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Apple iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Started: 1/1/2013 Category: Technology
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I am glad to have this debate! I am on the Galaxy Note side. Anyone is free to join this debate on the 2 new smartphones.



You didn't say I couldn't so I'll start arguing now.

Let's get the facts out of the way:

Note 2 has 2 GB RAM, an 8 MP camera, 16 GB of ROM, and a quad core processor. There is a removable battery and space for a Micro SD drive. The screen is 5.5 inches.
iPhone 5 has 1 GB RAM, an 8 MP camera, up to 64 GB ROM, and a dual core processor with quad core graphics. There is no removable battery, no Micro SD drive, and a 4 inch screen.

Just from that, logic would tell you that the Note 2 is slightly better in some areas with ties in other areas. I disagree with that.

Flaw 1: Screen
The screen on a Note II is acceptable at best for the majority of cell phone users. A screen of that size is unwieldy, unlikely to fit in pockets, and downright ridiculous for a device that has the main purpose of operating as a communication device. In addition to this, the majority of consumers declare the screen is the worst asset of the phone, because it scratches so easily in comparison to that of the iPhone 5. An iPhone in comparison has a reasonably sized screen that is less likely to scratch or shatter. A shattered iPhone 5 can still be used, by the way. A shattered Note II usually needs to be replaced.

Flaw 2: Cases
The selection of readily available cases for the iPhone easily trumps that of any other phone due to its unique shape. Usually, the only case a person can find while purchasing a Note II is the crappy flip case that does nothing to protect the phone if dropped. A case can always be bought online, but that would either lengthen the time between now and buying a new smartphone, or would bring the risk that one might drop the phone before the case arrives. Again, iPhone emerges the winner.

Flaw 3: App Storage
Samsung doesn't allow you to save apps to SD card anymore. The Note II to my knowledge does not come in 64 GB, so by buying a Note, you foreit some app storage that you would get easily with an iPhone 5.

Flaw 4: Personal assistant sucks
'Sucks' is not very academic language, and for that, I apologize, but sucks is the only way to adequately describe the assistant you get with Note II. Siri is superior in both functionality and voice recognition. I believe CNET actually said in their review of the S3 that S Voice disappointed as a con of the S3, and S3 and Note II have the same personal assistant. A very evident flaw.

Flaw 5: Google Play
Google Play is littered with malware. The App Store is perfectly clean. That peace of mind is priceless. And even if you are careful, you have to accept the fact that the App store get all the cool apps first.

Flaw 6: Updates
Updates are not dependent on carrier for the iPhone 5, and you can update the same phone a bunch of times without the need to buy a new phone. Android phones are lucky if they get from 4.0 to 4.1.

Flaw 7: Price
16GB iPhone 5: $199 16GB Note II: $299

In the light of these obvious flaws with the Note II, I believe that the additional 1 GB of RAM and removable battery
is not worth the above. The iPhone 5 is a better buy for the majority of the public, and they should go with Apple over Samsung for their next smartphone.
Debate Round No. 1


Neither device is perfect and there are definitely areas where the Galaxy Note 2 bests the iPhone 5 and vice-versa. Those that are considering both devices as their next smartphone will want to absorb these differences before deciding on one. I have many statements and reasons of why I believe the Note II is better than the iPhone 5.
As I read, you listed the specifications of both devices and have showed that the specs are better in most areas for the Note.

Flaw 1 - Video: The Note has better screen for video. Apple did increase the iPhone 5 to 4 inches (which was a significant improvement, by the way). However, the size of the iPhone 5 still doesn't beat watching content like movies, TV shows, and clips on a screen the size of the Note's. In fact, the screen is so big that multiple people can watch at the same time! The note would also be able to display more content, even though they both have 16:9 aspect ratio.

Flaw 2 - Multitasking: The Note 2 has the ability to do some VERY powerful multitasking. The phone features a mode called split screen multitasking which allows users to run multiple apps at the same time, a feature that is perfect for the Galaxy Note 2′s monstrous HD display. That means that users can fire up a web browser on one side of the screen while using Facebook or Twitter on the other size. And better yet, the Galaxy Note 2 is able to handle it all beautifully thanks to its 2GB of RAM and quad-core processor. The iPhone 5 is unfortunately, not able to handle such a task. In addition, the Galaxy Note 2 employs a feature called Popup Video which allows users to open a video, move it anywhere on the screen, and then open up other applications while the video floats on the screen, playing as usual.

