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Are aliens real?

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Started: 2/22/2015 Category: Science
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Since I was little I always believed in them.
There are tons of galaxies out there and I think that it is impossible that we are the only ones to be living.
Everyone would be so afraid of them if they came in our planet but seriously?
Movies show them killing us and being mean and experementing on us.
If we found an alien (which we did in my opinion) first thing we would do is experiment on him.
Honestly we're no different.
Point is, I believe in "Aliens" ,does anyone else?


science believes that the universe is unlimited so anything is possible out there (are aliens possible) yes if there is a plant that accommodates our need I'm sure that there's a plant where aliens can survive. if we found them it would show that we are superior to them when it comes to technology, so there may be no reason to fear them. however if aliens found use the would have vaster technology than we do making us below them. -_- I'm getting off topic yeah it possible that aliens are real since the universe is infinite.
saying we would experiment of them without people debating about it is unlikely and we would probably look for a dead member of the species to experiment on before coursing trouble by experimenting on a live one. we have learn what is right and wrong to do to other and if we have laws for what you can do to animals then why would we experiment of other living species (aliens)
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Posted by COOLKENu 3 years ago
It's spelled planet not plant.
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