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Anti-aging science will lead to unsustainable population growth.

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Started: 12/17/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In just recent years, anti-aging science has come a long way. There are anti-aging treatments that are going into, or are already in human trials.
It honestly wouldn't be surprising if just within a decade the average life expectancy shot up from 80 to 150, and that's only with treatments that could be available, like I said, only a decade from now. Another decade or two after that, the life expectancy could be 200, 300, maybe even 500. This raises a question though. Can the world support a population that ages incredibly slowly, if at all? The main problem is food and power. Lab grown meat is going to be available for consumers very soon and genetic modification will more than likely become a bigger thing than it is now, producing plants that survive better, produce more, last longer, and have more nutrients. There's also fusion power being worked on, and if it's successful, it could provide TONS of clean power. But I don't know if all of those things will be able to support a population that could be well above 20 billion by 2050.

A few things to consider:

If people don't age, they don't become infertile or lose sex drive meaning 70 year old's could be having just as many kids as 25 year old's.

The amount of people dying from infections and conditions would also decrease because, if people don't age, their immune systems don't become weaker, and people are less likely to have heart attacks, strokes, dementia and other conditions that are caused in part by age.

Overall medical technology is increasing. Things that might be considered a death sentence today, for example, severe brain damage, severe cancer, many genetic illnesses, etc, might be treatable in the future.

Obesity might be extremely rare in the future. There is a skinny pill already in the works. If you take it, you can eat much more without getting fat. Obesity kills, but if it doesn't exist, it won't be killing anyone.


In short, people will have less children.
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