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Are Weeaboos Better than Koreaboos? I Say Yes!

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Started: 6/9/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First of all, Weeaboos, while they are annoyingly obsessed with Japan sometimes, they usually have good intentions. They usually feel like outcasts by their own societies or may feel that they connect better with the lifestyle found in a Japanese anime or Japanese drama. But despite how ignorant they may seem about Japanese culture, at least they are willing to understand that other people have varying interests and even within the community they can accept that not everyone likes the same animes, Jpop songs, japanese dramas, and cultural aspects as each other. For example, they don't compare Utada Hikaru to Ayumi Hamasaki aggressively....and when they do they generally respect each other's opinions within the Weeaboo community. The weeaboo community is more united in their love for Japanese anime or Japanese culture. They usually try to stick together because obviously they are different. Weeaboos don't insult Japanese people or their way of life intentionally, and when they are corrected by a Japanese person, they usually take it in because they genuinely want to respect Japanese people. Even some Japanese people who are obsessed with anime tend to be easy to talk to. Jnetizens are polite, despite how ignorant Weeaboos can be. It makes it a lot easier for them to learn from one another.

Koreaboos on the other hand tend to be major Kpop followers and when you say one thing about their "bias" stan they go on an all out attack on you. They are generally divided by kpop fandoms and only like groups because they look better. They may not feel like outcasts necessarily, but they insist that Kpop music is better. They go online spamming and trolling people just so they can get followers for their "biases". The only ones that are bearable are the ones that are interested in Kdramas because at least they are reasonable to talk to. The other part of the Kpop community is aggressively so. Also, there is no unification under koreaboos. When people go to the Kcon events its to see the music artists, not to check out the literature, latest Korean movies, or anything else. Its all a big show for them!
And then the way Koreaboos talk to the Knetizens....they are ten times more aggressive and judgmental towards their way of life. And the Knetizens are just as snarky towards Koreaboos. They are both intolerant and disrespectful to each other's countries and ideas. There is no unity between Koreaboos and Knetizens.

This is my experience being around both, and in my opinion Weeaboos are WAAAYYYY better than Koreaboos.


I accept your challenge, but I will not attribute to this nonsense.

In my experience, life is too short to waste on arts that consist of propaganda used to incite cheap comic/cartoon/manga characters into publicized and over-inflated industries that don't benefit the rest of the world.

Neither is really all that great, in my opinion. I wish I could say I respect your opinion or your decision but to fantasize over an art limits yourself to the WHOLE of arts. See, if I listened to just KPop, and ONLY KPop, I could potentially miss the opportunity to appreciate JPop. It goes in the other direction as well. And in both life and the arts.

If I only appreciated Modern Eastern culture simply because of my surrounding in Modern Western culture or because of some other reason, I'd still undervalue Modern Western culture.

As an artist, or a fan, or a lover of entertainment, I appreciate all styles of music, drama, sports, etc.

This argument in general decapitates one style of entertainment for a public raid that has no significance in society. Even your argument, "And then the way Koreaboos talk to the Knetizens....they are ten times more aggressive and judgmental towards their way of life", assumes that all 'Koreaboos' are these mongrels that aren't cute and lovable. That's a very horrible assumption and offensive to the Korean people in-general. I'm Filipino. If I just simply looked at Japan and went, "You know what, I'm better because I'm not like them.", would that be right? And I know that's not the true case in-point... But my point stands, that was very disrespectful and this argument is very unnecessary.
Debate Round No. 1


First off, you joined an argument without even knowing what a Koreaboo is. Koreaboos are not KOREANS...Koreaboos are people who are obsessed with Korean pop culture. How am I offending Koreans when I am talking about Koreaboos who are not Korean? That doesn't make sense what you are implying. lol My point is that Koreaboos and Knetizens (Knetizens are Koreans) do not get along. They sometimes do not respect each other's cultures when speaking to each other. And this is my experience being around people in both communities.

You stated: ""You know what, I'm better because I'm not like them." I never said I was a weeaboo. I said I like weeaboos better than Koreaboos, and this is from being AROUND these people. My experience with being around Koreaboos (foreigners obsessed with Korean pop culture) and Weeaboos (foreigners obsessed with Japanese Pop Culture) is that Weeaboos are a little more open minded.

