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Applejack is Best Pony

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Started: 3/16/2013 Category: Entertainment
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<--- Look at this pony. Now look me in the eye and tell me that there is a cooler pony in all of Equestria.

RESOLVED: Applejack is best pony.


Definitions cannot be changed in this debate.

Applejack- As seen in the picture above, Applejack is one of the main six characters in the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

The present state of being, as opposed to was and will be.

Best Pony-
Best of all the pony characters on the show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic including Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns, and Alicorns.

My sources will consist mostly of episodes from the show.

Let's begin!

1. Always Puts Other Ponies' Interests First

Spike At Your Service: Applejack doesn't hesitate a second to save her friend Spike, even though she's only known him for about two years. In the same episode, she only cares that she saves himself even if that means leaving her behind, trapped and completely helpless against uber timberwolf.

Applebuck Season: Applejack, early on in the episode, saves Ponyville from a raging stampede. And they speak of this event as if it happens all the time. Applejack puts her life on the line in stampedes in order to save the town... all the time.

The Last Roundup: Applejack wants town hall to be repaired. For this to happen, she goes to a rodeo with hopes of winning so the prize money can go toward fixing it. When she doesn't win, instead of returning home, she takes up a job on a cherry farm in order to earn the money needed.

2. Has Her Morals Figured Out

Super Cider Squeezy 6000: When the Apple family enters a business competition with the Flim Flam brothers on who can make the most cider in a given amount of time, they choose not to sacrifice quality.

Consequently, they lose and have to leave town.

But, the Flim Flam brothers quickly go out of business because their cider sucks. The following is from the first letter Applejack had to write to Princess Celestia:

"Dear Princess Celestia, I wanted to share my thoughts with you. *Ahem*. I didn't learn anything! I was right the whole time!"

... thus becoming the first and only pony to have been right the whole time.

3. Super Strangth (spelled wrong for emphasis)

Fall Weather Friends: Rainbow Dash, the most athletic flier in Equestria, hits the bell on the strength test game. Applejack, breaks the flipping bell. For the most part of the original competition, she is ahead of Rainbow Dash. Until Rainbow cheats and starts using her wings.

Obviously, Applejack can't have wings or they would call her Chuck Norris.

A Last Word:

Even if you're not a brony, consider participating in this debate. It'll be a nice break from politics, no?

Good luck!


There is, in fact, at least one pony who is cooler than Applejack. 20% cooler in fact.

Oi, Rainbow! Wake up! We need you for this debate!

Thanks Rainbow, and thanks to my opponent for the opportunity to participate in one of the most important debates of our age. I'm not quite up to the "brony" level of devotion but I'm familiar enough with the show to understand that nopony is better than Rainbow Dash (aka RD, or Dashy). Rainbow has also kindly agreed to help me in my argument today, so I should be OK.

What makes a pony "best" is obviously a point of contention in this debate, but I'm more than happy to attempt to show the superiority of Dashy in every respect, and leave it to the voters to judge on the balance of probabilities.


Cares about others

So does RD. RD's "element" is loyalty, so from the very start she's been caring for her friends - as Twilight said in "Friendship is Magic Part 2", even over her "own heart's desire". Applejack's, meanwhile, is "honesty". While being honest to your friends is a means of caring about them, being loyal is perhaps far more important, because a loyal friend would only lie if they seriously believed it was in the other friend's best interests.

For example, RD basically becomes the town's resident superhero in the episode "Mysterious Mare Do-Well", she saved Applejack's life ("Wonderbolts Academy" - see the devotion on her face above? That's to save Applejack and the rest of her friends), and even simple gestures like how she helps Applejack blow up a barn in "Lesson Zero" or helps Applejack discover her destiny in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles".

Even in the episodes pro cites - in "Spike At Your Service" she helped Applejack with her Spike problem by smashing through a huge rock tower and learning to imitate the cry of a timberwolf, in "Applebuck Season" she helps AJ on the farm and she helps all of ponyville by being their stampede early warning system, and in "The Last Roundup" she is actually trying to repair the town hall while Applejack went away (only difficulty being that Derpy kept jumping on that thundercloud).


Applejack was not the first pony to not learn anything - Twilight did so in "Lesson Zero", which she repeated again in "Magic Duel" and "Magical Mystery Cure". Rainbow Dash also did this in "Wonderbolts Academy". However, Dashy is also not afraid to agree that she still has a lot to learn. That's not a sign of immorality but a sign of modesty - everypony has weaknesses and RD is always ready to learn another lesson. Applejack, however, has been shown to be quite stubborn about learning new lessons on several occasions, such as in "Applebuck Season" and "The Last Roundup". She was also the first of the ponies whom Discord was able to corrupt in "The Return of Harmony" - Rainbow Dash was second to last.

Super strength

While Applejack may be stronger with her hind quarters from years of apple bucking, Rainbow is a "world-class athlete" specializing in flying speed and agility. Rainbow is barely shown to actually work out her hooves at all, unlike Applejack who does it all the time, and yet she is still able to hold her own against Applejack in a fair competition (such as the running of the leaves which she ties with Applejack later in "Fall Weather Friends"). However, her wing strength is far greater - in "Hurricane Fluttershy" it is revealed that she has the greatest wingpower of all the pegasi. She is the only flier with the strength, stamina and speed to pull of the move named the "Sonic Rainboom" as was shown in the episode of the same name, and actually ended up saving the lives of the elite flying team "the Wonderbolts" in that episode.

My argument

She has a dream

Applejack dreams of selling more apples. Dashy dreams of flying with the Wonderbolts - even being their captain! The difference between them is that while Applejack is contented with what she's doing, Rainbow Dash will take risks and push herself to new heights. This has been shown on a number of episodes, but none more so than "At The Gala", where Rainbow Dash tried to hang out with the Wonderbolts, while Applejack tried to ... well, sell Apples. In fact, other than hanging with her friends, selling Apple-related products is pretty much the only reason the character of Applejack exists, a fact parodied by Sherclop Ponies in their popular "Friendship is Witchcraft" series by associating her with Dole corporation. Rainbow, however, pushes herself as more than just an athlete, from trying to be the best at acting ("Hearth's Warming Eve") to trying to be the best at writing fanfiction (as alluded to in "Spike At Your Service"). This drive is well explored in "Fall Weather Friends" where Rainbow Dash claims that she hates losing, while Applejack doesn't really mind.

