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Are anti-Trump protesters shutting down free speech?

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Started: 4/26/2016 Category: Politics
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This debate topic will ask the question if anti-Trump protesters are shutting down free speech. I would like a nice clean debate. Free of trolls and forfeits.

Freedom of speech: the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.

- Please don't troll or forfeit.
- Stay respectful.
- Con will be arguing against the idea that anti-Trump protesters shutdown free speech.
- Don't kill yourself over formalities. As long as your spelling and grammar is bearable I'm fine.
- Please use sources. It will only help you when time comes to vote.

Round 1: Acceptance and agreement to terms.
Round 2 : Arguments only. NO REBUTTAL
Round 3: Rebuttal
Final Round: Closing statements. No new arguments.

I look forward to an exciting and healthy debate.


Hello, I am happy to accept your terms. I appreciate your definition of freedom of speech, but I would like to make sure that it is clear; this debate has nothing to do with weather or not Donald Trump is good or bad. This debate is purely as to weather or not anti-Trump protesters are shutting down free speech. Also I want to make sure this debate is on the topic of average people as it is of no debate that some extremist's are certainly shutting down free speech.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate as well as wishing them good luck. Also I would like to apologize for the slight confusion. No, this has nothing to do with what Trump actually says or stands for. Just the protesters actions. Also yes, this only applies to non violent protesters. Any instances where assault took place will be excluded from this debate on both sides. With that cleared I will get started. Good luck!

The freedom of speech as I stated above is: the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. Many Americans practice this right that was included in the first amendment. Everyone is granted this right. The presidential candidates are allowed to travel across the country and rally where they please. Likewise, the protesters are allowed and even encouraged to assemble and protest against opposing candidates. However, protesters more specifically anti-Trump protesters are using their freedom of speech to shutdown Trump supporters.

Portland State University

One prime example of the suppression of freedom of speech occurred at the Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. A group of students at PSU formed a group called “Students for Trump”. They held one of their first meetings on April 7th . A group of anti-Trump activists led by PSU students Olivia Pace and Alyssa Pagan (1) entered the meeting room and started to shut down the meeting. They chanted phrases like “Hate has no place at PSU”, “Dump Trump”, “No Boarders”, and “Red Power”. The Trump supporters tried to reason with the protesters but to no avail. The Protesters were screaming obscenities and blowing on whistles. They even threatened to come back and shut down the meeting if another one took place. You can see that in this video around the 4:20 mark (2). The protesters were also successful in shutting down the PSU’s Board of Trustees meetings on three separate occasions (1).

The movement grew bigger and spilled into the streets of Portland. Both sides had supporters from the school as well as from the surrounding community. The Trump supporters walked the streets holding signs and shouting pro-Trump chants. All while Trump protesters followed behind banging on plastic drums and blaring sirens. At one point the Trump supporters stopped at the Urban Center Plaza on the campus only to be confronted by the protesters. You can see in this video protesters using sirens and drums to silence the supporters (3).

Multiple Trump Rallies

For some reason protesters think that it is a good idea to pay for tickets to enter Trump rallies and then try to crash them. Every single rally, no matter the candidate, will have designated areas for protesters to avoid confrontations. To defy this rule and to deliberately enter a Trump rally with intentions to protest, is nothing short of shutting down freedom of speech. Protesters interrupted several rallies including; In Kansas City, Missouri, In Columbus, Ohio and in multiple other places. The protesters held up signs and chanted remarks that were solely constructed to disrupt the rallies.

Chicago, Illinois rally

Probably the best example of freedom of speech suppression was at a Trump rally Chicago. GOP Front runner Donald Trump was scheduled to hold a rally at the University of Illinois on March 11th. 2,500 anti-Trump protesters entered the auditorium and held up signs while chanting things like “Bernie Bernie Bernie” and “Dump the Trump”. It was a clear attempt to shut down the rally. A week before the incident, protesters were able to get the hashtag #SHUTITDOWN trending on social media. Trump was forced to cancel the rally because he didn’t want to see anyone get hurt.


What I hope to convey to my opponent and the voters is that this type of actions is not constitutional. This is clear abuse of your first amendment rights to silence someone that has different opinions than you.







AnonymousLord forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent forfeit the past round. The first rule that I set for this debate was "Please don't troll or forfeit". I would have been fine if my opponent had tried to reach out to me with an explanation however, they didn't contact me. I urge you, the voter to vote for me because I offered an argument and my opponent has not. Also my opponent broke my first rule.


AnonymousLord forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I urge the voters to vote pro.


AnonymousLord forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MaxLamperouge 2 years ago
I just did a debate on this - good luck both of you.
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