Flaw 3 - Maps: With iOS 6, Apple got rid of Google Maps and replaced it with its own Maps application. The application was widely panned by critics and users alike and Apple has promised to fix things in the days ahead. Unfortunately, for iPhone 5 users, there is currently no standalone Google Maps application. For Galaxy Note 2 owners, a powerful Google Maps application will be available right out of the box. One that brings a host of features including native public transit directions, bike routes, accurate turn by turn directions, beautiful 3D buildings, Street View and of course, detailed traffic for those rely on the map to commute. Google is rumored to be working on a standalone Google Maps application for iOS but at this point, it remains unreleased and its features remain unclear.

Flaw 4 - NFC: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will come equipped with Near-Field Communication support, a feature widely termed as NFC. NFC will make the Galaxy Note 2 useful in two different arenas: sharing and paying for things. The Galaxy Note 2 will come with a NFC-supported feature called S-Beam which allows users to simply tap their Galaxy Note 2 devices together to share larger files, S-Notes " notes taken with the Galaxy Note 2′s unique note taking app, and documents. NFC will also allow users to use their Galaxy Note 2 to pay for items in supported locations using the service Google Wallet. At PayPass locations, you"ll simply be able to hold up your Galaxy Note 2 to a card reader and pay for goods. As of yet, the NFC support does not come native to the iPhone, including the iPhone 5.

Flaw 5 - Storage: With Samsung offering the Galaxy Note 2 in three storage sizes, combined with a microSD card slot, the Galaxy Note 2 will offer more storage space than the iPhone 5. Apple"s iPhone 5 is offered with the same 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models as the Galaxy Note 2 but with microSD card support, the Galaxy Note 2 can be expanded to hold up to 128GB of content. With app sizes becoming progressively larger and more and more content being made available for mobile, storage space is precious and the Galaxy Note 2 allows owners to really revel in storage luxury.

Flaw 6 - Home Screen: One of the benefits of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right off the bat is that the home screen is better than ever. With widgets that automatically re-size themselves, smart built-in widgets for things like Gmail and YouTube, and amazingly useful expanded Notifications. What"s more is that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean makes home screen transitions smoother than ever. The shear amount of customization that the Galaxy Note 2′s home screen trumps the more static iPhone 5 home screen which allows for little wiggle room as far as customization is concerned.

Flaw 7 - Keyboard: If you hate the iPhone 5′s virtual keyboard, too bad, you"re going to be stuck with it. That"s because there are no other virtual keyboard options available for the iPhone 5. So if the iOS 6 keyboard is not your cup of tea, you"re out of luck. With the Galaxy Note 2, you"ll presumably have an assortment of options to choose from on the Google Play Store. Keyboards like SwiftKey 3 are available should the stock keyboard found in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean not be adequate.

Flaw 8 - S Pen: Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes armed with an S-Pen that is much improved and features a number of different features that make the Galaxy Note 2 a productivity beast. Featuring a new ergonomic design, the S-Pen allows Galaxy Note 2 users to draw and write directly on the screen. Sure, there are styli for the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 5 doesn"t feature software that fully harnesses the accessory. The Galaxy Note 2 features an S-Pen holder where users can store their stylus. Once the stylus is pulled out, it opens up an S Pen menu automatically where users will find all of the useful Galaxy Note 2 S-Pen apps. The new S-Pen allows you to do familiar things like crop images and text, but it also brings some powerful applications to the table including Air View which allows users to hover over things like calendar, email or images to get a preview without having to open them, Quick Command which allows users to easily activate services using custom S-Pen strokes and Idea Sketch which provides illustrations that match handwritten words.

As you can see, the Note II has many features that override the iPhone. Both are tied in some spots, but the Note is much more capable. Also, in a survey, many smartphone users said that they recommend Android 4.1 over the iOS 6.

Mills, A. (2012, October 17). Retrieved on January 2, 2013, from

Good Luck!