This makes her better because, as the saying goes, you can't reach the moon unless you aim for the stars. It is apparent in the story that Applejack has little scope for character progression compared to Rainbow Dash.


I think that speaks for itself. Rainbow is consistent admired for her "coolness" on the show. In "Mysterious Mare Do-Well" it was established that even the other ponies worship her and have a little fan club dedicated to her. When she tells another pony what is cool and what is not, she always does it with conviction and authority. Among the feats of awesomeness (not strictly the same thing according to her, but anyway) she has completed are kicking a fully-grown dragon in the face, kicking through four large trees in one kick, "upgrading" a turtle so it could fly, pretty much adopting a crippled filly, helping stop rampaging dragons daily (in "Secret of my Excess" she said it was "All in a day's work"), bringing home the southern birds, and causing electric guitars to blaze pretty much whenever she appears on-screen.

In conclusion, Rainbow Dash is the best pony ever! I look forward to my opponent's rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 1


(Video goes with defense 2A)

I thank my opponent for accepting this challenge and wish him best of luck.

My opponent has chosen Rainbow Dash as a counterexample. Indeed a wise decision. Rainbow is definitely one of the most popular to the fanbase. But I won't go down without a fight. After all, I am an apple.

I apologize as I won't have as many fancy illustrations to show. It seems nothing I want to paste will go through as a picture. I'm probably just a tech noob. Anyway...

Defense Arguments:

1. Caring For Others:

A. Honesty v. Loyalty: My opponent states that the element of loyalty is more important that the element of honesty. In all reality, we have to admit this is going to be hard for either of us to argue because as pointed out in "Friendship is Witchcraft", The elements are remarkably similar to the point where they might as well be the same element. But here's a quote from the Tao of Kung Fu: "Without honesty, there is no true loyalty." Perhaps by this we could conclude that Rainbow Dash's loyalty would not be as strong if Applejack were not to set an example of honesty for Rainbow to build her loyalty upon. Therefore, honesty > loyalty.

B. Mysterious Mare-Do-Well: This episode actually shows the opposite of Rainbow being somepony who cares for others' interests, while the first rescue she performs is good instinct, the rest simply become attempts for attention, which brings on the entire moral of the episode.

C. Wonderbolt Academy: Rainbow did save Applejack from falling to her death, because a twister broke the balloon she was riding on. Here's the punch: Rainbow caused that twister by giving in to peer pressure and going with Lightning Dust's plan. This also is a counterexample to her loyalty, while not being disloyal to her friends, she was disloyal to her moral of fair play, which in the end took its toll.

D. Lesson Zero: This doesn't show RD putting her interests first, because it's fair to say that because she's unemployed, she probably wasn't too busy doing anything else at the moment.

E. Cutie Mark Chronicles: Of all the destinies RD uncovered, it's safe to say Applejack's was the least directly influenced. Considering her mood while living in Manehattan, she was probably going to return to Ponyville soon anyway. The rainbow pointing to Ponyville only quickened the inevitable.

F. Spike At Your Service: Applejack saving Spike's life > Rainbow sounding like a timberwolf.

G: Applebuck Season: Applejack averting destruction of entire town > Rainbow screaming "stampede" and causing a hundred panicking ponies to run in circles.

H. The Last Roundup: The only thing Rainbow Dash is witnessed doing to fix town hall is hanging up a banner. No proof exists that she did any more. Once again, this did not get in the way of her own interests, which was my original point.

2. Morals

A. Twilight wasn't right the whole time in Lesson Zero, as she thinks she has to write a letter every week, when she learns heartfelt is more important than on-time. And in Magical Mystery Cure, she doesn't know what to do so bad that at one point that she actually sings about how much she doesn't know what to do. (see video)

B. In Wonderbolt Academy, while sticking to a fairness moral, Rainbow fails at a humility moral by taking it as an insult when she is ranked as wing pony.

C. In Applebuck Season and the Last Roundup, her stubbornness to learn is, on both occasions, completely selfless. As for Return of Harmony, My opponent's argument is time specific, not attempt specific. All five who were corrupted were all corrupted on their first attempt. Just because Discord got around to AJ first does not imply that AJ has bad morals.

3. Strength

Like I said in my opening argument, We don't know what Applejack could be capable of if she had wings. All we have seen proven from an all Earth Pony standpoint was that Rainbow and AJ tie in a race. But in feats of strength (no wings involved), we have clearly seen Applejack emerge victorious.


4. Dreams

As an actor, I too would prefer to take risks than take the safe route. But let's not forget why Applejack's main motivation is to sell apples. She has a disabled grandmother who needs cared for and a little sister who needs to stay in school. Not to mention, the only other popular food service in town is Sugarcube Corner, and even ponies have to eat healthy once in a while.
Inevitably, Rainbow Dash will become a Wonderbolt because My Little Pony is just that kind of show. But how many other ponies won't become Wonderbolts? It's that sense of maturity and reality Applejack has that puts her ahead of Rainbow.

5. Coolness

A. Once again, the Mare-Do-Well episode is a poor example of RD's "coolness". In the end, it just makes her look thirsty for attention. A flaw Applejack does not possess. You'll instead find in Applebuck Season that Applejack takes the honor given quite modestly.

B. The "all in a day's work" line was obviously Rainbow Dash exaggerating. Do you really think she fights off dragons every day?

C. The dragon was asleep. Even Twist could kick a sleeping dragon in the face. Does Twist possess the same coolness? And in a previous argument, we established Applejack has stronger hind legs. If she wanted to (and she had the chance), she could have easily broken that dragon's skull.

D. The only Pegasus we know who can't bring home the southern birds is Ditsy-Do (See Winter Wrap-Up). Coolness factor not found.

E. The filly I think my opponent's referring to is Scootaloo. Let's compare Applejack and Applebloom with Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo:
i. Sisterhooves Social: Applejack is seen as a loving, caring sister to Applebloom.
ii. Owl's Well That Ends Well: Dashie makes Scootaloo take out the trash.


By the evidence given, Applejack puts others' interests further ahead than any other pony, has her morals the most figured out, and possesses the greatest strength.

She may not have the biggest dreams or highest hopes, but she accepts reality and welcomes it warmly.

And finally, while my opponent states Rainbow Dash has the highest coolness factor, you'll actually find that this rank goes to Applejack as well.