Your opinion about the Weeaboo community has nothing to do with the argument. That is based off of life choices. Just like if you decide that eating meat is an appropriate way of life. Some people are Vegans or vegetarians. Weeaboos are not "fantasizers" over an art. They can range from being interested in the music, culture, food, etc. Weeaboo simply means obsessed over Japan, not obsessed over "anime". Again, before you respond you must learnt o read what the debate is about and you must at least have an understanding of what a Weeaboo or Koreaboo is. Otherwise, your argument is pointless. You responded to shame people who are obsessed with a way of life? I can understand that. But again, my argument is not about how obsessed they are, my argument is about why it is easier to speak and be around weeaboos than it is koreaboos. I say this from personal experiences with being around BOTH types of people.

As far as my own appreciation for many different art forms, I am a culturally interested in many forms of art, especially Italian and Greek concepts. But again, this is off topic and not what I am arguing here. I repeat my argument is that I feel weeaboos, despite their judgement, are a lot easier to get along with than Koreaboos and have a stronger sense of unity. To add, even when they are obsessed, they are still able to learn about what Japanese people regard, and generally they tend to have a cultural exchange of ideas without causing friction.

Yet, foreigners who are obsessed with Korean Pop culture tend to be very critical of Korea and Korean netizens. Look I'll show you.

And here is a Kpop fan themselves that admitted these people take Kpop TOO seriously!

Whereas the Japanese think it is great that foreigners are interested in Japanese culture and art. In fact, Japanese people do not mind the obsessions and compare it to being an "otaku" as they called it. Some Japanese people have stated that they feel it is normal for someone to be obsessed over SOMETHING in life.

Whether you are obsessed over the internet, your phone, or obsessed over even, everyone has something that they truly enjoy. There is nothing wrong with that unless you condemn other people and try to force other people to like it. Not everyone cares to appreciate "art" in general. Some people just want to appreciate Japan and its culture/art. And there is nothing wrong with having such a preference. Even I'm sure, you preferences for food, art, or music is very selective right? Then there is nothing wrong with someone having a preference for one thing over another. Its human nature. That is how we develop distinction.

My argument is not about culture vs culture, which you seem to be implying. My argument is about one community of fans vs another community of fans. I like both Japanese and Korean pop culture personally. But I like the Weeaboo community of FANS better than the Koreaboo community of fans.


What was I even doing to get on this website and join this argument, honestly?
I mean, being totally honest I don't even remember reading this, posting this, arguing this, challenging this.
I just have one question, how many Weeaboos and/or Koreaboos did it take for you to finally go, "Well, might as well ask the internet on some random 'debate' site."?
And I guess I'm obligated to read your round 2 argument cause that's formal, right? After I stopped giving a damn on the opening statement?
I mean, your sources check out. That's good. A+.
Wait just lemme hold that thought and look back at my opening statement cause that was a fun one, you know?
See, sarcasm stated when I intricately placed the word 'Propaganda'.
Oh, see. My bad.
But, yet, round 2 is so great.
It's honestly just perfect. Your argument was very well thought out.
But I have one question, you sourced this? Like fam, you sourced it.
(Sidenote: This may or may not have been for suffrage)
Debate Round No. 2


If you didn't care about it from the start you wouldn't have responded to the opening statement to begin with. lol So I don't believe that lie for two seconds. lol There are plenty of arguments on you can get into besides this one. If you weren't interested, why this one? Yeah, you're giving yourself away...

I'm allowed to debate whatever I want to debate. Get over it. If you don't like it, you see the other sections? They are yours for the choosing.

If you're trolling, then there is a place for you on Do you see the little side button that says "Report This Argument"? That is for people who are spamming and trolling. So before you respond, you'd better think about what it is you're saying and (if you are trolling) you'd best just withdraw/forfeit, or accept your loss to this debate.

BTW, yes...I source my stuff. I don't care what it is. You'd be wise to do the same.

And my experiences with both communities goes back to my years in high school, which is about 15 years ago. So, I've seen the groups evolve and grow even to this day. The groups have soft power in regards to relations with other countries. In your mind all you see is "a bunch of obsessive little teens" but these groups are actually moving and shaping the systems. The government in China has even stated how Kpop is a soft power over China's communities and vice versa (the Koreaboos are influencing Knetizens). It is through these cultural mediums and communities that the world is becoming interconnected and developing brand new ideas. But again, if you're one of those surface dudes/dudettes, I can see why you miss this...


Repunter forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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