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Are YouTubers Classed as a Profession?

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Started: 1/28/2016 Category: Entertainment
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Hello! This is my first time debating on, and I would like to have a debate on the topic of, "Are YouTubers Classed as a Profession?"

Round 1: Acceptance.
Round 2: Argue your side.
Round 3: Rebuttal.
Round 4: Closing Statement.

Can't wait to debate! :D


Hi! First time debating here as well, going to be fun :D
I accept the debate from MazaPraza, and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to debate on this topic.

Looking forwards to it ;)
Debate Round No. 1


I would first like to thank Suuu for accepting the debate, so let's get started!

Profession: A type of job that requires special education, training, or skill.

Many people tend to criticize YouTubers for not being a real job. YouTubers stray away from the traditional professions that have been in place for centuries, the ones that clock in and out from 9 to 5. However, to this day, we are living in a society where there is an increasing amount of and variety of non-traditional jobs. With the invention of the internet, job opportunities currently flourish the 21st century, ranging from previously unthinkable jobs such as game developers, to social media mangers, and much more!

YouTubers are one of these great new opportunities created in the modern age of technology. YouTubers, are in essence, entertainers. They create videos to entertain the public, and gain a fanbase depending on how popular their content is. This is where profession comes into play. YouTubers who are currently topping the charts such as well-known internet celebrities PewDiePie, Smosh, NigaHiga, Michelle Phan, aren't just simply pointing a camera at themselves and throwing it up onto the internet. Being a YouTuber requires dedication, time, and effort to build one's community and brand. Being a YouTuber means you need to be an editor, graphic artist, entertainer, businessman, and many more professions combined into one mesh.

An editor, for editing one's videos to make it high quality and make sure to keep audience retention and watch-time. This process itself takes hours upon hours to perfect and make videos clean cut.

A graphic artist, to create channel art, thumbnails, and other graphic work needed to be placed in videos, and so forth. One has to spend a lot of time to perfect making an agreeably aesthetically looking graphic.

An entertainer, to entertain your audience with your commentary and presentation. One has to gain experience by making videos upon videos to become comfortable with himself/herself so that your commentary does not sound forced and have a generally like-able character.

A businessman, to handle the financial end of YouTube, ranging from sponsorships to deals with companies regarding promotion and etc.

There is so much more than just recording a video and slapping it on the internet.

Being a YouTuber also includes a whole source of income, believe it or not. The way YouTubers make revenue from their videos are by having companies pay for ads running on his or her videos. What happens is YouTube takes 50% of the ad revenue, while the rest goes to the creator depending on the deal a YouTuber has made with his or her current network. Succesful YouTubers, such as PewDiePie, the biggest YouTuber on YouTube, grosses at an estimate minimum of $774,400 a year, not to mention other products such as his online store, newly released book, YouTube Red series, sponsorships and promotions, and App on the Apple Appstore.

Overall, being a YouTuber is like a one man business. It requires skill that has to be developed over a period of time for a YouTuber's career to be successful and help generate income.



I thank for MazaPraza for providing such a great start to the debate, and I commend him on starting the debate on such a great note :D

I would like to start off by agree with the definition for "profession" the opposition has provided. However, I would like to define the term "YouTubers" as: "A frequent user of the video-sharing website YouTube, especially someone who produces and appears in videos on the site".

Ever since YouTube was created more than a decade ago, there has been an increase in content creators using the site to spread their ideas, thoughts, and stories through uploading their videos onto the site. As of October 7th, 2015, almost 5 billion videos and 110 million hours worth of content are 'viewed' each day. The top 100 corporations use YouTube for advertisement,campaigners and activist groups upload videos to spread their views, used for educational purposes, provide entertainment, and the list goes on.

All in all, YouTube is a great medium to use to spread thoughts and ideas. However, all YouTube is just that: a medium, and all YouTubers, people who use this medium to share their videos. Unlike a psychologist or a taxi driver (which are two of top 160 most common professions), YouTube requires no special education, training or skill. It is by design, supposed to be usable to anyone, and everyone. Anyone with a shaky webcam and a computer can make a video, and upload it to YouTube. Thus, Youtubing simply cannot be described as a profession.

A profession, is also by definition a job. The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that a job is: "the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money". Only a tiny fraction of YouTubers, such as PewDiePie, can afford to quit their normal jobs and regularly make videos on YouTube for a living. Google only pays around 15 cents per thousand views, and that is after some views are discounted for having an adblocker, and only if you sign up for video monetization. Simply put, YouTube does not pay well enough for people to quit their jobs, create Youtube videos for a living, and live comfortably. For most YouTubers, it is more of a hobby such as fishing, rather than an actual job such as accounting.

Also, should 'YouTubing' be classified as a profession, people who upload discriminatory or just plain stupid content will also be classified as so. Although most youtubers are not discriminatory, there is still a sizable portion of 'YouTubers' who are. For example, should the countless number of people who create prank videos be classified as a profession? One case, women and underage fans were groped as part of a 'social experiment' on youtube. Also, in another controversial case, 3 brothers wore traditional muslim clothes and threw a bag, which they claimed were a bomb into people's hands and vehicles. The same 3 brothers also uploaded a video of a prank where they 'kidnapped' a woman from the street, in broad daylight on a busy street. These men should not have what they did classified as 'a profession'.

All in all, YouTubers cannot be classified as a profession, when it does not require special education, skills or training, does not pay enough to classify as a job, and when some of the content itself is negative to society.

Debate Round No. 2


MazaParaza forfeited this round.


May I ask why you forfeited this round Maza?
Debate Round No. 3


MazaParaza forfeited this round.


Suuu forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Suuu 2 years ago
Mazapraza, is it possible for me to write a rebuttal for the 2nd round?
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
Not paid or sponsored (a form of payment in currency) = not professional.
Posted by MikeTheGOd 2 years ago
TBH would have to say it is. I mean I think if being an artist is classified as a profession (artist as in Taylor swift, Drake, Chris brown, Beyonc", Tim McGraw, Bryson Tiller etc.) then so should YouTube's. Just like the music industry you start out with no pay and you have to get a deal or such to really get payed but it's still an occupation. You are getting payed for something and for some youtubers and of course artist its a full time job practically. Next a lot of artist use youtube to blow up and share videos so in a way they are a you tuber as well.
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