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Are 80 chickens too many?

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Started: 4/23/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I know someone who may have over 80 chickens. Its rather excessive. They have free roam, and need to have their numbers reduced.


I accept. I assume that first round is for acceptance only. I look forward to this interesting debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to begin noting that I am an expert on chickens. I happened to have some of the smartest chickens in my imagination. I would also like to note that I think that 80 chickens are too many, and will be arguing against that many chickens. There is one of my friends (Who's name will remain unsaid) that has over 80 chickens. Some say that the chickens will resort to cannibalism if given the opportunity. That would be a situation where they don't have enough food.
This friend tries to deny the fact, but he can't. He has too many chickens.

This individual in the resource above think that they have too many chickens, at the small number of 29. If this is too many, 80 is definitely way too many. If you also read the cheesy joke in the comment underneath, you will see that you have too many chicken when it takes 3 hours to put them to bed. How long would it take for 80 chickens? That is a question only the friend of mine knows. He is likely not going to tell me, but I imagine that it will take over 6 hours. Do you have time for that? No, most likely not. So how can one defend having this many chickens? One cannot. This is why your side of the argument will be interesting.

The fact of the matter:
When you have this many chickens, you must manage them properly. I doubt that anyone with this may chickens can be taken care of properly. There aren't enough hours in the day for that. You would have to quit the current job you're on and take care of the chickens all day. I imagine thats not very profitable, fun, or healthy. Chickens smell terrible, so its bad for your lungs.

Taking out the "Trash":
When you are reducing the amount of chickens you have, the thing you don't want to feel as your doing is taking trash out. Chickens are living, feeling, unintelligent beings. This requires a certain tolerance. So when reducing the numbers, you want to have a good mindset. How many exactly should you reduce too? Well, being and expert, I think a good number is roughly 14 or 15. You might want to get a professional to help clean all of the chicken's "Chocolate" off of everything that they were around. A very unpleasant situation.

Closing Minds:
In the event of 80 chickens, reduce numbers. Do not feel that it is ok. You really must scrape your mind to find some way to justify having this many chickens. I wish you luck in your endeavor of responding to this debate.


I would also like to begin by noting that you are not a chicken expert. You may be a chicken foot chef but that does not qualify you to decide how many chickens is too much. I would also like to state that I know the person with 80 chickens as well and I do not think that 80 is too many chickens. The statement that the chickens will resort to cannibalism is hearsay and should be ignored. There is no proof that the chickens in question ever resorted to cannibalism. I have also spoken to the person who owns the 80 chickens and he has told me that the chickens have plenty to eat and never go hungry.

1. Problematic:
I would now like to address your statements "This individual in the resource above think that they have too many chickens, at the small number of 29. If this is too many, 80 is definitely way too many." This is an opinion and that depends solely on how many chickens the person in question can handle. Who knows, maybe the individual from the resource is a businessman who goes to work at 5:00 AM and doesn't get off work until 10:00 PM. This would leave him little time to care for his chickens. The person in question who has 80 chickens though may have much more time to care for his chickens therefor it is all relative to how many chickens one person can handle. I would also like to address your statement about the joke that it takes three hours to put the chickens to bed. I would like to point out the key word here. This was a joke. I talked to the person who has 80 chickens and he told me that they just round the chickens up into the coop. It takes about ten minutes max. Therefor yes, the person in question does have the time for that and he can defend having this many chickens. One must also look at the uses for having this many chickens. Chickens can provide many eggs and these eggs can be used to feed the family that owns the chickens as well as excess eggs being sold to make money. Owning many chickens can be profitable and also provides a fresh, healthy food source.

2: The Fact of the Matter
These chickens can be taken care of properly and they are. It does not take as long as you try to make it seem like. The father of the person in question does have a job and does take care of the chickens while still successfully maintaining a job. The taking care of chickens can be profitable, as I pointed out in the last paragraph, it can be fun if you like animals or chickens especially, and it will not be detrimental to one's health. It could actually help one's health because they would be outside and active while caring for the chickens. Lastly for this section, I would like to disprove your statement "Chickens smell terrible, so its bad for your lungs." Just because something smells bad, does not make it bad for your lungs, I mean my farts smell bad but they aren't bad for my lungs.

3. Taking out the "Trash":
If you are reducing the number of chickens you have, it should be a heartfelt memorial for those you will be getting rid of. You are correct in saying that chickens are living, feeling beings, but you are incorrect in saying they are unintelligent. Chickens are intelligent beings. Also when reducing you should just reduce to how many you think you can care for. The person we are talking about who has 80 chickens is able to care for that many so there is no need for him to reduce the number he has. Plus, I don't think there is such thing as a "professional" chicken "chocolate" cleaner.

