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Apple is superior than Microsoft.

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Started: 5/14/2015 Category: Technology
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Hello, and welcome to this debate.

I will for once prove that Apple's technology is highly superior than Microsoft's.
There will be four rounds in this debate.

I, PsychoScientist, am a student, and I use a MacBook Pro, for my work. I have indeed knowledge of debating between these rival companies, for I have used both Microsoft and Apple.


I accept. I will wait for Pro to start his arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting my debate, and I wish we learn something from this debate.

Apple is Better than Microsoft in Management.

We will start, with an unexpected beginning. Did you know, that Apple is now worth much more than Microsoft? Apple is worth 310B and Microsoft is worth 244B, although many people know this, it is necessary for it to be shown in this argument. Microsoft spent an incredibly high amount of money trying to grow their company. Right now, Apple is making decisions helping the company grow, while Microsoft isn't. Microsoft is spending its money very desperately. Microsoft spent incredibly high amounts of money, on their efforts to defend their computer product business.

I'd laugh at the "good work" of Microsoft at this moment. Considering how much companies use Microsoft's network such as: Dell, Toshiba, and Samsung. Apple designs their own computers, phones, and networks. Knowing this, Apple is still worth much more money than Microsoft, considering all of the companies who use their network.

Apple is Better than Microsoft for Work

Apple provides free working tools, such as: Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. While in the other hand Microsoft Office costs about $99.00 per-year subscription, they also take time to learn. Pages is superior than Word and Publisher, for starters, its much better designed and its much easier to reach what you want to do in your document, with many templates that are better than the ones shown in Publisher and Word. Keynote and PowerPoint, Keynote like pages is very well designed, but other than that, Keynote and PowerPoint are very related, only that PowerPoint is costly and Keynote is much easier to use, and Keynote is free of cost.

Apple is Better than Microsoft in Computers

Apple's computers are much better quality than Microsoft. For example, a MacBook Pro is estimated to last about 5-6 years if its well cared. Microsoft's computers, are made to damage themselves, so you would have to buy another one.
Apple's computers like MacBook Air's battery can last 12hrs or more, while Microsoft computers last about 3-4 hours of battery life.

Vote for Pro!


I thank my opponent for this debate

I shall start of with my rebutalls.

Apple is better than Microsoft in Management

Pro claims that Microsoft spends alot of money on trying to grow their company, and it is spending its money desperately. So, I ask Pro to provide sources that claim such a thing. Also, keep in mind back in 1997 when Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy, it was Microsoft who invested in them to help them out. So If Apple is a big company today, It has to owe it to Microsoft

Also, just because companies use Microsoft's technologies, doesn't mean that it isn't good work. All it proves is that companies depend on what Microsoft does to get "real" work done. If Apple stopped selling its iPhone, people would just move on to Android. The same can't be said for Microsoft, because many applications and softwares, only run Windows, and considering many Enterprises use it, it would make a huge impact even in something as big as a country's economy.

Apple is Better than Microsoft for Work

This argument is highly subjective. Pro claims that Pages is superior to Word and Publisher, because its much better designed and its much easier to reach what you want to do in your document, with many templates that are better than the ones shown in Publisher and Word. Well, If that were the case it doesn't explain why Office for Mac is more popular than the iWork suite. In the source I show you, not even 1% of that market uses iWork, so if it really was easier people would buy that over Office for Mac.

Apple is Better than Microsoft in Computers

This argument is already incorrect from the beggining. Microsoft doesn't make computers (Surface is an exception). It only makes the software, and companies like Dell, Lenovo and HP make the computers themselves. So, if a company makes a low quality build of a PC, it is not Microsoft's fault. But still, many companies do make high end machines that are comparable to Macbooks. Lenovo T-450s has a battery life of 17 hours, which easily will beat out any laptop Apple makes. Also, how long the machine lasts depends on how well you take care of it. You can easily get a PC to last 8-9 years if you don't get viruses and such.

