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Anime v Cartoon

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Started: 8/5/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Round 1 = Acceptance only
Round 2 = Opening Arguments
Round 3-4 = Rebuttals/Counter Arguments

Who is better, anime or cartoon?
If the two came together and had an all out war, who would win? I'll be fighting for anime, saying it'll definitely win against cartoons.

- Can throw in any cartoon/anime character dead or alive
- Respect my opinion and Ill respect yours


Please take note that I love anime, and some of my favorite shows are mostly anime.

It would depend on what the 'fight' would be. If it were based on a actual fight, anime would likely win. However if it were based on other things (such as intelligence), cartoons would almost certainly win. That is, if American and non-Asian "anime" are actually cartoons.
Debate Round No. 1


By anime I mean Japanese created cartoons.
This deate was supposed to be, which was better in terms of strength. But I'm sure anime would still win if we were talking about, intelligence or which one was more smarter.

Anime characters are intelligent in their own ways and I'm sure the same thing goes for cartoons.
There are smart and intelligent characters like,

The genius prince with the ability to change the world. Lelouch has insane tactical, military, scientific, analytical and deductive reasoning abilities. Lelouch was able to lead a large military organization, Black Knights, against the government and eventually lead the entire world. Lelouch is also extremely persuasive, he can convince people to follow him and he is also very deceptive able to hide his Geass from even his closest friends. Lelouch is also adept technically with his ability to pilot a Knightmare. Lelouch also changed the entire world into a greater place by executing his greatest plan, Zero Requiem. His only setback is Geass, he used a magic power to manipulate people instead of his sheer charisma and persuasive skills

This girl is crazy, she is a prodigy child with an IQ of over 200! She is so intelligent that she doesn't even need to go to school, she speaks 5 different languages and to top it off is only 14. When Kanzaki is at school she can manipulate people with ease and carries out classroom terrorism without ever being suspected. Her reasoning, logic, problem solving, manipulation, charisma are off the charts and no one has ever made her mad and escape unharmed. Kanzaki continually shows she is smarter then everyone by effortlessly finding solutions to problems, cruel as those solutions may be they are effective. Kanzaki uses her insane genius to torment others mainly for her own enjoyment, she can do whatever she wants and no one can punish her because she is the prodigy of the school. Kanzaki is surprisingly the only girl on the list, though her terrifying genius is not one to mess with.

I'm sure there are plenty of cartoon characters that are also smart and intelligent in their own ways, but not more intelligent than anime characters.



Alright, I will admit, those characters are very powerful in their own rights. However, few compare to:


Superman at his most powerful can pretty much do anything. Superman Prime 1 Million is on an entirely different level. Superman's travels lasted from the 21st Century to the turn of the 700th Century. During this 679 century odyssey, he acquired vast abilities and skills from every being he met and gained perfection over all the abilities he received. He even broke through the Source Wall and studied under the Source itself, meaning he could have a portion of the Source's power or more. The true extent of abilities he received from the Source are unknown. When he returned to Earth, he forged a covenant with his descendants. In this conenant, he would bestow upon them a small fraction of his power as long as they served for truth and justice. He also gained the abilities of his lineage and magnified them with his own power (for example, the Superman of the 67th century married the queen of the 5th Dimension, GZNTPLZK, which in turn gave Superman Prime the abilities and powers of a 5th Dimension Imp). After the covenant he left and returned to his Fortress of Solitude in the center of the Super Sun. (DC One Million)


For intelligence, though:


Aside from legitimately creating the Universe in Family Guy, he also has done many, many other feats that are to this day; impossible. He has created a time machine, which, by reverse engineering it, he used to create the Universe. He has built the Holodeck from Star trek. Has a room that defies all space, being bigger than it should be on the inside (although that may be an oversight). Need him to eliminate someone? Snipe the weaker ones from far away. Needs to take out someone like Goku? Build a death ray to destroy him. He may not be the most physically powerful person there is. But since Stewie is a baby, of all things, when he grows up, he most likely will be much, much smarter.

Source: Family Guy.
Debate Round No. 2


Your character examples are ants compared to anime characters.

Kaguya (from anime series, Naruto)

Kaguya is an extraterrestrial being from from outer-space. Kaguya is able to travel trough dimensions, teleport, create portals, use the moon against everyone on planet earth, create beings. She also has the power to see what moves an opponent will do and sense when something evil is about to harm her. Kaguya is so powerful that, by herself, can make dimensions and travel through them in a split second. Kaguya is an actual Goddess, She's very very powerful

Sasuke (Also from Naruto)
Sasuke has the ability to put you in another world just by looking at his eyes. Sasuke is a fearless character that uses his sharingan (magical and infamous eyes), is able to summon demon skeletal spirits that protect and fight with him. Sasuke can also breath fire out of his mouth, form a dangerous electrical sphere that is used to kill enemies(chidori), teleport, summon black fire that burns people(cannot be extinguished), he also has perfect accuracy when throwing knives or ninja stars

Saitama (from anime series, One Punch Man)
Able to travel at extreme speed. Can make an enemy explode with one punch.

Anime would beat cartoon in a war anytime, anywhere, any day.

This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by AsianHarryPootis 2 years ago
to be completely honest there is no way that american cartoons can match anime at all. to argue strength wise, one punch man and goku make up that category, not to mention insta kills like death note. intelligence has no boundaries here due to the fact that there are so many overpowered people in anime. a lot of the anime genre derives enjoyment of seeing pure overpowered crap because its fun to see someone get absolutely obliterated underestimating someone. truly even superpowers have their limits due to the several power taking characters out there as well as many with the power to destroy worlds. marvel does have many characters with similar powers but none of them have been turned into cartoons as of now. not really an argument anime is too op.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
I know a reason why an American Cartoon Character would probably win.
Posted by Natsu145 2 years ago
"Anime IS a 'cartoon', or a genre of animated series. The only difference is that anime is japanese. This debate is not do-able since it's the fight between two same things. You need to specify an anime series (example: Naruto) vs another non-anime series (example: Powerpuff girls) and then debate about which is better. The term 'cartoon' is very vague."

Technically, anime is a cartoon. But as you specified the only difference is that it's japanese. Also, the pro doesn't necessarily have to specify an anime series. Since he did say,it was a all out total war between the two. So this means that all anime series and cartoon series are going to be fighting against each other. Oh yah, by the way, the term "cartoon" the pro used is pretty used for must western, animated TV shows. Now I don't know if this includes adult cartoons like the Simpsons or futurama. I'm just going to assume that the pro is including those as well.
Posted by Omnimpotent 2 years ago
Anime IS a 'cartoon', or a genre of animated series. The only difference is that anime is japanese. This debate is not do-able since it's the fight between two same things. You need to specify an anime series (example: Naruto) vs another non-anime series (example: Powerpuff girls) and then debate about which is better. The term 'cartoon' is very vague.
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