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Are Books Better Than Movies? (Pro/For = Yes) (Con/Against = No)

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Started: 6/13/2016 Category: Entertainment
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I will wait for an opponent to challenge me on this.


I accept your debate, Southpawsoccer13.
Debate Round No. 1


Before we start, this is just for fun. No need to be too serious.

I think Books are better than Movies because;
1. When reading Books you can use your imagination but when watching a Movie you can't.
2. Reading is better for your brain than watching T.V.
3. Books are the originals, Movies come after and most of the time they directors have to cut some parts out. This makes it a copy.
4. Books are more detailed than Movies.
5. Characters In Books Cannot Be Ruined By Bad Acting.
6. Books Last Longer And Improve Your Vocabulary

Drum-roll Please......And Now For Pro


Don't worry! I won't be too serious.

1. You can use your imagination when watching movies. For example, you can imagine yourself in the movie, experiencing all the events that happen in the movie. I do it all the time.

2. Watching TV
This list mentions some of the benefits of watching TV. Memory, intelligence, and education/information, in my opinion, are the three most important benefits of watching TV that this list mentions.

Memory- Like the list says, people need to remember what happened on their favorite TV shows in order to better understand the TV shows that they are watching. This helps to boost memory because in addition to enjoying the movie/TV show you are watching, you need to remember what happened in the movie/TV show. Memory is a good thing because it allows people to look back on the past and remember important events.

Intelligence- Many TV shows and movies do require a great deal of thinking, like the list says. Not only that but movies and TV shows can allow people to think in more intellectual and creative ways. Intellectual thinking movies such as Gravity, Breathless, and The Omen allow people to think of things in a more advanced and sophisticated way. Creative thinking movies such as Fight Club and The ABCs of Death allow people to use words, objects, and events in a more expressive way such as drawing a picture on a certain thing.

Education/Information- Many movies contain lots of information mixed with humor. Mr Peabody and Sherman and Finding Nemo are great examples of these types of movies.

3. The directors have to cut out some parts of movies based on books because if not, the movie will be exactly like the book and then, no one (at least no one who read the book) will want to watch the movie because it will be too predictable. Also, it's exciting when books and games get adapted into movies because then, the books and the games come to life in a more visual way. Also, a movie that is based on a book/game/TV show is not a copy. It is an adaptation.

4. I disagree with you. I think movies are more detailed than books because you really have to pay attention to all the details such as camera angles, costumes, special effects, dialogue, and more in order to really understand the movie.

5. Characters in books can not be ruined by terrible acting but they can be ruined by terrible narration and terrible word choice.

6. Actually, movies can also last for a long time and there are many movies that can help expand your vocabulary, specifically movies that take place in Ancient Europe.
Debate Round No. 2


While watching a movie you don't imagine what the character looks like or sounds like but with a book you are the characters! You live in their eyes. It will open your mind and do so much more than just broaden your vocabulary. Imagine ( this will be hard for those who think movies are better than books) that there were no books on Earth. Where would we have learned to follow our dreams, stand up for what's right, be who we are, say what we feel or even just read?

Website- Viewing the website you provided, these are a lot of the things you can do with books. (Ex. Laughter, Memory, Gives families something to bond over,Intelligence, and learning about different people and places.

FACT: Since the first television was invented people have been getting increasingly obese, lazy and scientists have even proven that our brain has reduced 10% in size in the past 100 years- so basically since we started letting machines work for us.

Intelligence- Yes There are many intelligent things to watch on your T.V. (Ex. Like Documentaries, Discovery, and National Geographic ) But that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about movies. (Ex. Action,Drama,Comedy, and Magical)

Education/Information- Kids need to be able to have an imagination and be creative.

Directors- They don't need to cut out part of a book based movie. I think as a reader, that it would be fine to have the movie exactly like the book. Most readers might like to see the book as a movie, so they could see what they're perspective looks like compared to another. I think directors cut out parts of movies because the movie cannot be more than a certain length, that's why there are 2s and 3s. Who wants to go a movie theater and watch a 4 hours movie? That is wasting a great length of the day.

Thank you


One simple reason why movies are better than books is because it's easier to eat and watch a movie simultaneously than it is to eat and read a book simultaneously. Think about it. When you read a book, you'll usually have one hand on the book and so, it will be harder to eat while reading the book but when you watch a movie, you don't have to worry about that because movies don't require you to hold your hands on something, except for your food.