Why Microsoft is superior


The Windows world is a feast of free- and shareware, free downloads that do just about anything. On the Mac side you have to change the settings to install anything that isn't approved by Apple itself. It means the software all works well, but the choice is limited.


Do you really need a shiny and thin laptop to get work done? if you needed to type a word document you would need to buy a $1000 Mac to accomplish that, while you could buy a $200 laptop, and do the exact same thing.

Xbox and PC gaming

Microsoft is seriously the company to go with if you plan on gaming. With Xbox, the newest titles come out, and you can experience them with 60 FPS and 1080 p resolution. If you want to take your game further, you can build your own PC, and play games in 4k. Also the price to build that, is around the same price as getting a Macbook Pro. For gaming on Mac, often you have to wait longer than the release date for PC, and it usually is just a ported version of the game, meaning the gaming experience will be different.

All my other points, I already mentioned in my rebutalls.

Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has proven effective in the rebuttal of my first argument. I shall refute my opponent's arguments, with effective facts.

Apple is better than Microsoft in Management

Apple is better than Microsoft, because Apple focuses on the future, putting all investments into its future products, while Microsoft it focused in the past trying to recapture their glory and defending their historical business. The problem is that Microsoft keeps being focused on their past and can't get over it, that is why they are right now struggling with growth. Apple always keeps looking into the future, and focusing on their growth. Have you ever wondered why apple's computers are worth more than a thousand dollars? Well, that is because Apple is showing all the investments they are putting into there products.


Apple is better than Microsoft for Work

Starting off, my opponent did not exactly refute my argument, but said a completely unnecessary argument about their reputation and how many people use it. Ill write about the simplicity. Apples iWork, I can say according to my source, that it has about 10-15 icons, Office may have more than 100 icons. Apple provides simplicity on iWork making it easier to reach each and every action you take to modify your document in just 3 clicks. Office I'd say with PowerPoint and Excel it would be difficult to reach actions for a document and would most probably need to ask someone how to do it, or simply educating yourself about it.


Apple is better than Microsoft in Computers

To start off, Ill begin with that Apple gets much fewer viruses than Microsoft computers, because of many reasons. For example: Apple provides many free updates, while Microsoft lacks updates making it easier for people to manipulate and create viruses compatible to the update, also many of Microsoft's updates require paying money (Exception of Windows 8). Also many tools used to create viruses, are created my Microsoft themselves.


Now my rebuttals to: Why Microsoft is Superior


"Windows' World is a feast of free- and shareware, free downloads that do just about anything".

This phrase is just about incorrect. If it really is a "feast of free- and shareware" then explain why almost every update of Microsoft has to be paid for? And what about the work tools that cost about a $99 dollar subscription per-year? Also question to my opponent, does Microsoft Windows shop have as many applications as the App Store? Example, Octagon can be easily downloaded from the App Store, in a Windows computer, "Oh don't worry, Ill just Google it". Although it is true that the choice is limited, and the adjustments of the settings, but it is indeed a lot safer, also its one of the reasons why Microsoft is so full of malware you can install for a Virus for your computer.


My opponent forgets that Apples computers always have something new, that you can't do at another computer. They are costly, about $1000 dollars. For example, a computer of $200, can't reach wireless internet as far as 50-100ft far like most Macs do. With a Macbook Pro ($1200) and a Toshiba ($400). Macbook Pro's can reach about 150 fps in Minecraft and in other games, without any programs to boost it, a Toshiba with Razer Game Booster and all the video setting lowered.

Xbox and PC Gaming

My opponent stands correctly in this argument, but there are some things I shall address.

"For gaming on Mac, often you have to wait longer than the release date for PC."

That phrase isn't exactly something you could say for Gaming because it doesn't depend on the Computers, its about the creators, the games have to be configured to be played in both networks, mostly they are made and configured for PC. You can't say that, in this argument because its a useless phrase.

"You can experience them with 60 FPS and 1080p resolution."

