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Apple (Iphone) is better then android

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Started: 12/9/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I have been an android user for several years. I used ti believe that the samsung Galaxy was the besr phone out their. The Iphone cost more, but in return, you get far better security and privacy.


Hey cowboy, dont add arguments too fast. Android is no doubt better than ios. Ios is too complicated. Android gives the user to have full freedom with the device(ROOT) plus you cant get emulation on ios. But you can on android. What I mean is, You can play a ton of other non android games through emulators. But incase of ios, you need a jailbreak device for it. Moreover, On android, you can change the by-default keypad or many other widgets and replace them by your choice. But on ios, thats not possible. You get a variety of models and devices showcasing android OS for example like samsung, HTC, etc.
Debate Round No. 1


You don"t have to have an android phone to enjoy emulation. I have all the classic Emulators on my PC. I can play NES, SNES, GBA, Game Gear, Turbo Graphics 16, PS1, and the PS2 on my PC. Why would I want to play my favorite classics on a tiny phone?; When I can play these emulators on my 42 inch TV. I can even use my Nes, Snes, Sega controller. You can also modify your wii, so that you can play Nes, Snes, GBA, Game Gear, N64, and run many emulators as well. You can even hack your PSP, DS, or 3Ds, so that you can play these games on the go.

You claim that the Iphone is to complicated and is not user friendly; If this is true, then why do my parents find the Iphone easy to use? My mom and dad are computer illiterate and they have no problem using the Iphone. I have another question for you; Why do a lot of android users have an IPad? The IPad is exactly identical to the IPhone. The only difference between the IPad and IPhone is that the IPad is bigger, faster, and more powerful then the IPhone. If users can use an IPad, then they can also use an IPhone.

People that use the IPhone and IPad don't have to worry about viruses or other types of malware. The IPhone only has a few viruses that have been spotted in the wild. If you don't jail break the IPhone or IPad, then your only looking at 2 to 5 viruses that have been spotted in the wild. If your using android, then it doesn't matter, you can still get malware. A lot of malware can even root your phone. If an app on the IPhone does get infected, it is isolated. All the apps run in the sandbox and have limited privileges. Apps also cannot speak to other apps. If an app gets infected on your android phone, it can talk to other apps and get them infected as well. I once had an app that got infected, I denied all the permissions that the app requested, then cut off all network access to that app. I then deleted the app. The malware didn't spread to my other apps. If I was using android, the malware would have spread to my other apps and even gained root access. Apple also protects all their hardware and firmware with the latest encryption. This protects you, so that a hacker can't run custom firmware and modify the system bios. The IPhone protects all their hardware including the memory. The IPhone also uses the latest Bluetooth security so that it's not easy to hack you via Bluetooth.

The IPhone is quick to release security patches and updates, if a vulnerability or backdoor is discovered, Apple is quick to release an update. Android is very slow to release updates and security updates. When I had the note 3, I only received 3 (OS) in 2-3 years. I receive at least 2-3 updates every month on both my IPad and IPhone. Apple also support their products for 3 to 5 years. If you have android, u need to buy the latest product.

Apple Store VS Google Play:
The Google Play has a bigger library of apps to choose from and most of these apps are free of charge. Most people think Google play is better because of all the free stuff you can download from the Google play store. These free apps aren't really free. Have you ever heard the saying, "theirs no such thing as a free lunch." The point I'm trying to make, Google can give you all these apps for free because they make all their money on ads and advertising. When you download Apps from the Google Play store you have to agree to all the permissions that come with these apps. Most of these permissions put your security and privacy at risk. Google does not give you a choice in the matter, it's a take it or leave it deal. Some permissions can be turned off, but most cannot. You can download any app on your iPhone and IPad and don't have to worry about agreeing to any permissions. If an app requires a permission, you receive an alert right away. If an app is collecting, analyzing data, or doing something it shouldn't be, then you are alerted. If a website or google want your location, You are alerted, if you say no, then the website can't get your location. Most apps in the Google play store make you agree to dangrous permissions that put your security and privacy at risk. Apps don't need to use your mic, modify contacts, modify system settings, access boatload ear, call people, send text messages, or anything like that.

Google has a hard time keeping the Google Play store free of malware. When you download an app from the Google play store, you shouldn't have to worry about downloading an infected app. Dress code has infected 400-500 apps. This isn't the first time that malware has targeted the Google Play store. The Trojanized Malware infected thousands of apps. This malware roots your phone and survives reformat. Google removes them, but not before they have already infected thousands of users. This rarely happens with the Apple Store. Apple has very strict guide lines and policy's that app developers must follow. Apps are then throughly analyzed for any malicious activity. I would also like to point out that humans analyze the apps, not just some antivirus. Google does not have humans analyzed their apps, they are scanned with an antivirus. Google also allows the NSA to infect their apps; hackers can use these backdoor a as well.

If a device or hacker try's to pair to your phone via Bluetooth, you are alerted right away. If you are using a public wifi that is not secure, receive an alert. If someone is trying to hack in your IPhone and guess what your password is; Not only do you receive an alert, Apple suggest you Change your passcode. The IPhone also has a setting that will wipe your device after 10 failed attempts. This prevents any type of Bruce force attack on your IPhone.

IPhone touch scanner VS android scanner: The IPhone scanner is more secure then android fingerprint reader. Apples Touch ID does not store images of your finger prints, only a mathematical equation representing your finger print. Apple doesn't even have access to your finger print data. The IPhone also requires your password after every reboot, every 48 hours, and after five missed tries. Many vulnerabilities have already been discovered and only the new Samsung finger print readers are affected.

Battery life: The IPhone battery last a lot longer and at least they don't explode. A lot lot of crapware comes bundled with android phones, this drains your battery even faster. Apps also continue to run in the back even if your not using them. This also drains your battery faster.

Instead off relying on the useless antivirus programs that Google allowed you to download, this is how IPhone protects your security and privacy. List:

Apps can at talk to other Apps
Apps have to request permission for everything
Works hard to keep the Google play store free of malware
Is quick to release security patches and new OS vs
Supports products for 3 to 5 years
Aleta you if a Bluetooth device is trying to pair with your phone
All apps run in the sandbox.
Since all apps run in the sandbox, they don't have full network access
All firmware and hardware is protected with the latest encryption
iPhone finder makes it easy to find your phone if lost. it doesn't matter if the hacker resets and formats the IPhone
Syncs nicely with your IPad and other Apple products
Immune to most malware
Autorun malware won't infect an IPad
After 10 failed attempts of hacking into your device, everything is wiped clean
Apple never sells or collects any data unless you give them permission. Google sells, collects, and sells all your data and you have no say in the matter.
The screen is really hard to scratch and easy to clean
iPhone is hard to hack
Apps don't require any permissions. If an app needs to use the camera or location, the app must ask permission first

I don't have anything againsts android, it's Google I don't like. Google is running android into the ground. I thought the permissions were bad when I left android, now they are 10 times worse. I am glad I switched and I am happy to pay a little more.
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Debate Round No. 3
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