Also, another simple reason why movies are better than books is because of music. Everyone loves music but with books, you can't really utilize music and read at the same time. Every movie has at least one scene that uses a catchy song and mixes it with the movie to create a scene. Basically, movies utilize music.

For example, romance movies will most likely utilize smooth, soft music because romance is all about love and love is soft. Horror movies will most likely utilize eerie music to make the movies seem more scary.

Music is a huge part of movies. Here are some good scenes from movies that utilize music:

The point is, music can not be found in books but music can always be found in movies and sometimes, a scene in a movie that uses a catchy song can be exciting to watch as it gives you some catchy music to listen to while watching the movie.
Debate Round No. 3



Music- Again this comes back to imagination, when I read a book I imagine what the music might sound like. The sound, can sound however I'd like when reading.

Eating & Drinking- I find it very easy to eat and read. It all depends on you, the more you practice the better you get.

Movies/TV- Can take a lot from you. ( )

Thank you.


You're right but it's hard to imagine music when you're reading. Movies and TV can take a lot of time away from you but they are still entertaining to watch, nonetheless.

Movies can be better than books because they are easier to understand. When reading a book, you might not have any idea what you're reading and then, you'll have a hard time understanding the story. When watching a movie, it's easier to understand what's happening because everything is visual and people tend to remember visual things more than non-visual things, due to the fact that visual things are easier for the brain to process.
Debate Round No. 4


Southpawsoccer13 forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited Round 5, so I will end with a concluding argument.
This is one of the more reliable lists that gives reasons why movies are better than books because it has reasons that are simple yet detailed.
1) Visually, movies are more appealing. This is very true because movies actually have images and colors and motion, whereas books just have words on paper, with no motion and no images, unless they're picture books. Because of this, it's hard to really visualize the events going on in the book whereas with movies, visualizing the events is easier because there are characters that move and there's motion and color.

2) Leif motifs. The author is absolutely right on this one. When dark music plays during the movie, it's easy to tell that something horrible is going to happen. When calm music plays during the movie, it's easy to tell that something good is going to happen. This isn't the case with books because books don't play music and so, it's sometimes hard to tell who's the antagonist and who's the protagonist.

3) Time is of the essence. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Movies waste less time than books because they're generally shorter than books. A person can easily binge-watch movies in one sitting or over a quick period of time due to the fact that movies are faster than books. When people watch a movie together, they're all on the same track because the movie isn't a book where some people read slow and some people read fast. It's not so easy for a person to binge-read because books take a large amount of time to go through.

4) Special Effects. Lots of movies have many awesome special effects such as car explosions, telekinesis effects, and superpower effects used in superhero movies. These special effects are very awesome and entertaining to watch because they bring the movie to life and make it seem more visually appealing. Books do not have any special effects so whenever the reader reads about a special effect/sound effect in a book, they have to visually imagine it themselves, which can get dull, boring, and repetitive after a certain amount of time.

5) The social aspect. People can watch movies with their friends because they don't have to physically hold the movie in their hand in order to watch it and they're all on the same pace, unlike books, which leads people to be on a different pace, whether fast or slow. Books are harder to enjoy with friends because people usually have to read out loud which can get very tiring, and everyone's on a different pace.

7) Action sequences. This is pretty much the same thing as #4 which is special effects.

8) Previews. Before you watch the movie at the theater, you always see a handful of exciting previews for upcoming movies because let's be honest, who doesn't like looking forward to watching more movies? These previews are exciting because they give the viewer a visual piece of upcoming movies to look forward to, based on the viewer's personal preferences. Books sometimes do have previews, which are usually called sneak peeks, for upcoming books, but these sneak peeks aren't as exciting as actual movie previews because there's no motion and no color, just words on paper and some pictures, depending on the book.

10) Frozen coke. This doesn't just apply to Coke but this applies to every other beverage. When a person watches a movie, it's easy for them to drink a beverage while watching the movie because there's nothing else they have to physically hold besides their drink. It's hard to drink a beverage while reading because you have to hold the beverage in one hand and hold the book in the other hand, which can be very uncomfortable at times.

Thank you so much for this debate. It gave me a chance to look deeper into movies besides just seeing them as "moving pictures on a screen."
Debate Round No. 5
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