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Anime is the Best Form of Animation in America

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Started: 2/18/2017 Category: Entertainment
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Anime is the best form of animation in the United States. It has a diversity that tends to lack in a lot of animation nowadays. The Characters are often more relatable and although they have their own troupes the characters often differ quite a bit in their set roles, unlike other animation. The colors that can be used in anime are rarely used in animation in America. The stories are often deeper, more intriguing, and emotion connecting than many shows on television today. This all focusing mainly on children's tv shows as that is who a good portion of anime is aimed at in Japan is children.
Overall, I would like to debate that anime is the best for of animation for children in the United States compared to other televised animated shows for children aired in the U.S.


Thank you RinLaufeyson for starting this debate.
I'd like to begin by saying that anime is very dear and near to my heart as I grew up watching anime since I was a kid. If anything, I would be on your side if it wasn't for the fact that this debate was on anime being the "best" form of animation.
Anime is not the best form of animation in the United States nor is it the best form of animation anywhere in the world regardless of the intended age of the audience as all animation style has their unique attributes that enhances the story being portrayed; however, since this debate is strictly speaking from a kid's perspective, I will only specify on that topic. My position here is that regardless of the style of animation, children will enjoy any animated tv shows as long as it does not reference something too esoteric or obscure.

It is hard to say whether a child is able to fully comprehend and appreciate the incredible amount of detail and work that goes into any animation. Speaking from experience, I grew up watching DragonBall while at the same time captivated by the weekly airing of Samurai Jack. Both to me were incredibly entertaining as I was more enthralled by the constant action and fight scenes that flashed before my eyes and the adventures that awaited for both Goku and Jack than the animation style. At the time I did not have a bias for either shows and it was only until I became of age that I was able to look back and fully appreciate the animations that went into weaving the stories.
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Posted by GoodEvening 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of anime, but there isn't any "best" type of animation."Best" can mean different things to different people.
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