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Are Key actions of EU really the right way how to tackle with youth unemployment ?

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Started: 7/20/2013 Category: Economics
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Those are the Key actions:
1. Communication: Working together for Europe's young people " A call to action on youth unemployment (2013) to accelerate the implementation of the Youth Guarantee and the investment in young people, and develop EU-level tools to help EU countries and firms recruit young people.
2. Youth Employment Initiative (2013) reinforces and accelerates measures outlined in the Youth Employment Package. It aims to support particularly young people not in education, employment or training in regions with a youth unemployment rate above 25 %.
3. Youth Employment Package (2012) is the follow-up to the actions on youth laid out in the wider Employment Package and includes:
A proposal to Member States to establish a youth guarantee " adopted by the Council in April 2013
Second-stage consultation of EU social partners on a quality framework for traineeships
The European Alliance for Apprenticeships and ways to reduce obstacles to mobility for young people.
4. Youth on the Move is a comprehensive package of policy initiatives on education and employment for young people in Europe
Youth Opportunities Initiative (2011) includes actions to drive down youth unemployment
Your first EURES Job aims to help young people to fill job vacancies throughout the EU.
5. EU Skills Panorama is a EU-wide tool gathering information on skills needs, forecasting and developments in the labour market.
6. Measures in the field of education and culture

What do you think? Is that really the right way, how to solute the problems?


I would first like to say this was one of the most interesting subjects talked about for Debate, thanks for the debate:)

Now next I would like to say that Europe's youth are suffering throughout all of Europe but in different lengths.The European Union is an Economic Model that is based on the 2 ideas of cultural and economic unity.I would also like to point out that the unemployment rate in Germany is only 5.4% as of April 2013, the United Kingdom at 8.3% and France at 10.8%


I would like to note that the three countries I have cited are the three richest countries in Europe, each with a GDP of over 1 trillion $.Now I want to talk about the other countries. Countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain are having the most difficult time surviving.Greece has hit an unemployment of 26.8% by May 2013, Spain has hit a little under with 26.4%. And with Italy at the Lowest

Unemployment for the other countries.

Now for these "packages", I would like to cite the homepage as it first says that it says it helps more then 400,000 young people find a Job.Now I would first like to say that the European Union, on their website, say they are helping more then 400,000 kids in Europe find a job or train. Only 400,000?!?! I thought the European Union had a population a little over 500,000,000.

The other part that I found ,as of 2011, was that the percentage of people Under 18 in the European Union is only 15.2% of the whole country.That should calculate to 760000000 people who are destined to have a tough time finding a job. I think, overtime, as the Europeans have fewer and fewer kids , they will have a much lower unemployment. What stimulate Unemployment is when the population of a certain region supersedes the number of Jobs. For this reason that is why Germany has the lowest unemployment rate.
Debate Round No. 1


Well a can almost agree with you. But still my personal opinion is that EU is at least trying to decrease the rate of the Youth Unemployment.
For example they have established the European Social Fund which amounts to almost 80 billion EUR, which are going to be divided in countries with high rate of Youth Unemployment. The money is supposed to be spent to make it more easily for the young people to find the jobs, to finish the school and to improve their education, also providing the financial support for language courses and other training needs, travel expenses and integration programmes. EU has also established the EURES Portal, which aim is to supply more job vacancies, find the suitable job maybe also abroad.

I also find that EU is trying to built a genuine European labour market, which aim is to make the single market work more efficiently. They are also trying to encourage all the member states to increase their innovative, to increase the growth of the economy, to lift up the standards of living, to become more efficient by providing more jobs to young generations.

And on the it also says about establishing YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PACKAGE which focuses on ways how to:
"smooth the transition between school and work through youth guarantee schemes " so that, within 4 months of leaving school or losing a job, under-25s receive a quality offer of employment, continuing education, an apprenticeship or traineeship;
"ensure that traineeships offer high-quality work experience under safe conditions;
"improve the quality and supply of apprenticeships;
"give young people more opportunities to work and train abroad.

I think that they are concerned. It is true that some countries like you mentioned Germany has low rate of unemployment, but still isn't it about the EU, that when a country is in trouble other members are helping her. It is also with Youth Unemployment. The countries with lower rate, are foundating more money and can provide more knowledge, skills to the Youth.


Well I'd like to say Sorry for not reading the con or pro lol, for me I am very anti-EU. Reason for this is the constant news stories and statistics that directly correlate crime with the Islamic Immigrants the EU allows in.In my opinion what the European Union doesn't understand is that the growth rates of each country's economy has a direct correlation with the country' culture. The other thing about the Europeans,especially the Germans, are trying to phase out the Blue Collar worker or send the Blue Collar worker to Poland. What the European Union is doing is causing Socio-Economic Genocide. As time goes on, more and more Germans will get White collar jobs which will dwindle the number of Blue collar German workers.

