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Anime is not childish.

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Started: 11/14/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Anyone is welcome to accept the debate.

Round 1 Jump straight into it. I will make an opening statement

I do not believe anime is childish. I aim to hear a strong argument as to why someone may believe it is childish, so that I can better understand the stance taken.
I look forward to a response.


I believe anime is childish however that does not necessarily mean that the person watching the Anime is childish/ too old to be watching it. My argument is that many popular animes such as the Dragon Ball series, Death Note, Bleach, One Piece, Yu Gi series and Naruto are targeted at young people, specifically males. These are very popular anime series, which whilst do not reflect all anime, are considered "mainstream" and so that is what most people judge anime on. It also should be noted that Shonen anime is the most popular type of anime which is aimed at young males, which I have previously mentioned, and typically have a lot of action fuelled plot in them which, again, can make it seem childish.
Debate Round No. 1


If you were to make the claim that "Anime is childish" and based on that allow a child of 4 years old watch a random anime. If that anime were to be Death-note, Zombie high school or attack on titan. You would quickly see how inappropriate these programmes are for children. Let's look into that claim.

In death-note you have a God of death, who loses a note book capable of killing whoever has their name written in it. A young male picks up this book and begins a mass genocide, where 100s of people die people from various deaths, ranging from heart attacks to suicidal hangings. A dark anime indeed.

In Zombie high school. A zombie virus breaks out, turning students into zombies. These students begin to eat each other in mindless cannibalistic acts and begin bashing each others heads in with blunt instruments.

In Attack on Titan. A young male watches his mother get devoured by a 20ft monstrous humanoid. He swears revenge and promises himself that he would kill every last titan. During this quest he sees many of his friend get eaten alive, in very disturbing death scenes.

It's clear that anime has a dark side, I didn't even in mention how sexual Zombie high school is.
based on how dark anime can be, you certainly couldn't say to a child "go watch some anime" as there is a large possibility that they could accidentally watch something horrifying. From this, we can safely say, it's not a safe bet to let a child watch anime. Unless the anime is specified.

The important question that should be asked is, where does the burden of proof lie?
For me to say anime is not childish, means someone would have made a claim that it is. Based on the fact the claim first made would be, anime is childish, means the burden of proof lies with my opponent.

For my opponent to win this debate, he would have to argue, Death-note, Zombie high school or Attack on titan is childish.
I do not believe that's possible.

I wish my opponent luck and look forward to their response.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Some_Confused_Kid 1 year ago
Corey in the House is not a childish anime.
Posted by natedog7622 1 year ago
I agree with MidNite
Posted by acmanjr 1 year ago
well considering that manga writers (as a whole) write for a range of ages, i would think that anime is also created for a range of viewers some manga/anime may be childish but not all, and all shouldn't be.
Posted by MidNiteTyphoon 1 year ago
some anime are childish. but a lot of anime is SUPER GORY or sexually explicit...
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