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Are aliens among us now? I say no.

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Started: 6/25/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 weeks ago Status: Debating Period
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Nope. Don't think so. Evidence otherwise?


So, aliens and other life forms are something which is quite probable, the water found on mars surely proves there is chance for water and live-able environments in this universe, we cannot of course assure you, but I'm 75 percent sure that aliens are very probable and I'm sure soon life will evolve on other planets and we will meet them, do u have any evidence that they are not possible??
Debate Round No. 1


I too believe that other life forms are something which is quite probable, but that is not the argument.

I am not asking the "probability" or what is the "chance of" aliens being here. I want to know if anyone claims to know aliens are here now and if there is any evidence supporting the claim.

You may have heard stories or accounts of people being taken (abducted) or seeing things (UFO'). I want to know if anyone can provide proof.

Side note - I did like your 75% sureness though. That was interesting. I have no idea what that could be based on. (not asking, not part of the debate) Just a curious observation.

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Posted by missmedic 3 weeks ago
Humans have been on the earth for only a tic of the clock, if aliens came here, chances are we were not here yet.
Posted by canis 3 weeks ago
well..Con will probably be a non alien..
Posted by canis 3 weeks ago
yes it is simple to tell a story and create a conspiracy...let the aliens talk..
Posted by straightshooter 3 weeks ago
Examples of other possible sources:
A human that has befriended an alien. e.g. E.T, Stitch, ALF.
Anything military. Area 51. or Lt Ripley (personal account).
Any victim of abduction.
Aliens caught on media.

The truth is out there. :)
Posted by canis 3 weeks ago
How there could, and why there would be "aliens" among us..Only an alien could answer..
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