The next thing I want to talk about is that not everyone in the European Union wants to be a sharia law state like Germany and France. These two will be countries with sharia law soon. Countries such as Italy,Greece and Spain don't like immigrants and would rather stay countries who believe in Christianity. The other thing about 2 of these three countries is that half of their immigrants stock comes from Eastern Europe and another quarter of the immigrant stock is from Latin America leaving only a quarter of the immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Now this is a theory that accuses the European Union of being Biased towards countries such as France, Germany and the UK. It is evident in the GDP's per capita of the six countries.Spain, Italy and Greece are in the late 20,000's to the early 30,000's while the countries, France,UK and Germany make around 40,000$ each.

France,UK , Germany

Jobs and the Young Generation

As time goes on, a lot of these European Countries actually have a very low birth rate. Greece and Spain have a very low birth rate, while Spain's migration rate replaces it's population, Greece does not have the same economic buffer. Greece is a ageing country with. As time goes on, Spain might join the big 3 as a major economy but what about Italy and Greece. Because of their decreasing populations, their GDP's will also decay over time and with the GDP so will the pensions and all the social benefits will disappear.

Naturally for every white collar person there are 2 blue collar people. The Blue collar jobs will be more in Italy and Greece while the Jobs in Northern Europe will be predominantly white collar in the Future. And with the predominance of the white collar world will be either a stabilized low birth rate or god willing a giant recession will destroy the birth rate. The only ones who will still be making babies will be the immigrants who are oblivious to finances and the economy.

Matured white collar countries fertility rate:
Norway GDP per Capita:98,080$
Sweden Fertility:1.9
Sweden GDP per capita:57000$

Although these are very stable and good fertility rates, they make room for immigrants who usually have more kids then the native population, especially the arabic immigrants. These Arabic immigrants are not only much less productive but they also rape women and rob stores.There was also widespread rioting through out Sweden and all the Rioting were from the Maghrebi population.

And who was behind letting in all these immigrants to riot and rape?The European Union. The EU has tried to create a multi-cultural Europe where Christians and Muslims can live together in Peace, this isn't reality.

Thanks to your European Union :)
Debate Round No. 2


Well I can hardly agree with you. Today in Portoros in Slovenia(one of the member states) there were the negotiations going on about establishing a Common European Border Guard. The point of this CEBG is that in the Mediterranean part god also in east Europe they try to decrease the number of immigrants, which are having a big influence on the nations across the EU border. So I think that it is not fault of the EU, for this immigrants to coming in our zone. It is just that the zone of EU is very attractive to them. And also one of the goals of today's negotiations was to establish a blue card. That would be kind of a green card in America. So to attract high skilled workers, holders of a blue card could work and live anywhere in the European Union and would be eligible for citizenship after five years.

Although this topic is a little bit out of the main question that I am wondering about, I still have to say that even here the EU is trying to decrease the amount of immigrants. We will see, what they have established today on the negotiations.

About youth unemployment. It is true, that it takes time, but still EU is trying to decrease the amount of unemployed young people since 2007, so it just the matter of time, when the key actions which they have established will started showing the improvement.

Otherwise I come from Slovenia, one of the latest members that join the EU, and I can say that since 2004 are BDP growth has fallen and yes we have a depression in our country. But looking the data, and searching about the EU, I also think that those stuffs would be happening also if there wont be the Union. For an example, countries were in but conditions before we even singed the first treaty for being united. There for I don't blame the UN for everything that is happening.

Let me just conclude with saying that we cant go more deeper, I am staying positive and I think it is a matter of a person itself, how it is going to spent the time, that is deserving it.


Well one, the number of immigrants actually do correlate with the actual "educating" of the people. When you say that the EU brings in highly skilled workers from Africa and the Middle East, this is probably one of the best ways to create a hostile competitive environment between immigrant and native. As time goes on, the white Collar Employer will act exactly as did the Blue Collar Employer.

When it comes to pay this is the biggest problem, the Average Turk will make only 5000$ while your Average makes 44,805$. These statistics were as of 2011, now when looking at this the pay ratio looks roughly like the Average Turk earns 1$ for every 9$ the Average German makes. Now as these people get smarter and begin to take work as lawyers and doctors in their new countries, they will work for 9 times less then the average German Doctor or Lawyer.

Now Back to the Youth Unemployment, this will definitely play into affect as more and more European Kids get better educated. For the White collar jobs, they wouldn't need as many immigrants as they would for the Blue collar Jobs but with more immigrants in the White Collar Jobs, they only add to the competition to get a job.As we look into it the idea of educating our natives is a nationalistic idea while bringing in immigrants is anti nationalist, these contradictions create a very bad environment to have a job in.
Debate Round No. 3


NASTJA forfeited this round.


Well it seems you couldn't find the good, I would like to tell the people who comment to understand that the EU has been an attempt to be more like the United States but what my European Opponent doesn't understand is that the United states is a special case when it comes to having it's own federation.
Debate Round No. 4


NASTJA forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 5
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