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Anti-Vaxxers are actually beneficial to the whole human race.

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Started: 5/3/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 2 weeks ago Status: Voting Period
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I am not an anti-vaxxer, but I think that anti-vaxxers are actually beneficial to the human race as a whole. What they are doing and what they stand for will have very positive consequences. Please respond ASAP. You have 9,000 characters or less in which to prove otherwise. Good luck.


The effects of anti vaxxers on society is a beacon for infections and illnesses, it is not only dangerous for them to not immunise or prepare their body for a viral infection but it can have consequences on people in their entourage might catch a virus, even if they are vaccinated. The effect of the infection would be somewhat stopped by the vaccine. The concern here is not for the vaccinated person it is for the person who has not recieved the vaccine, because vaccinated people can still carry the virus and infect those who are not. Anti-vaxxers believe in negative effects of vaccines, there are however none, to a certain extent, except pain from the needle and tiredness as a result of your bodies immunitary reaction.
Debate Round No. 1


Ah-HA, sir. This whole thing has been a devious experiment, and you reacted- just as I thought you would. This is, in actuality, a trick debate. You might notice that I never said anti-vaxxers were correct, or that vaccines were bad. I don't believe either one of those stupid myths. Here's how anti-vaxxers can benefit the whole human race:

Anti-vaxxers don't get vaccines, so they get a disease and die, so there aren't any more anti-vaxxers left!

Isn't that beneficial to the whole human race? You can't say it isn't. I do believe I've won, sir.


Yes this is true, the fewer anti vaxxers we have the better off the human race is. The issue prevails however that they, during their lives, however short they may be, are a danger to those who chose to vaccinate themselves. So in that respect they are an issue. I will give you the victory. I am myself very cynic and wish that anti vaxxers would die out.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by frankfurter50 2 weeks ago
I believe in the full eradication of ignorance. If all people who refuse to get vaccines die, then they'll be gone and nobody will ever be stupid about vaccines again. And people who don't want to catch a disease just won't go around the idiots.
Posted by Amphia 2 weeks ago
Anti-vaxxers just pass on their beliefs to their children which keeps the vicious cycle going. That's bad.

Also, letting people die of disease won't benefit the human race through some stupid form of survival of the fittest. A couple hundred people dying from some disease they didn't treat for whatever reason, won't somehow make the 7 billion population of humans in this world smarter. There will always be uneducated people. Just dumb.
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