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Are There Problems With a Belief in an Afterlife?

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Started: 1/20/2014 Category: Religion
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My opponent must belong to some religion (preferably Judaism, Islam, or Christianity).

My opponent must believe in Heaven and Hell.

My opponent cannot use the argument that God alone has all knowledge, and therefore He can judge perfectly. The point of this debate is to see if we, as humans, can see the belief in an afterlife as a fair and moral reward.

Purgatory is not an option. This debate assumes purgatory is an incorrect belief.


There are problems with the idea of an afterlife. Because of these problems, it is likely that an afterlife is not possible.


The main point I will be arguing for is that because of babies who die before they reach an age of a fully developed intellectual mind, and people who are mentally disabled, the doctrine of an afterlife of heaven or hell is unfair.

I see two possibilities:

1) Babies and the mentally disabled will automatically go to heaven, because they did not choose evil. (I see this as unfair because they get a free pass.)

2) Babies and the mentally disabled will be annihilated. They never really had complete consciousnesses, so they won't be resurrected to have a consciousness. (I see this also as unfair, because then they never had a chance to earn salvation.)

My contention is that none of the main religions have ever answered this question, that is to say, no holy books have ever provided an adequate answer to this dilemma. I believe that it has been completely ignored because this issue completely undermines the fair judgement of who goes to heaven and hell. The best option is to say that no one goes to heaven or hell. This option is completely fair to everyone.

I have provided two options for what may happen to babies and the mentally disabled. I do not think there can be a third option (if my opponent is wise enough to see a third one, he/she may argue by that one), so I would like my opponent to choose one of the two options and argue on how it could be fair.

I hope for a thought-provoking and intriguing debate. I await for my clever opponent. Cheers!


Hello So you are right the Bible does not answer those questions explicitly but Revelation 21:4 says and he will wipe away every tear from their eyes and there will no longer be any death there will no longer be any mourning or crying or pain the first things have past away. So a all loving God would be just and loving at the same time. I believe tha for someone that is mentally ill and can not understand the gospel or a babies that does not have the chance to but trust in Jesus Christ God will make a way for them to get to heaven but for a normal person who can understand the gospel they must make a dession

I really don't want to do this debate I made a mistake just get it over with.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent has taken the view that the babies and the mentally disabled will automatically be gifted the chance for an afterlife. As already stated, I do not see this position as fair. These may have been people who would potentially have been wicked people, but because of their limited lifespans or limited brain capacity, they were not given a chance to be either righteous or wicked.

Wouldn't it make more sense that if a loving God existed, He would have created everyone with equal intelligence and an equal opportunity of being old enough to evaluate morality before they died? This is not a fair system- some people have more of a chance to get to heaven depending on what conditions they are born with and how old they live.

My opponent has stated that he regrets taking this debate, but he has accepted the terms, and I hope that he takes the time to think about this issue and respond with well though out arguments.


octo forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent is no longer active :(

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Debate Round No. 3


octo forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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