I hope my lack of images did not bore the debate community, I look forward to my opponent's next argument, and remember: Applejack is best pony!


I thank my opponent for his arguments. So does Dashie.



My opponent believes that Rainbow Dash got her loyalty from Applejack's honesty. A quick glance at "Friendship is Magic Part 2" reveals that in fact, Dashy demonstrated loyalty to her friends (saving them from tumbling off a cliff) before Applejack even had an oppertunity to show off her honesty. Moreover, this does not negate the fact that a loyal friend will be generally honest, but loyalty also means generally being there for your friends when they need you, something that is always true of Rainbow - she never lets her friends down and is always happy to care for others, even above herself.

It is true that Rainbow does seek a lot of attention in Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, but a lack of humility does not imply a lack of concern. Not being humble is actually really hard when you're as awesome as Rainbow Dash. But while Rainbow Dash does seek the attention of others, she also cares for them at the same time. An uncaring pony would not put themselves in great peril to save anypony's life.

On Wonderbolt Academy, pro correctly points out RD started the twister that led to Applejack needing saving, which she did because she was loyal to her ideal of being a Wonderbolt, did not know Lightning Dust would be unable to control the twister, and had no idea that her friends were just beneath the cloud level. Still, she always showed concern for the other ponies at the academy, and to her friends. Causing a twister was not, however, inherently unfair - which is why my opponent later contradicts himself by asserting that Rainbow was "sticking to a fairness moral".

On Lesson Zero, my opponent claims RD is unemployed. Quite the contrary - she's a weather pony. This has been shown in numerous episodes. In Hurricane Fluttershy it is even implied that she's the head of all the weather ponies. Still she took time out of her busy cloud-busting schedule to help Applejack.

On Cutie Mark Chronicles - even if Dashy didn't help Applejack at all, that's still four destinies more than Applejack uncovered. However, it is clear in the episode that while Applejack may know her destiny is not in Manehatten, she didn't think of Ponyville until Dash pointed it out. She might have ended up like Cranky Doodle Donkey instead, wandering the world trying to find where she really wanted to be.

While Applejack did once save Spike's life, she also almost got him and her both killed at the hands of terrifying timberwolves at the end of the episode, by lying to Spike. Not very caring.

My opponent ignores the fact that Dashy helps Applejack with her chores at the end of "Applebuck Season". Rainbow's yelling allowed all the ponies to make for cover in time and would have saved the lives of many ponies had Applejack not diverted the herd's stampede. She did what she could to care for everypony.

In "The Last Roundup", as well as hanging a banner, she also helped minimise further damage by telling Derpy to be careful. In the end she contributed more than Applejack, who contributed nothing, lied to her family, abandoned Ponyville without telling them why, and then proceeded to run away from her friends, all because of her personal problems.

Whether Applejack was first or not is an academic question. It certainly wasn't Rainbow. However, like I explained, this is because Rainbow isn't afraid to agree she still has a lot to learn, and would rather spend her screen time learning it. My opponent ignored this. It's worth noting that despite Applejack having been mean to poor Dashy all episode, RD still helped her friend out in the end.

RD learnt about humility in "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well". In "Wonderbolts Academy" her outrage was not a lack of humility, it was that she felt she was being treated unfairly. Having just smashed every academy record, she probably wanted the oppertunity to help other ponies develop and to show some of her other skills to the Wonderbolts. When this is rejected, however, she humbly accepts their decision to make her wing pony.

Applejack's stubborness is never selfless - in "Applebuck Season" it's because she wants to buck the apples all by herSELF, without any regard for the friends whom she agreed to help. In "The Last Roundup", it is because she wants to save her own face, rather than being honest with the town.

Applejack being just as easy to corrupt as RD would point to them being at the same level of morals, not Applejack being superior. However, the order of Discord's corruptions was important. RD had to be last so that the ponies could not escape the maze. Symbolically, her morals were so great that "abandoning" them caused the maze itself - the whole world around the ponies - to collapse. And let's not forget that she didn't really abandon her morals at all, unlike Applejack - she was just conflicted in her loyalties, seeking to save Cloudsdale (where everything's awesome).


In feats of strength, we have seen Rainbow Dash emerge victorious almost as often. Dash mostly suffered because Iron Pony competitions apparently include earth-based agility tricks like throwing lassos. In the pic I presented last round you can see Dash has much stronger forehooves. While Applejack has stronger hind hooves, this is because she works them out all the time, while RD almost never even walks. If Applejack had wings but all she ever did was buck apples, she would still be exactly the same except that she could also fly - and since Rainbow works out her wings more than anypony else, Applejack would definitely lose in any flying contest. Given Applejack, who trains every day, can only tie with RD in a non-cheating race, and that RD never trains at all, I think it's clear who's the naturally stronger pony.

My case

Applejack is the same pony that would see her little sister have like 40 sets of clothing while her grandmother walks around with a saggy old hip. Not to mention the fact that the only product she's ever been shown to sell very successfully is apple cider, and she doesn't even have the business sense to make enough of it, so I'm surprised she's even able to cover the rates on Sweet Apple Acres. If she had the mind of Rainbow Dash, whose Wonderbolt ambitions will apparently make her "showered with diamonds", she'd probably be dreaming of diversifying into the pear market and buying up all the other farmland around Ponyville too.

Dreaming of joining the wonderbolts is not to abandon maturity and reality. Rainbow does it in a very mature and realistic way.


This screencap was from an episode BEFORE Gangnam style.

Irrespective of whether she is WORTHY of being called "cool", Mare-Do-Well established that she IS cool, because coolness is subjectively determined by one's peers. There are no fan-clubs for Applejack, and there are fan-clubs for Dashy. Simple.

"Do you really think she fights off dragons every day?" Yes. One dragon comes around every morning so Rainbow can do her daily fighting. It's part of her morning routine.

Even kicking a sleeping dragon in the face takes serious guts. That's why none of the other ponies - Applejack included - dared to do it. The action is cool because it demonstrate's RD's courage to do what is right (if you're uncool or have forgotten what coolness is, see

Just because all the pegasi can do something doesn't mean it's not cool. Lots of humans use Twitter but Twitter is still cool.

Taking out the trash is an honor in Ponyville, which is why Spike is so happy he can take out Rarity's trash in "Party of One". However, RD is clearly not expecting Scoots to take her remark literally, and was instead attempting to teach her a valuable lesson about speaking in absolutes (Scootaloo had just said "I'll do anything!"). Even so, it's not like Applebloom never has to do chores like Scootaloo has to. Applejack made the whole Apple family build her a new house after she destroyed it.

