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Are feminists sexists?

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Started: 1/2/2017 Category: Society
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Since time immemorial, many things have changed. Time has brought an immense change to how the country used to function and many more. People blame feminists for being sexists because they have a stereotypical approach towards the definition of feminism. But they are oblivious of how modern feminists are striving to bring about a change in people"s mindset about feminism. What feminism really means- "the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes". You"re not a feminist w


Feminism is not about equality. It is about campaigning for women's rights. If it were truely about equality, they would call themselves egalitarians. I'll define both terms now:

Egalitarianism: a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs (Merriam-Webster)

Feminism: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests (Merriam-Webster)

I ask Con to point to an instance where women are "writen out of the law(not given the same rights as men)."
Debate Round No. 1


Merriam Webster defines feminism as the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Instances of women not given equal rights as men are not less. If you know what sharia law is, then you would know what women go through in many parts of the world. But to be honest, I believe in 'he for she' and 'she for he'. I'm unbiased towards both the genders. Even men are feminists and fight for their rights as well. And that's what feminism is, equality of both the genders.


I am unaware of what Sharia Law is, but I do know that it has no precedence in the US.

Also, men that fight for men's rights are called "Men's Rights Activists," not feminists.

Con's argument that feminism has nothing to do with female rights, and instead about "only equality" is blatantly false. Men's rights are not a feminism issue because they are not concerning women's rights, what feminism is truly about.

I'd argue that my definition is more fair than Con's, but I have no characters left.
Debate Round No. 2


The talk isn’t only about US, but about the whole world. And if you do not know what is the actual condition of women all around the world, you cannot say women are acquainted with equal rights as men. No one said feminism has nothing to do about female’s rights, rather it is about doing away with equality of both gender’s rights. Initially, it began with the moto of fighting for female’s right but swiftly, it took in both the sexes. Try to live in the present world.



You'll have to excuse me, I thought we were discussing feminism in the US.

Once again, you have failed to answer my question where women's rights are "writen out of the law."

If women's rights are not "writen out of the law," I see no need for femisim, as it is a campaign for more women's rights. Men's rights are not a femisim issue because it does not concern women's rights, what feminism is truely about.

This comes down to definitions, and I argue that mine was more fair than Con's.

Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by David_Debates 1 year ago
I hope people vote on this.
Posted by Fernyx 1 year ago
Saying 'Even men are feminists' is a bad argument seeing as only 16% of the population is feminist.
Posted by David_Debates 1 year ago
Posted by David_Debates 1 year ago
I'd recomend you don't debate in the comments, instead, challenge MrsTahliaDarcy to a debate. Most people will accept.
Posted by ioweyouone 1 year ago
What does "your belief to be equal" mean? What rights do you claim women lack? Obviously I'm referring only to civilized democracies. Saying "We don't have as much rights as you. We don't get paid as much or respected as much as you." is meaningless unless you've demonstrated an inequality with actual data. Even if you have personally experienced mistreatment, you need statistics proving that there is even a debate to be had.
Posted by Ozzz169 1 year ago
here is another thought for you? why should woman get the right to vote when they are exempt from getting drafted to the front line and die for the country? If you get the vote you get the consequences from the vote. Do you fight for woman to be included in the draft? and to fight on front line? if not your a hypocrite, and need to re-evaluate your position and make it consistent.
Posted by Ozzz169 1 year ago
MrsTahlia - Triggered. Feminism is a con. Your not abused, get over it. There are biological differences between the genders, GET OVER IT. If you want to correct imbalances start treating your men better and your woman worse. Until then men will work harder and be more successful... why? CAUSE THEY HAVE TO. Men are raised by woman, woman choose who they mate with, men will sleep with anyone that will say yes, woman are the ones who select the traits that get passed on. Let that sink in. Try some introspection rather than having a hissy fit about nonexistent "patriarchy".
Posted by MrsTahliaDarcy 1 year ago
So maybe all we need to do, is understand each other, get to know each other, be happy with who we are and what everyone else has become.

To dress, to love, to speak, to do, to feel how we'd like.

We can all work together to make that happen. And that's what feminists do. We fight for freedom of all. So that everyone can feel free.

As a feminist myself, I know what it's like, I know what it is. We can be free from society's grasp forever.
Posted by MrsTahliaDarcy 1 year ago
So please understand that in our society, it's hard on ALL genders. And as a feminist, that's what I want. Equality for ALL. Even Muslims, Christians, people of all shape and sizes and religions and genders.

Everybody should be loved for who THEY are, because their is only one them.

Everybody should be able to dress, like, and love what/ who they want.

Everybody should have freedom and the same rights.
Posted by MrsTahliaDarcy 1 year ago
Oh and the word feminist coined by Charles Fourier in 1837, a french philosopher who advocated for the emancipation of women because he believed that society treated women as slaves. We weren't allowed to vote, own anything, or work a real job. Women were ruled by their husbands/fathers, and if they did not belong to a male household, they were shunned from society and had very little means to make money, most of them unsavory. Do you know the idiom, "rule of thumb"? That comes from a running joke that started in the 1600s, and was still around during Fourier's time, that said it was okay for a man to beat a woman with a stick no wider than his thumb.

The point of the word feminist, and the feminist movement, has never been to say women are better than men. The point is that women and things, associated with women have been given a lesser place in society and should be brought up to a equal state.( Mostly so everyone can enjoy them. Masculine or feminine.)

Which is why I get angry when people say when men who like a more feminine thing are not a real man, or when a woman the same with something that's more masculine being called a butch or a lesbian, because everybody should get to be who they want without being shamed for their gender. If boys want to wear makeup and dress up in dresses and girls want to wear suits and play with trucks, that should be fine. Even mixing it up is fine.

Nobody should be shamed for liking what they like or who they like. Everybody should be able to be themselves without feeling bad and that's what a feminist is.

And I know the word fem is associated with female, but that's why it's their. To bring up Femininity, which is put down as something bad, even today, so that people can be equal.
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Reasons for voting decision: David_Debates wins this because, as he stated, his definition are more fair to what feminism is than khushiiiii23. I agreed with Con before and after, and I felt both sides had equal conduct and S/G. Con made a few good points in that women are not always treated fairly around the world, and he brought up sharia law. While he is correct, it is off topic with the debate. I believe Pros definition of feminism is far more accurate, and so I also have to give him 2 points for sources. A win for Pro, in my opinion.