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Are Women Equal to Men?(by this I mean are women and men really equal not do women deserve equality)

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Started: 11/6/2014 Category: Society
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I believe Women aren't truly equal to men any takers?


Now,lets get into reproduction shall we, not to be disgusting but to reproduce you need both a woman and man. Physical assets, lets get into that, there can be woman stronger than man. Intellectual reasons, lets also get in to this, they are smart they take their time slowly instead of going faster.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all I'm not going to compare intellect or physical superiority because it's not my point to be made.

Today people say women are equal to men. But I think that men (and some women) still believe women are inferior. Well I disagree I think gender inequality still exists. And in my essay I’m going to expose, entertain, and explain gender “equality”. I want to show the wrongs of our society today.

The first thing I’m going to talk about is the wage gap. “On average in 2010, women only made 77 cents to every dollar a man made” (Brinton). The United States wage gap is still present and I believe until we acknowledge and confront the problem of the wage gap between men and women we can never truly be equal. This starts by men doing more at home and not just at work. “Childcare is very expensive in the United States” (Brinton). We are behind Asia and most European countries in affordable childcare. We need to abolish the stereotype of good mother, good woman it’s wrong and is a drive behind gender inequality and plus a fathers role in a child’s life is just as important as a mother’s. And we also need to realize that the economic problem in gender equality goes beyond work into the home where studies are proven that “males that are economically unequal to their spouses tend to be abusive” (Meyer). And finally my entertainment of actual equality in the economy. If we eliminate the wage gap most of the other problems will fall by themselves.

The point of equality is to see a society without economic inequities, racial distinctions, or sexual exploitation. Why do we have gender, “The whole point of gender is to keep gender inequality”, (Meyer). What this means is that the whole reason we have genders is because we want to divide the men and the “inferior”. In the words of Judith Lorber, “Gender is an institution that needs to be dismantled” (Meyer). Now back to the point of domestic violence “Men who physically abuse their spouses usually do so because society associates masculinity with norms of dominance” (Meyer). What this explains is that being dominant over your spouse is masculine. And most judges are male and try not to interrupt in family matters so far that they don’t get a clear perspective of domestic violence. Along with most males being judges thee has never been a female president. “Only 100 years ago women were allowed to participate in politics and only 20 years ago were women encouraged to participate in politics” (Brodsky).

Well I know what my opponents are saying about my opinions on gender inequality. The question is are they lying or telling the truth? Well to be honest it’s a little bit of both. Fox news says that women are equal and here’s why. “Strong laws already prohibit discrimination against women. “They require “paycheck fairness” as well as unbiased policies on promotion, hiring, firing and more” (Trueman).

I’m not even going to go into the fact that not just last month Fox Hosts of “The Five made sexist remarks because it’s not my point or reason for debating this topic but it is to stop ignorance like it (Taibi). And just because laws are set in place does not mean we enforce them. Until we get rid of gender inequality women, “cannot participate in economic development and society” (Eastman). I believe women deserve legal equality, societal equality, and economic equality!

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Zanegan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Zanegan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jaime.izaguirre 2 years ago
I'm not even going to acknowledge your comment just happened dude cause that was something else.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
A man should not treat women as their equal. They should be treated better than that. They are not just one of the guys. They are special.
Posted by MyDinosaurHands 2 years ago
Con should've outlined his position better. Looks like he's arguing that women don't receive equal treatment?
Posted by philochristos 2 years ago
I think you ought to explain what you mean by "equal." You also ought to be specific about whether you mean:

1. All women equal to all men.
2. Some women equal to some men.
3. Most women equal to most men.

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