Iris Incitus est optimus caballio
Debate Round No. 2


Just for fun:

That was nice. Back to business:

1. Putting Others' Interests First

I'd first like to remind my opponent that "putting others' interests first" was the original point, a few of his subpoints have started to stray into "caring". He still remains for the most part on-base, this is just a friendly reminder.

A. Loyalty and Honesty: My opponent points out that Rainbow Dash saved her friends from tumbling off a cliff before Applejack's moment of truth (no pun intended). While this is true, it was not Rainbow Dash alone. Take a look at Friendship is Magic Part 2. You'll see that two other ponies take part in this rescue. Fluttershy, and you guessed it: Applejack. If this act of kindness shows loyalty, then Fluttershy and Applejack displayed loyalty of their own at the same time.

B. Mysterious Mare Do Well:
i. First of all, having lack of humility doesn't suddenly become acceptable just because your name is "Rainbow Dash".
ii. Take another look at the episode. To me, I see no point where a rescue puts Rainbow in peril. I only see Rainbow rushing to get there on time (or perhaps beat Mare Do Well to the scene). As for you, the voter, you should see it for yourself. She doesn't put herself into "peril".

C. My opponent's argument states that Rainbow Dash showed concern for the other ponies at the academy. However, the twister was created specifically to stop the other ponies from winning the competition. If she was really putting their interest's first, she would have never let Lightning Dust create the twister, let alone join her. Also, being loyal to the idea of being a Wonderbolt is not putting others' interests first.

D. My opponent counters my statement that Rainbow wasn't busy by stating that she handles the weather.

"I can clear the sky in ten seconds flat!" -Rainbow Dash, Friendship is Magic Part 1

If Rainbow really can manage the sky that quickly, I'm quite sure there wasn't too much cramming involved in order to tear down Applejack's barn. So there's nothing here proving she's putting aside her own interests.

E. My opponent thinks Rainbow Dash puts her interests aside to uncover the other ponies' destinies in Cutie Mark Chronicles. However, she had no intention of helping find their destinies by creating the sonic rainboom. Shoot, Rainbow probably didn't even know half the ponies at the time.

F. Spike At Your Service: Spike was doing more harm than good by being Applejack's servant. Applejack wanted to put an end to it for the sake of her household and her family. Also, while carrying out this plan to stop Spike from causing trouble, she had no way of knowing that there would ironically be actual timberwolves at the same place and at the same time, nor did anyone.

G. Applebuck Season:
i. I ignore the statement that Rainbow helped with AJ's chores because all of the mane six ponies helped her, too. this doesn't make her some helpful exception.
ii. Because Applejack stopped the stampede, there is no way to conclude that Rainbow bringing the ponies to safety did them any good. But we do know that when the stampede that followed arrived, it caused unconscious ponies in the middle of the road...

...and that stampede consisted of bunnies. A warning alarm really doesn't seem to do much good.

H. Telling Derpy to be careful didn't stop Derpy from being destructive. And my opponent again forgets the reason for not going home (side note: it was not a lie, she clearly stated her intention to come home with money). Applejack said she was going to raise the money to fix town hall, and she was not going to back on that promise.

2. Morals

-My opponent says that Rainbow would prefer to spend her screen time learning her morals as opposed to Applejack. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think the ponies choose when they get "screen time". If they did, there's probably a lot we would not have seen.
-My opponent was also vague on what episode he was talking about, but believe he was referring to Super Cider Squeezy 6000. I didn't catch Applejack being mean. I caught her doing her job and selling cider. I caught Rainbow Dash throwing a fit because she didn't get in line soon enough.

B. My opponent says Rainbow humbly accepts their decision to make her wing pony. But if this was the case, she would have never went to the trainer's office to protest their decision, would she? And there's nothing that says Rainbow wanted to help ponies develop new skills. It shows that she wanted to be lead pony because of her own performance.

C. Neither accusation my opponent makes about AJ's selfishness is true. In Applebuck Season her intent is to let other ponies go about their business rather than going out of their way to help her. How selfish. And again, in Last Roundup, this wasn't about her. It was about the town. She said she'd get the money, and instead of "hiding" like my opponent accuses her of doing, she takes up a new job.

D. The Return of Harmony argument my opponent makes is somewhat confusing. I'll do my best: The order of corruption makes anyone else superior to AJ either. But contrary to what my opponent says, while the other corruptions were inconvenient, RD's caused them all to lose the game, letting Discord take over. Cloudsdale's awesomeness is irrelevant.

3. Strength

Hind legs: AJ

Front hooves: RD

Flying: AJ is an earth pony with no wings, thus this is an unfair point.

So allow me to break this tie:

Unable to paste an image, here's a link to it: (

Seen is an image of AJ supporting Twilight with her tail.

Tail: AJ

AJ is the strongest pony.

4. Dreams

My opponent's first remark is not relevant to having dreams. I don't concede to it, but I will not argue it unless it is placed in its own fitting category.

A. My opponent says that AJ is not successful in selling cider. According to Super Cider Squeezy 6000, at the end of the day, the Apple family ends up having whole chests full of bits (pony currency).

B. Applejack's special talent is not pears. She does not have a pear for a cutie mark. I can't name one pony who professes in something not based on their special talent.

C. Again, because MLP is that kind of show, it becomes difficult for me to find something RD does that doesn't take her one step closer to being a Wonderbolt. Rainbow will become a Wonderbolt because it's that kind of show. But common sense in all of us knows that more people end up farmers.

D. Applejack does have dreams. The difference is, her dream has already been fulfilled. Maybe she didn't aim so high, but to have a stable career at what Brony experts estimate to be the age of 15 is what I would call a dream fulfilled.

5. Coolness

A. RD can have fan clubs of fillies, that's fine. AJ still has a town of ponies commending her for all she does, having been welcomed to the town hall stage twice [Applebuck Season and The Last Roundup]. Two more times than Rainbow. (This also adds as a fine example of Applejack's superior sense of reality.)

B. That dragon statement is an assumption and my opponent knows it.

C. My opponent failed to consider that kicking the dragon caused the dragon to be more difficult in negotiations to get out of the cave. It's not that the others were afraid, they perhaps just had more sense.