4. Closing Minds:
It is okay to have 80 chickens if you can care for them all. In this case the person in question is able to care for all of his chickens. It is actually not that hard to justify having 80 chickens. They are very useful for fresh food products and to sell. They can also fertilize ground so you can grow crops. Not to mention they are fun to watch sometimes. I look forward to your response in this interesting debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Closing Expertise:
Chicken foot chef happened to know everything there is to know about chickens. It's part of the job. One would think that 80 chickens is too many. When you have to sell your soul to buy food, its time to get rid of some. Also, cannibalism is not unknown in chickens. They aren't the smartest creatures, so when they are hungry, they will eat anything.

Limited Thinking:
Nobody who works a successful job has time to take care of 80 chickens. Few are in such a good place that they don't have to work to feed chickens. Therefore, you cannot say that this is relative. The price for chicken feed is too great for 80 chickens to be unemployed.
After looking at this resource you will see that chicken feed is relative to the brand. If your chickens eat, they will need some kind food. This is an expensive, especially the amount of food 80 chickens would need. Also, that comment was factual, I just found it rather joke-like. Most people who will get the eggs eat them, not sell them. You have to be licensed by the government to sell eggs. Do you want someone poisoning your eggs?

As a Matter Of Fact:
Unless you pay to sell your chicken products, it is not profitable. That is something that is known through chicken experience. If you are a hired farm hand you get payed, but farms are almost obsolete. Now, about the CO2. Yes, CO2 is released when the chickens "make chocolate". Too much is not good for your health. That is why it is rather unhealthy to take care of that many chickens. They do smell bad too, if you went around them more often.

Reduced Nicely:
I'm sorry if it seemed I didn't care about the lives of these chickens. Just because I used the word "Reduce" doesn't mean I don't honor the dead. I love the chickens with all my heart, but they even know that 80 is just too many. Now, saying that a chicken is smart is like saying that rocks are smart. The chickens brain is the size of a small piece of corn. That makes them unintelligent. He also has trouble taking care of 80 chickens, and lets them roam. Do you want a phone number to a professional chicken "chocolate" cleaner? This will have a phone number. I called, so they have specials on cleaning the C.C. (Chicken Chocolate)

To Pay Respects:
When you have 80 chickens, you struggle to take care of them all. It's a fact that some of us have to live with. The products just can't be sold, and there "chocolate" isn't good for crops. Its just to dense. What do you mean by chickens are fun to watch? It is comparable to paint drying. Godspeed in your rebuttal.


Entering Expertise:
I would like to begin by saying that you may know everything about chickens but you cannot be a judge on how many chickens are too much. The people in question do not have to sell their souls to buy food. Your own resource said that one can get a 25lb bag of chicken scratch (food) for $6.00 or a 25lb bag of chicken pellets for $6.25 Also, you have no proof that chickens will resort to cannibalism and the chickens in question have no reason to anyway because they are well fed.

Unlimited Thinking:
People who work successful jobs can own a large amount of chickens. I would also like to point out the family we are talking about is a family of four so someone is always able to be taking care of the chickens. I also believe that the mother is a stay-at-home-mom so she can take care of the chickens whenever necessary. You are also correct in saying that the price is relative to the brand. As I stated last paragraph, you can get a 25lb bag for $6.00-$6.25. This is relatively cheap. Chickens also only eat about 1/4-1/3lb a day. This means that one 25lb bag can feed about an entire flock of 80 for a day. That means for the week it costs only about $42.00-$44.00 to feed them. I can make this much in 6 hours and I only earn minimum wage. Plus some of that money could be earned back by selling the excess eggs of the chickens. The price for a dozen fresh chicken eggs is around $4.00 If a chicken lays one egg per day and lets assume the person in question has, say, 70 hens (for round number's sake). That is 490. That number seems a little inflated though so lets round it down to 400. One family will not use that many eggs in one week. So, lets say that the family uses 100 eggs per week, that leaves more or less 300 left over. If you then sell them for $4.00/dozen that is 25 dozen at $4.00 so a family could make $100.00 dollars a week just off selling fresh chicken eggs. This more than doubles the cost of feed and leaves a pretty good profit left over for the family, none of which they would lose to taxes either. Also, you do not need a license to sell chicken eggs if it is to people such as co-workers, family, friends, etc.

As a Matter of False.
To address your first statement, you do not have to pay to sell your chicken products, as I explained in the last paragraph. Now, to move on to your statement that CO2 is released when chickens *ahem* "make chocolate." CO2 is not actually released when the chickens poop. Methane is what is released, which has a chemical formula of CH4. Methane can be harvested to use to make energy. There is another useful resource to having many chickens. Methane is also not harmful to your health, it just smells bad. Methane can cause no harm to your lungs or brain when inhaled. If methane was harmful to us, every time we farted we would come closer to death. Therefor it cannot be unhealthy to take care of 80 chickens because the methane produced from their "chocolate."

Expanded Unpleasantly:
I am glad that you value the lives of these chickens as much as I do, but we cannot just round up part of a flock and slaughter them just to reduce numbers. That is cruel and inhumane. Plus, they cannot know that 80 is too many. They don't care how many of them there are as long as there is enough food and space for them. Chickens can also be very smart, the size of their brain is actually the size of a man's thumb nail, which is still bigger a piece of corn This does not necessarily make them unintelligent either. I also visited the link to the cleaning website you posted and I saw nothing that said anything about "C.C." cleaning. Plus this is in Virginia, a long way off from where this person with 80 chickens live. There is also not a single phone number on the site.

