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Are Militias racist, government hating, extremists?

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Started: 5/10/2013 Category: Politics
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No. The militia has lost its name recently due to a few groups hating government and having racist Aryan intentions. That's not what they stand for. Community service, Civilian defense group, self defense. Because I am willing to stand for my beliefs, family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, or just fellow statesmen and women, that means i should be labeled a terrorist?
Some seem to forget the national guard is also a militia.
"Join the guard," some might say.
The militias are also against tyranny. How can they fulfill that purpose if they serve the Federal government?


I will accept your debate under the proposition that not all militias or entirely good or bad. This statement is self-evident. And by the general term militia, you mean either 51%, 70% or 90% of the militias. I believe it is fair that we
use 70%. Also, as Pro I will be arguing in favor of the notion that the majority (at least 70%) of militias are either
extremist, racist, xenophobic, anti-government, neophobic, or motivated by irrational fears and conspiracies.

My main reason for my notion are based on statistics, reason for entering a militia and social relations. Such statistics
of the fact that there were less than 150 militia and patriot groups before Obama took office and now[March 2012] there are over 1200. An increase of over 755%. I have yet to see a minority militiaman in a white militiamen group, and although some militia may attempt to claim they are not racist, simply patriots, their previous actions have proved otherwise. I could go on but I believe I have stated enough.

"How can they fulfill that purpose if they serve the Federal government?"

No one said they are to serve the Federal government. Such a word is used by anti-government militias who view
cooperation as tyrannical slavery. The government only wishes to prevent harm and mellow discrimination. Although most militias claim to be against tyranny, many of them are inspired my immigration and inane conspiracies of nation-wide disaster. Traveling throughout multiple states to patrol the Mexican border with M16's and other assault rifles is dangerous for both them and the U.S. Such extreme visions of vigilance need to be contained before an incident occurs.

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I apologize for the awkwardness of my text although it wasn't my fault; the text box constantly rearranges sentences against my will multiple times. I didn't think it would show once published, but...
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