C1. Directing his Urban Dictionary citation to "uncool" people is a display of bad conduct and my voters should take this into consideration.

C2. Urban Dictionary has hundreds of user-uploaded definitions for coolness. We can't consider this definition reliable.

D. Maybe bringing birds home is cool, but many other Pegasi do it. This doesn't give RD superior coolness, And AJ being an earth pony, she was never given the chance.

E. The honor of taking out the trash and RD's intent are both assumptions on my opponent's part. And don't forget the barn raising is what brought the family together in the end.

Ego non Latine loqui


Thanks again to pro for a good round.

Who's more caring?

Yes, I know it's you, Dashy. You don't have to flaunt it like that.

"Caring" will be my shorthand for "putting others above yourself", aka Rainbow's element (as explicitly stated by Twilight).

While Fluttershy and Applejack did also help at the same time as RD, Dashy started helping long before Applejack could do anything (which she was able to do thanks to her wings). Fluttershy only helped because RD told her to, and Applejack was probably inspired by RD and Fluttershy. However, the fact that RD had shown loyalty before Applejack had shown either honesty or loyalty proves that the root of her loyalty is not Applejack.

Being called "Rainbow Dash" makes lacking humility more understandable but not acceptable. That's why Rainbow learnt her lesson and has been trying hard to be humble ever since. Rainbow is put into peril by several rescues in "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well", proving her concern for others - including one that backfires, requiring HER to be saved from drowning by Mare-Do-Well.

Lightning didn't make the tornado to win - that clearly was unnecessary - but to really push herself. Rainbow didn't know that she would be pushing herself further than she could handle, and so didn't think anypony would be in danger. Putting other ponies interests first does not mean never beating them. Still, Rainbow would not have done it if the Wonderbolts had not sanctioned it, as evidenced by the voice-over in Rainbow's head in that scene.

While Rainbow is very fast with busting clouds, she also can get tired doing other weather work very quickly. In "Too Many Pinkie Pies", it is revealed that she has trouble busting fog, and that after a hard day's cloud busting she can't do much other than relax. It was nice of Rainbow to not just sleep on a cloud somewhere and actually help her friend out.

RD was explicitly trying to help Fluttershy in "Cutie Mark Chronicles". That she also helped out all the other ponies - without her having anything to gain - was a bonus. Applejack's actions "Spike At Your Service" may have been well-intentioned, but they were only for the benefit of HER immediate family. RD helped despite having no stake in it. And "Applebuck Season"? Sure all five helped - proving that all five cared. Applejack isn't any MORE caring than the others. And the second yelling of stampede did give all the ponies enough time to run for cover. Only ONE pony became unconscious, and that's because she fainted at the news.

Finally, my opponent is wrong about "the last roundup". Applejack tried to "run away from her problems", as she reported in the letter to Princess Celestia at the end. She lied to the town about the money, claiming that she was fine when she was not. Rainbow was the ONLY pony to have helped fix it in any way.

Who's got better morals?

Applejack was mean by not making enough cider even when she later proved she was more than capable of doing so.
Thinks other ponies should "go about their business" as pro puts it rather than help each other.
Tries to run away from her family and her problems (as admitted in the letter at the end of "Last Roundup") - the very definition of "hiding".

Humility does not mean ignoring discrimination. Rainbow felt she was treated unfairly, but was humble once she heard the explanation.
RD is so important to Mane 6 group morals that her departure is what allows Discord to take over.

Who's stronger?

Dashy does all kinds of amazing tricks with her tail all the time. Here's one of those "blink and you'll miss it" moments, but at around 8:17 in "Fall Weather Friends" RD picks up Applejack with her tail, and throws her back several meters, as well as up a distance of around two and a half times her own height. It happens so fast that it's hard to get a clear screenshot - this is the best I could do:

However - ruling out wings is unfair. Rainbow and Applejack both develop different parts of their bodies all the time. The difference is that while Rainbow is the undisputed world champion at her chosen event (being the only one to perform the most difficult trick - and if "A Canterlot Wedding Part 2" is anything to go by, apparently doing it effortlessly) Applejack cannot win at hers. The only thing we've ever seen her win is several past Rodeos in "The Last Roundup" - but she LOST the rodeo event to RD in "Fall Weather Friends".

Who dreams bigger?

My first remark was to show that Applejack doesn't really care for her "dream" of looking after her grandmother as much as she likes to think. In fact, Applejack has barely helped out her granny at all. Nor has she cared about the fact that her little sister puts herself into serious danger in pretty much every second episode she's in (believing she will find her destiny that way). Dashy, on the other hand, is always striving as hard as she can after her far more worthwhile dream.

It's all a bit irrelevant though, because my opponent concedes that Applejack doesn't aim so high. My point is that aiming higher is better for a character because it leaves more scope for character development, and because it means the character has more reason to be there.

That her special talent is so narrowly-conceived does not make her best pony. In fact, it makes RD better. After all, RD has shown herself to be more than capable of such feats as apple bucking and running a cider press at a much greater speed than the strongest worker on Applejack's farm. It's also irrelevant that Applejack's talent is so common - if anything, uncommon talents are better because they're scarce, so Applejack is quite replaceable.

As for success in fulfilling dreams, Applejack only sells so much due to a gamble by her younger sister - of her own accord she would never have made enough cider to be able to sell so much, even though it is only apparently an hour's work to do so (thus at a slow pace it might have only taken a day or so).

Who's cooler?

Applejack and RD are both popular, but they are admired for different reasons. Applejack is admired for being a hard worker (unlike Rainbow, who has been known to be a bit of a slacker, including flunking out of flight school). Rainbow is admired because, in Twilight's words, "she is pretty awesome" (which for Twilight is the same thing as coolness - see Mysterious Mare Do-Well and May The Best Pet Win). Rainbow is clearly established as the "cool" character on the show.

Quite aside from my attempts to justify this coolness, the fact is that it exists. I've already shown this to be recognized by ponies. Bronies themselves have also expressed their preferences clearly - RD beats Applejack in every "favorite character" poll, including the latest Herd Census, where Applejack isn't even in the top 6 ( This also plays out in other indicators - for example,'s top favorited story is RD-focused, while none of their top favorited stories are Applejack-focused (

Turning to my justifications, my opponent dismisses my dragon point and my trash point as an assumption. My opponent cannot just assume that RD is a liar. Furthermore, I backed up my trash point with some very clear evidence. About the other dragon point, the fact that something isn't a good idea doesn't mean it's not cool. Base jumping provides a good example of this. Bird-bringing may not be something Applejack can do, but I challenge my opponent to find a substitute cool action Applejack does. My hypothesis is that earth ponies just aren't as cool as pegasi.

