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Are Indians safe in India?

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Started: 2/24/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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India is no longer that safe for Indians for the following reasons:
1) There isn't any personal security i.e. a person hardly ever feels safe.
2) Job security and opportunities are on a decrease.
3) Militarily we are growing weak.
4) Lack of political will to overcome these problems.
5) Lack of will, from the prospective of the people, to come forward and raise their voice.etc.
The whole point of this debate is that we no longer feel that for our overall safe and healthy growth India is safe.


nitin.sapru, please post your sources.

I think that India IS safe for the Indians because it is their home country and they have the right to the land. I think what you mean is "are Indian women safe in India" and in that case the answer is no.

"While women in the West had to fight for over a century to get some of their basic rights, like the right to vote, the Constitution of India gave women equal rights with men from the beginning. Unfortunately, women in this country are mostly unaware of their rights because of illiteracy and the oppressive tradition. Names like Kalpana Chawla: The Indian born, who fought her way up into NASA and was the first women in space, and Indira Gandhi: The Iron Woman of India was the Prime Minister of the Nation, Beauty Queens like Aishwarya Rai and Susmita Sen, and Mother Teresa are not representative of the condition of Indian women." {1}

Debate Round No. 1


I meant each and every word, that I wrote in the topic. We Indians are hardly safe living in our own country. Take some examples:
1) Consider the situations of the various employment guarantee schemes of our government.
2) Secondly, the safety of the people , not only from the foreign threats but also from domestic threats.
3) Thirdly, the democratic system we have, is not that effective now, considering that majority of the people vote for a candidate of his/her caste or religion.
4) The social system we have here doesn't think above their religious domain.
5) Considering all these things, how can one be sure that his/her, son/daughter would have a better future in our country?
How can one say that, we living in India, calling ourselves Indians, can we be sure that we'l go to some metropolitan city of ours and guarantee ones safety for that matter ?
This is the bitter truth of our country. We might be proud about the fact that our country is growing, but materialistic growth of one particular community , doesn't imply to growth of entire country.


I am sorry. I am not from India and were not aware of the circumstances. My argument was based on research.
Four years ago, a young female journalist driving home from work at 3 a.m. was shot dead in her car in India's capital, New Delhi. The state's chief minister, Sheila Dixit, a woman, remarked that the girl was returning home all by herself "at night in a city where people believe ... you know ... you should not be so adventurous."
This week, a 23-year-old woman, accompanied by a male friend, boarded a bus on a busy road in the capital at 9 p.m., only to be brutally raped by a group of men. She was then savagely beaten, stripped and thrown onto the road. The girl and her friend, who was attacked for trying to protect her, were returning home after watching a movie. She is battling for life in hospital, according to her doctors.
India's rising rape cases -- one every 22 minutes, according to the National Crime Records Bureau -- betray what is wrong with society.
Millions of Indians continue to believe that women invite trouble on themselves by being careless. Mothers often chide daughters for wearing provocative clothing, in most cases a sleeveless garment or a pair of hip-hugging jeans.

Anjana Menon
In cities such as New Delhi, easily the most-policed state in the country, few women will take public or private transport unescorted after nightfall. More than 600 rape cases have been reported in New Delhi alone this year, according to government records.
Worse still, many more go unreported because a large number feel insecure about reporting rape or even sexual harassment to lawmakers, either because they are not taken seriously or because in several cases the protectors have turned perpetrators.
Earlier this month, a girl who was raped in her village by four men, was then allegedly raped by a police officer who was handling her case, according to medical examiners. She had to be rescued by a police team that raided the hotel where she was being held.
Read: Indian girl seeks justice after gang rape
The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh, which borders Delhi.
The truth is, when most women report sexual harassment in India's cities, towns and villages, they are typically met with a shrug.
Anjana Menon
Around the same time in Punjab, another northern state, an officer who was protecting his daughter against sexual harassment -- locally referred to as "Eve teasing" -- was shot dead in public view, allegedly by a local political party member who was troubling her.
The truth is, when most women report sexual harassment in India's cities, towns and villages, they are typically met with a shrug. Slowly, but firmly, the onus of remaining safe seems to have shifted to women, instead of being shared by society and law-keepers.
At a protest rally held in the city on Tuesday, when women waved placards saying: "Don't teach me what to wear, teach men not to rape," it was meant as a wake-up call for society, for mothers and fathers, for law-keepers as well as lawmakers. Other posters saying: "Don't get raped," with words crossed out to read: "Don't rape," were a chilling reminder of how vulnerable and isolated women feel in India.
India's apparent nonchalance towards sexual harassment has escalated into a major crisis. And we're not just talking about the odd sly remark or attempt to grope a woman but far more serious assaults. India's misplaced tolerance has helped this cascade into a brutal, violent menace.

Debate Round No. 2


nitin.sapru forfeited this round.


You have forfeited! :) im doner with this debate! i just needed the count
Debate Round No. 3
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