That you can also do on Macs, not only on Windows, it just depends in what computer you buy, I expect them both to be more than $1000. With a Macbook Pro (Mid 2012) I can experience 60 FPS and 1080p on retina display.


Thank you Pro for the reply.

On to my rebutalls

R1: Apple is better than Microsoft in Management

Pro claims that Apple is better, because it focuses on the future. I'll wait for Pro to explain how Apple does that. I can prove Microsoft isn't doing that anymore, because their former focus was to just sell software. Now they sell the Surface Tablet, and they made their software just an annual update. Also, Apples computers are expensive, simply because they use quality material. Which is why some ultrabooks are the same price. The difference however, is with Ultrabooks you get better specs. Your source is outdated, because all these changes happened after they released WIndows 8 (2012).

R2: Apple is better than Microsoft for work

Actually, I did refute your argument. If it were simple, and free, it doesn't correlate to why more people still choose Office for Mac over iWork. Also, another big one is file format. Since using Office is the norm, companies wont be able to switch, because iWork is only avalible on Mac. Unlike Office, which is avaliable on both platforms.

R3: Apple is better than Microsoft in Computers

Before I start, the argument should be software, not computers. Pro says Apple gets fever viruses because it provides free updates. Updates in general don't have anything to do with viruses. Only security updates do, and Microsoft gives them daily free of charge. Also, I ask Pro to give sources that prove Microsoft creates viruses. Also your source backfired on you. "It says as Apple Macintosh computers gain market share and are used by more people, virus infections are becoming more common than they used to be."

R4: Software

Pro says that every update of Microsoft has to be paid for. This is completely false, because Windows 8.1 was a free update. Also, Office 365 isn't the only option. You can always buy it all at once. Also, to answer your question, you should keep in mind, that the App Store was released on July 10, 2008, whereas the Windows Store was released February 29, 2012. Keep in mind, however this is only for the touch oriented apps. If I compared the legacy apps (4 million) to the app store Apps (1.5 million) it is much greater. Keep in mind, the legacy app count was estimated by ex-CEO Steve Balmer in 2010. The number likely changed. Also, "googling it" doesn't take alot of effort. Pro is saying overall Mac is safer, but I argue that it limits options in creating software. Also, for somebody like a computer programmer, he can't do anything in Mac, because he needs to become an offical developer, which costs $99 a year. In windows, he is free to just make the program, and he can make money. Your last sentence, I explained earlier. If you are careful, you don't have to worry about viruses.

R5: Value

Pro's arguments about Apple Computers having something new also applies to PC Makers. Also, Pro needs to prove that a $200 laptop can't connect from 100 ft. Pro's arguing regarding gaming is already unfair. He is comparing a $1200 laptop to a $400 laptop. If I bump up the price tag to 800 dollars, I can play Minecraft at a high FPS also. And, Pro please provide sources that say Minecraft runs at 150 fps on a $1200 mac. Keep in mind, it can't include the 15 inch Macbook Pro, because that costs more that $1200.

R6: Xbox and PC gaming.

Pro already says, "the games have to be configured to be played in both networks, mostly they are made and configured for PC." In other words, gaming are generally designed for PC. Games for macs aren't natively developed for the platform, companies hire guys like Aspyr to port the game to the mac platform. Also, I should have been more clear on my 2nd argument. I meant to talk about high end games like Battlefield 4, Metro Last Light. A Macbook Pro cannot, handle that at ultra settings., because the Intel graphics chip isn't powerful enough. With a laptop like the Y50, I can get the standard of 30 to 40 fps on ultra settings, which is also at 1920x1080

Debate Round No. 3


PsychoScientist forfeited this round.


Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by silvanski 3 years ago
Oh it great, me and my friend have been arguing about this for years.
Posted by Brenden-Lawrence 3 years ago
I really like this argument. It's so much better to have a civilized debate rather than the usual, APPLE SUCKS, stuff without any real information on why that is.
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