About my sources, the coolest definition of cool would seem to me to be the most reliable - not like some dictionary written by egg-heads (as Rainbow would say). Seeing as I'm not very cool I had to check what being cool means myself, and I cited the source to aid any like voters.

Oh, and also, Rainbow is cool for being Gangnam style before Gangnam style. And for doing this:

Good luck pro. You'll need it.
Debate Round No. 3


While still having much respect for Con for helping make this the most viewed debate in DDO history overnight (thank you all), his last remark "good luck pro, you'll need it" was unprofessional if not completely immature.

But, back to ponies:

1. Putting Others' Interests First

Prologue: In the Coolness argument, Con himself calls Rainbow Dash a "slacker".

A. Con's assumption: AJ was inspired by RD to save Twilight's life.

Straight from the episode: Nothing shows that. Applejack was under a sense of survival to save herself and was looking at the root, and then after securing her safety, saw Twilight. RD never had to secure her safety. Coolness bonus: She saved herself without having wings.

B. Con's assumption: RD was put into peril by her rescues.

Straight from the episode:
i. Flies into the well, flies right back out. RD can fly. Wells don't threaten her.
ii. Flies for the carriage, almost falls off a cliff. Oh wait, she can fly).
iii. Gently carries the balcony to the ground. Wasn't even almost crushed.

And from here on, the Mare Do Well wins when RD...

iv. Flies toward a balloon.
v. Flies toward another carriage.
vi. Flies away from a wooden beam (before she actually attempts to save anyone).
vii. Yeah, almost drowned. But by this point it was entirely for attention, evident to any viewer of the episode.
viii. Forces a senior citizen across the street.
ix. Tries to open a jar of peanut butter.

C. Assumption: "Lightning didn't create the tornado to win, but to push herself".

Straight from the episode: "
I have an idea on how we can blow away our competition" -Lightning Dust. I never said RD put anyone in danger on purpose, I just said RD's rescue was a result of her own desire to be seen as as good of a flier as Lightning.

D. We must consider that in "Lesson Zero", No fog was reported. I ask my opponent not to bring up an assumption that could have been fog, because there is no evidence. That said, nothing shows there was too much weather duty at all, so nothing shows RD was busy.

E. Assumption: Because she intended to save Fluttershy, she intended to discover the destinies of everyone else.

Straight from the episode: As I said, she didn't even know the other four. How could she be thinking about them? Con's initial argument was that she helped them discover their destinies. "Them" and "their" being plural.

F. My saying "Immediate family" My opponent admits that it was for someone else's benefit besides AJ. There have been many accounts of all ponies pitching in, including this one, that involved all five ponies that could help. AJ included.

G. Ditto my last many accounts argument in "1F". However, my previous arguments show that AJ still puts her interest above RD.

G1. Straight from the episode: After that BG pony passes out and after they go to some "Gak" commercials, we come back to Twilight seeing three more ponies lying on the road, just coming to.

H. Once more, the motive for AJ running for her problems was to help solve everyone else's. If it wasn't, she wouldn't have gotten a job. She claimed she was fine so she could carry out her plan to raise the money somehow, which is actually more loyalty that Rainbow has ever shown. But yes, Dashie. Keep putting up your banners.

2. Morals


A. Applejack was not capable of making enough cider by herself. You'll recall it required help from friends (she did indeed accept help, showing her lesson from season one stuck with her).

B. Going about one's business allows them to take care of their own matters. Applejack didn't want people to worry about her in consideration that they may have had other matters to take care of. Thus putting other interests first, and as pointed out in "2-1", There is evidence that she learned.

C. See "1H".

D. My opponent, by dropping the fact, agrees that order of corruption by Discord doesn't matter worth a hoof.

Summary: Applejack has never put herself first. She works hard, will make sacrifices for her community, and does whatever she can to serve the citizens of Ponyville.

Rainbow Dash

E. Straight from the episode: Being silent does not imply that RD agreed with the decision to be lead pony after reasoning. Her envy still existed, carried by expression rather than spoken word, but not by assumption.

F. Discord could have given wings or a horn back to anypony. The fact that it happened to be Rainbow is completely circumstantial, and no matter what Con says, that is the fact.

3. Strength

A. In "The Games Ponies Play", AJ with little assistance lifts Twilight, RD, Rarity, and Fluttershy with one hoof, lifting four times her weight, as opposed to RD's twice her height.

B. Ruling out wings is only fair. We can't know if AJ could do a Sonic Rainboom or not if she had wings. And to defend Applejack, she has, as Con said, consistently won rodeos in the past, and placed in the most current. As for the rodeo event in Fall Weather Friends, let's not forget that Spike had no time to regroup after being bucked by AJ and before being bucked by RD, so this is not an accurate measure.

4. Dreams

First, you'll notice Granny Smith doesn't use a walker as seen in The Ticket Master anymore. Nothing proves that she didn't get a new hip. If anything, her later ability to walk (in Mare Do Well) suggests that she did.

A. Who is to say one dream is more worthwhile than the other? Applejack fulfilling her dream allows ponies a popular healthy option as opposed to always eating at Sugarcube Corner. Even in the real world, farmers are the ones who feed the population. Pro Athletes, give people something to watch on TV. The dream AJ had focused on more productivity rather than fame.

Applejack aims to serve more people. To be more helpful. That's aiming higher.

B. The entire argument about whose special talent is better has absolutely no relation to who has bigger dreams.

C. Before RD instigated the riot, nobody ever complained about there not being enough cider. She was only doing as much as she thought people desired. Besides, One can't pressure Applejack to make so much. It is hard work. The reason she managed to make so much is the threat that it could put her entire career at stake. It doesn't mean she doesn't dream bigger.

Productivity Dreams > Dreams of Fame

5. Coolness

A. Assuming "pretty awesome" means "cool", let's think about this: What makes someone the best person? Being a hard worker, or being "cool"? And why would it be any different for ponies? Meaning, because (as admitted) AJ is a hard worker rather than cool, should she not be best pony?