To Take Disrespects:
Even though one may have 80 chickens, it is not necessarily too many to take care of. It, once again, is all relative to how many one person or family can take care of. In the case we are discussing, the family in question can handle having this many chickens. I have also proved that the products, in this case the eggs, can be sold. Their chocolate can also be good for crops. Think about fertilizer, it is partially made from the feces of other animals. It can be good for flowers or crops. It can give plants nutrients they need. It can also be fun to watch chickens, especially if one is interested in animal behavior or just appreciate chickens or animals in general. Also as a last note, I would like to point out, if you hadn't noticed already, my paragraph names are the opposite of what my opponent named his. I just wanted to make sure readers knew that I wasn't randomly naming my paragraphs!
Debate Round No. 3


Walrus101 forfeited this round.


Since my opponent forfeited his last round but responded in a comment you will find in the comments section, I will be responding to that.

To Accept Disregards:
You say "It doesn't matter how much one brand is, as one may use another" but I disagree. The price of chicken feed is important because one would want to try and find the best possible price they could. I would also like to point out the differences between the two sources we used. The bags I posted the prices for are for 25lb bags while the bags you posted amounts for were 50lb bags. I will accept that my resource is slightly outdated, so, with the prices now, let's say that you find a 25lb bag for $6.75. If you double that amount to make it a total of 50lbs, the cost is still only $13.50. This is not that far off from the prices listed in your source, and now my prices do not look as incredibly low. This also only raises the total cost for the week by a few dollars to, say, $48-$50 per week.

A Closing Action:
To re-open and then re-close a matter that has been gong on, I must reiterate my earlier statements that one family could take care of 80 chickens. It is all relative to how many they can care for with the time they have, the money they have, and the space they have. In this case the family in question obviously has enough of all three of these to care for 80 chickens. You also say you talked about how it is hazardous to your health but I proved in the last round that methane is not hazardous to your health. When addressing the statements about being around chickens turning one into a chicken, I would like to point out that this occurred in Fiji, a third-world country. This probably also happened to a boy who most likely already had some mental issues. Overall this example, though a strange and sad story of neglect, is a very extreme example. This boy was forced to stay with the chickens as child and therefor adapted their ways because in a way, they raised him. This would not happen to someone who just cares for chickens. The people who take care of them are still around other people and have social experiences. Being around chickens could even help your mental health. When alone with the chickens you have a few moments away from the stress of social life. Also, if you are feeling angry or happy or whatever, you can talk to the chickens and you know they will listen.

The Beginning of the Calm:
I have also given readers many things to think about. I have tried to prove that the amount of chickens that is "too many" is all relative to how many one person or family can handle. I have also proved that chickens are not pollutants and the methane produced from their "chocolate" is not harmful whatsoever. I thank the viewers for taking the time to read this and hope they agree with my side of the argument.
Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Walrus101 4 years ago
Well, It seems that I forfeited. I have learned that going into a debate over the weekend was a bad idea especially since I was busy.

To give thanks:
It seems that you went through the trouble of finding the price to one of the many brands available to choose. I thank you for this, but it was unnecessary. It doesn't matter how much one brand is, as one may use another.
This link tells how this price has went up. This was around 2 years ago, so the price is more inflated than listed. Your article was older than such, and does not show the true price of chicken feed today.

A closing thought:
To end a matter that has carried on, I must address it. One Family, no matter how well off, can take the strain of taking care of 80 chickens. I talked previously how it is hazardous for your health, and will now address your minds health. When you spend most of your time around a chicken, you turn into a chicken yourself. I watched a documentary where a boy was put under his house with his chickens while his parents were at work. After months, he was like a chicken himself. He would walk around, doing the things that a chicken would do. He was rather hostile.
I really think I have prevent that C.C is harmful, so that is closed.

The End of the Storm:
I have given the readers something to think about. They now know just how many chickens is too many, and how chickens are pollutants. I have also described how we should not have 80 chickens, since the methane is rather bad for your health. I apologize for my failure to respond, and hope that you still choose to vote pro.
Posted by Anon_Y_Mous 4 years ago
Neither of them have any chickens. I'm also fairly (where, in this case, fairly means completely) certain that this debate was brought on by me. I do find the fact that I wasn't challenged quite interesting, though.
Posted by 17bohtal 4 years ago
You need to find someone that has chickens so you can give half to them. Or you need to split the chickens up and have 40 in one coop and 40 in the other.
Posted by Anon_Y_Mous 4 years ago
They just use compost. Of course, it's not enough, so the chickens quickly resort to cannibalism.
Posted by 17bohtal 4 years ago
How much feed & straw do you have to buy each month... What is the cost of each.
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