1. Video: Screen is too large, again. The Note has inferior pixel density too.

2. Multitasking: With an iPhone, multiple programs can run at the same time without slowing you down. With a Note, the software is constructed in such a fashion that running two apps at once is pretty much the maximum if the activities are memory intensive. This is a matter of opinion, but running one app on screen at a time, plus seven other apps offscreen outdoes running two apps on screen at once.

3. Maps: Apple Maps is getting better, and your claim that Google Maps is not released yet as a standalone is utterly untrue:

4. NFC doesn't work half the damn time, especially with a (very necessary) case on. Passport comes pre-installed on iPhone 5, and works better the majority of the time, especially because it uses the screen rather than a burried chip.

5. I literally have never seen a Note larger than 16GB on Sprint, so that really sucks for Sprint users. iPhones come in 64GB on all networks. The Cloud is superior to Micro SD by the way, in terms of storage capacity and in functionality.

6. Home screen: This is pure preference, but most people find an iPhone easier to use.

7. Voice to text software is superior on an iPhone, so if you don't like the keyboard, you can just dictate. This is not an advantage for the Note II.

8. I consede that the S Pen is unmatched in the iPhone, but the consumer must decide if that feature is worth $100. I don't believe it is.

Good luck,
Debate Round No. 2


1. Currently, the Note 2 only has 16 GB from all carriers, but Samsung has said repeatedly that the Note is going to come out with 32 GB and 64 GB, which would match the iPhone 5's capacities, along with the microSD card function. Also, the Note 2 64 GB actually is released in South Korea: . So, that statement is completely false.

2. You said that the multitasking is "constructed in such a fashion that running two apps at once is pretty much the maximum if the activities are memory intensive." This, however, isn't true, because majority of the time the apps won't be so hardcore. If this is the case, then wouldn't it be the same on the iPhone 5?

3. Yes, Google Maps is on iOS 6, I just realized that...

4. About your NFC statement, that is false. It is used alot by most Android users. See this:

5. Hopefully you saw the video with the Korean guy showing how he got the Note 2 in 64 GB.

6. I agree that the iPhone screen is easier to use, but the new Jellybean on the Note 2 is MUCH more customizable! You can even change the sizes of the widgets!

7. The iPhone 5 uses "Siri" as it's personal assistant. Most of the time, it gives stupid answers, or no answer at all. It is very hard to use Siri if you are a foreign person (meaning that it's useful for Americans only). Check this out: and . Also, Android has something similar to this on Google Play called Iris and also SkyVi.

8. The S Pen is a pretty nice feature, as it combines the tablet with the smartphone...

As you said earlier about the size of the phone, you should read this:

As you can see from all of my info and reasoning, I strongly believe the Note 2 is more enjoyable and better than Apple's iPhone 5.


1. I never said anything to the contrary of the Note II not being only 16GB in America, where I live.

2. An iPhone can handle more things at once because of its software. Yes, most apps are not that intensive, but I can run far more things at once on an iPhone than a Note II, just from personal experience.

3. I'm right.

4. The video doesn't show the phone with a case on. Show me someone who can use NFC with an Otterbox Defender on, and I'll be satisfied.

5. Not available in USA

6. Dead heat here, It is nice to be able to customize, but ease of use will matter more for the majority of users.

7. Good point, but it is better a recognizing speech than the S Voice App, which is the real comparison here.

8. I just can't justify the S Pen being worth an additional 100 dollars.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by nishant.modi 5 years ago
Good to see it here.
mobi ritz
Posted by ockcatdaddy 5 years ago
where did you get your facts con because the iphone5 has a way bigger screen than 4 inches
Posted by M4sterDeb8er 5 years ago
Love my Galaxy S3 by the way.
Posted by cmoisabeast 5 years ago
if you like icloud, itunes, imessage and every amazing feature that comes with the iphone 5 then get that. I have the iphone 5 mainly because i have hours of entertainment on Itunes and i have 8 movies, 2000 songs, and more. If i did not have all that stuff on itunes then i would look at the galaxy note 2 but since i have so much stuff on Itunes i kind of have to get the iphone.
Posted by debator1 5 years ago
Good debate....
Posted by debator1 5 years ago
Thank you for being honest
Posted by M4sterDeb8er 5 years ago
I agree with you, just so you know I'm not a moron. I just wanted to challenge myself a little with this one.
Posted by tmar19652 5 years ago
Dude, this is already happening.
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