B. My opponent believes because the majority believes RD is best pony, that it is true. You'll my opponent is an Atheist, and while the majority believes in an all-knowing God, he does not accept it to be true. The question I ask here is, why is deciding best pony any different? Would Con agree that the majority is right in every situation?

C. I did not call RD a liar. I said she exaggerated. Let's face it, if RD took out a dragon every day, don't you think they'd commend her for that rather than doing a sonic rainboom?

C1. Pinkie Pie can break the 4th wall.
Doctor Whooves is a time traveler.
Vinyl Scratch drops the bass.
Tell me one more time that Earth Ponies aren't cool.

D. Assumption: Everyone who uses Urban Dictionary is cool.

Reality: I use Urban Dictionary. Case closed.

Any loser without credentials can write in the Urban Dictionary. It's just not reliable.

E. Unless PSY is a Brony, RD didn't inspire Gangnam Style.

Finally, this whole point is irrelevant because if being cool doesn't make you best person (hence Kanye West), how can it make you best pony?


Rainbow Dash has swag, while Applejack goes uncredited for all the important things she has done to maintain Ponyville. I challenge you, the voter, to go against the majority's opinion and see Applejack for the great pony she really is.

A Small Request:

If you agree that we can make our Round 5 summaries shorter than 2,500 characters, that would be dandy. Thanks for helping us make DDO History, guys!


My opponent clearly didn't get the joke of my last conclusion. It was a reference to the opening scene of "Wonderbolts Academy". In any event I think a 2500 character last round is a good idea. In this round I'll start to wrap up the debate as I see it, much like Rainbow is wrapping up winter here:


Bear in mind that Pro has the BOP. It is not enough for both ponies to be equally matched - pro has to prove RD is worse than Applejack overall.


RD can be a slacker...

...but not when it comes to caring for her friends.

As the extended theme of the show goes "When danger makes me want to hide / I'll Rainbow Dash to your side".

Pro still does not show how Applejack is supposed to have inspired RD's loyalty in "Friendship is Magic Part 2". She also showed loyalty as a filly in "Cutie Mark Chronicles".

One can care for one's friends without putting oneself into peril, however several statements pro made about RD not being in peril in rescuing ponies are incorrect. In IV and V she actually gets herself badly hurt, and in VI she does succeed in a rescue WHILE dodging countless falling beams coming at her from all angles.

One can also care for friends while trying to beat them. "Blow away" usually means stun or impress - that the ponies were literally blown away in Wonderbolts Academy is an interesting visual gag but not something Rainbow could be reasonably expected to foresee. None of my other evidence on this point has been engaged with.

Lesson Zero was not the episode I cited for the fog, it was Too Many Pinkie Pies. See also:

One can help friends without intending to help them. This is also caring, and what RD for the most part did in Cutie Mark Chronicles. Nothing that she did in that whole episode was actually done in her interest at all.

"Many accounts of all five ponies pitching in" only proves that all the ponies are just as caring as each other. I'm not arguing RD is any more caring, but that Applejack is not conclusively the most caring pony on the show.

RD can't do anything about it if Gak commercials cause 3 ponies to pass out. What's she supposed to do, yell "Gak commercials incoming"! Or maybe Applejack just ran in and knocked three ponies out while everybody else was distracted by commercials. Point is, RD did what she could. Not being able to be more caring is not the same as being less caring.

Applejack could have told the town she only came second but was raising money. As it was, she just ran away from her problems, with no concern for the feelings of her friends and family in her letter to them. In the end, she didn't help. She didn't even finish her job to help the town, instead preferring to run away again.


Applejack could not make enough cider by herself to beat the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy in any given hour, but Flim and Flam would not have been able to even make their pitch if Applejack had made enough cider anytime in the whole YEAR that she had to do it.

The other things my opponent puts aside as mistakes Applejack has learnt from. RD, too, has learnt from many mistakes my opponent attacks her for.

By being silent, RD did the right thing. She might not like being humble, but she has the MORALS to do what's right rather than what she wants.

Pro can either accept the reality of the metaphor underlying Discords choice of order, or put it down to circumstance. I still maintain that it's symbolic of moral strength of character. It's a matter of "do you see it or don't you", and there's little I can say beyond that.

The question is who's more moral. Both clearly display moral values, and moral flaws. My opponent has not shown the superiority of Applejack here.


In "Games Ponies Play" all Applejack's tail lifts are half the weight of Twilight and Fluttershy (the latter of whom weighs so little that a swarm of butterflies or two birds can carry her). Rarity was away doing Cadance's hair, and RD was flying in a heart shape around the whole formation. Proof pro is incorrect:

AJ could not do a Sonic Rainboom if she was a pegasus - it requires a lot of wing power, and developing that takes dedication - Applejack is dedicated to bucking apples, not flying. Besides, Applejack is not a pegasus. The resolution is who IS stronger, not who COULD BE stronger.

As for the rodeo that Applejack keeps losing - the one feat of strength she's ever won (compared to the many titles held by Dashy) - the fact about Spike only proves that the event rules make the winner somewhat arbitrary. Therefore, Applejack has never won a fair strength contest.

RD is clearly established as a strong character on the show, and the strongest pegasus by far. In contests that Applejack can compete in, Rainbow ties with or beats her - without even training for it. But Rainbow does train her wings, and her undisputed status as "best in the world" at her chosen event renders her a better athlete.

My Case


At most, pro only proves AJ is more useful - NOT that she dreams higher.

This comes down to three issues. First, whose dream is more worthwhile? Applejack's dream is to fulfill a portion of the dietary requirements for Ponyville. This is not only setting the bar very low, it's also not exactly something that's going to end up being remembered as a great achievement. After all, Ponyville could have always imported apples from Appleloosa, or oranges from Manehatten. A Wonderbolt captain is the kind of job title you would expect to see immortalized through the ages. "Serving more ponies" is an ideal RD shares (see my points on caring), but the difference is that RD also likes to push herself further and harder. Being a Wonderbolt is not unproductive either, and episodes like "Secret of my Excess" and "Sonic Rainboom" have shown that many ponies probably owe their lives to the Wonderbolts.

Second, who is better at fulfilling their dream? If Granny Smith received a hip, there is no evidence that it was Applejack's doing. Despite years of running out of cider, Applejack still did not put in the effort to feed the townspeople's needs. RD has taken clear steps throughout all the seasons to get closer to her goal of becoming a Wonderbolt. However, it should come as no surprise that it should be easier for Applejack, since her goal is so low.

