, you won't have to watch it and continuously fall asleep.

Hajime Hinata: (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair)
Should a man in his 40's really be playing an MMORPG?
You're like Kirito mated with the grandpa I found across the the street.
You must be a cat; since you don't get any p**sy.
Not to mention around 300 pounds too fat.
A swashbuckler? You couldn't move like that in real life.
Let alone find yourself a decent wife.
You won't come close to me. I'll see you from miles away.
Why are you chasing me? Go work on your horrible sword play.
I solve murder and mysteries; day after day. I help all of the class trails; giving everybody aid.
It'll take a blind woman in order to finally get you laid.
How about this? While I hold Chiaki; solving mysteries and being bold.
You act like the cat you are; and chase mice into their holes.


Kaori Miyazono(Your lie in April)
Now with this I make my stand and say that you can"t simply demand that I throw in the towel because you"re starting to feel a little like a man.
This boy still thinks he has a girl when all she wants is to take his life, while the one of the other ones wants to cut him with a knife.
In regards to one's wounds your one to talk you lost an arm and leg to a bug that came from a rock.
My anime was cheap? Well mine got a second season released.
All this and you still don"t understand you"re not even a man.
Your parents are dead and you have a loli in your bed.
You've got more screws loose than a man on LSD and you really ain't got nothin on me.

Nyanta(Log Horizon)

I'm one of the original masters of elder tale standing up to monsters in suits of iron and steel.
While you faced off with a bear and a girl who couldn't even name the color of her heels.
You're an inexperienced boy just a little kid. As for my love life you don"t even know what I did.
You're getting lucky you"ve got no real knowledge.
Chiaki you say she was only an ai who decided to die and you will never get to look into her eyes. I've got people who look up to me you've barely got a family. You messed up boy trying to pick a fight with me you won"t even be worth making a cup of tea. If we were to have a fight, I would hit you with a Viper"s Thrash and make the battle end real fast.

This was fun for a first time doing this I would like to thank my opponent for this battle.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MaxLamperouge 2 years ago
haha, anime rap battle.
funny idea.
Posted by Alain.Ginger 2 years ago
I wanna see this
Posted by ballpit 2 years ago
Ok so this is gonna suck as I am not very good at rapping.
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