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Any Rap Battle You Choose

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Started: 12/14/2015 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My opponent can choose who raps against who. My only rules are these:

1. First round acceptance only
3.No religious verses

Any failure to abide to these rules will result in auto win for me.



I've never accepted a challenge for rapeople's but I'm so down for it. And on top of that we shouldnt have a theme we should just wing it.
Debate Round No. 1


sure, I don't suppose why not
lets see what we both got
I mean, usually i have a reason for rapping on the spot
Now i guess i'm not
i don't know if I should diss or not
I don't want to make my opponent feel as little as a dot
You know what I mean?
Theres plenty of raps I've seen
where the contest gets so mean
spitting at each other like they just ate a bad bean
making everyone watching feel green
making them sick at the fact that they not keeping it clean
I know my rhymes are getting a little boring now
But i'm just trying to figure out how
we can do this now
without it getting ugly, and one of us getting shot, POW!
we should just worry about the rhymes, not the dissing, and keeping it clean
cuz you never know, you know what i mean?


So das'how it is? Is dat all you got?
4 rounds a'dis? pff...Imma be o'ma yacht.
As little as a dot???
Brotha, I get honeys on da spot!
I'm a dreadnought of love,
somethin' I be but you NOT!
Imma put you in yo'place
with a Times 2 buck shot
Think I'm playin?...
Ask the brotha with the blood clot!
To the day I was hot
In 72' I jabbed the Legend in his spot
But he be so chapped, he called out "cheap shot!"
I still won d'match cuz I knew his weak spot.
The game is over.
I chant my victory, you know I don't sing.
And now...
There be whole new legend
My name was a myth,
And now I'm unquestioned.
Like the Lord of the Sith
Im a blacksmith with words
So call me Mr.Wordsmith
I don't plea the 5th..I wrote the 1st to the 5th!! #ROYALTY
My Kingdom's vast, my vocab is the same
Im King of this sky, the seas, this plain
But I won't become nothin....CUZ I ALREADY BECAME!
I became the King through my red bloodline...
The bloodline's a line, cuz I spilled it in a line!
So, my brotha.....u wanna be in my bloodline?
Debate Round No. 2


So its gonna be like that?
ok,i take it all back!
By the end of this,you'll be flat on your back
Your skull bashed in by the head of my baseball bat
you'll be walked over like a mat
and go splat
all i need's a nice whack
to end this track
your guns are nothing to the fire I spit
Im like a dragon, your like a knight's squire without a wit
you say the game's over, but I haven't even begun to play
I'll make sure you'll have the ultimate price to pay
You say your a legend? You say your a myth?
Your legacy will be buried by dirt and sh*t
What's this talk about bloodlines and this
Mr.Wordsmith? More like Mr. Wordsh*t!
Your kingdom never was
never gonna be
So you should probably stop
this living fantasy
Your time is over, don't you hear the clock go clang?
I can see your scared, so I won't shoot you...BANG! (lolz)


Peasant talk...yea, I'm used to that
But let's face the facts
And cut the chitchat.

I rule you, bro
Whether you like it or not
If you wake the Beast
Then face the onslaught.

I command the men that are loyal to me
They serve me forever, not temporarily.
10,000 Immortals
And a Divine Cavalry
I'm the King of Persia, fool
Not some silly wannabe!

I own all lands
Beyond the Horizon,
I own Zeus and Hades,
and their brotha Poseidon.

They bow to my shadow
They're the dust beneath my feet
They quiver at my strength
I'm the King they can't defeat.

Zeus of the Sky
Hades of the Deep
Poseidon of Sea
Is there a god I cannot beat?

Bullet in the chamber,
Rifle loaded up
Finger on the trigger...
So bye bye buttercup
Debate Round No. 3


Zeus? Hades? Poseidon?
I'm in control of Kronos
of which those gods he eats!
Your the king of Persia?
I'm the king of Sparta!
Ten million vs 300
And we still ripped apart ya!
All we need is our shields
And a vision of stife
And we shatter the army
Of this half naked dyke!
A man named Xerses with the claims of a god?
Then how come he lost almost every fight that he fought
Against a boss
Your kingdom won't save you now
Against a man with the dream of taking you down
To the ground
And if you need a reminder of who blew apart ya
Remember your mistake... THIS IS SPARTA!!!


persianimmortal forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by yomama12 2 years ago
keep on raping!
thats ok,
Posted by persianimmortal 2 years ago
Oh mann listen I was totally preparing for my next semester and didn't have time for the response but good rap battling with you and I hope to do another one soon :))
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