Third, whose dream is best for the show? My opponent has refused to engage with this, tacitly conceding that a bigger dream is better for the character because it allows all kinds of development to happen and gives them more reason to exist.


This comes down to two issues. First, is RD cooler than Applejack? My opponent has no response to most of my justifications. "Cool" is what society in general determines to be cool, and Urban Dictionary happens to be a site where definitions are set by society in general. Rainbow has won this contest both in pony and in human society. In this particular case, I further presented an overwhelming number of justifications for this coolness, ranging from predicting Gangnam style (whether it inspired Psy or not, it is pretty awesome) to her exploits with dragons (which would also explain, by the way, her relative confidence in how to deal with dragons in "Dragon Quest") to her being a pegasus. And if Earth ponies can be cool like Rainbow Dash - then why isn't Applejack cool? She doesn't turn time or drop the bass - she just sells apples. My opponent more or less concedes this when he says "Rainbow Dash has swag".

The second issue, a new point by pro in this round, is whether being cool is actually a qualifier for best pony. The whole premise of the show - the thing that people have latched on to more than anything - is the message, that "friendship is magic". In "Griffon The Brush Off" it was established that friendship is also cool. It follows that a cooler pony is a better fulfillment of the premise of the show. Since Rainbow is the coolest of the ponies, this makes her better. Even if Lil Wayne is bad at everything else, being cool is an achievement to be respected.


Applejack is a background pony
Debate Round No. 4


I'll start with an apology. I did not get the reference and it was my mistake.

And now my final argument, hopefully under 2,500 characters as promised.

1. Putting Others' Interests First

In the only two occasions mentioned where Applejack actually did something wrong, she did it for the sake of the community.

-Applejack's career is working her hind hooves off to feed a town.

-My opponent came to avoid that Applejack saved a mere acquaintance's life twice by arguing "Rainbow helped a little bit".

- Far more lives are saved by averting a stampede than giving a warning. Here it comes:

Assumption: Gak made the ponies unconscious/AJ knocked them out during the break

-What AJ did in the Last Roundup was the opposite of selfish because her motive was to fix town hall. But trying not to crush the community's hopes is a bad thing now, I guess.

- Rainbow's rescues were for attention. Not for the sake of others.

2. Morals

- Applejack's letter to Celestia in Super Cider Squeezy 6000 trumps all. Whether she made Rainbow angry or not, she was right.

-No evidence shows RD exercising what she learned from a previous episode in a later episode. AJ asking for help in SSS6000 shows improvement.

-Nothing proves an underlying metaphor in Discord's corruption. Nothing.

- While RD has an ego and learns and then keeps having an ego, AJ has pride and learns and then by evidence gives up some of her pride.


3. Strength

- I was referring to the first pyramid made on the train on the way to the empire. In this stack, Rarity is included, and RD does not make a heart shape.

-Fluttershy was younger when she was carried by butterflies, change in weight inevitably happened.

-But that picture does show AJ using her tail to lift them both, no?

-The rules in one event being arbitrary does not imply that no event was fair. In a strict wingless matter, Applejack remains the strongest. I remain to my point that we don't know what AJ could do with wings.

4. Dreams

- Applejack dreams to serve a whole town, Rainbow dreams to serve herself.

- Keeping Ponyville healthy is a huge role. I wouldn't dare say it set the bar low.

- The amount of problems the Wonderbolts haven't solved (villains, etc.) far outweigh the two times they did something.

- My opponent states that if kids don't want to be athletes, they don't have a reason to exist. That is the basis of his third point here.

5. Coolness

-If being cool was an achievement to be respected, rappers would be respected. Coolness does not make best anything.


Michael Jordan was a background player.

Also, calling AJ a BG pony is a bannable offense: (

I went a little bit over.

Thanks for the attention, everyone!



Before I begin my just-over-2500 character last round proper, Dashy wants me to say that she doesn't actually have any issues with Applejack, and that the two remain best of friends.


No engagement with my issue that even if Applejack does more, that does not mean RD did not do as much as she could. RD definitely has shown just as much concern for other ponies as Applejack.

In Last Roundup, running away might be excusable, but not lying or running from her friends.

Alleged "uncaring" nature of RD based on assumptions, as pro points out (ie assuming that the herd knocked out the ponies not the incoming evil commercials). "Caring for other ponies for attention" is a mistake RD learnt from. She hasn't done it since.

Rainbow's element is loyalty. Point dropped by pro.

Conclusion: neither pony is more caring. No surprise since both are main characters in a show that's primarily about the value of caring for others.


AJ may have written a nice letter, but it wasn't nice of her to deliberately limit supply to annoy RD.

"No evidence" of RD learning is clearly false - when have you last seen Mare-Do-Well? She clearly abandons much of her ego there.

Nothing "proves" any metaphor ever.

Other Applejack mistakes and analysis of "Wonderbolts Academy" twister dropped by pro.

Neither pony has stronger morals. No surprise since both are main characters in a show with good moral messages.


On the train formation, Applejack was not using her tail but her forehoof. For pro to base their whole argument on this is not very intelligent because he already conceded RD's forehooves are stronger. Proof:

Holding half of two ponies with a tail (actually less because 3 of Twilight's hooves are on Pinky) is empirically easier than tossing a pony into the air that distance. Anybody with a basic understanding of Newtonian physics can see that.

The argument for ignoring wings continues to fail. If one race of ponies is stronger, that may be an unfair advantage, but the resolution is not who would be the best if they were all the same race. The question is who IS stronger. Still in a wingless competition Applejack has never beaten RD.

Applejack always loses her competitions, Rainbow always wins. Simple as that.


Rainbow DOES serve the whole town. No engagement over why "keeping ponies healthy" is less worthwhile.

Wonderbolts may not have solved every problem, but they do their best. Just like RD. But RD has come further as the show has gone on towards realizing her dream.

Kids must dream high, but that dream does not have to be in athletics. My opponent has not argued against the third point, only his own contrived subissue.


My opponent concedes RD is cooler. My argument for why coolness is important (premise of the show) has been dropped by pro.


My opponent has on multiple occasions miscited episodes (ie with the fog) or lied about what they contain (ie with the formations).


Dashy is best pony.

The resolution is negated.

Debate Round No. 5
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