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Are girls better than boys?

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Started: 2/7/2016 Category: People
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I think girls are better than boys. Not because I am one, it's because..... well here we go.

Girls are shown to be more compassionate, and kind than boys are. Yes, some boys are really nice, but that's only a small amount.

Girls have better study habits than boys. In my class, the girls do better than the boys in everything.

When you say that boys are stronger than girls, think again. There are plenty of girl weight-lifters, boxers, and athletes out there. Some of them are way better than boys.

One more thing. When you say the dad is the main parent, you're wrong. The mother is. Did you come out your dad? I don't think so!


There are a lot of things that make girls better than boys, but for me, no gender is better than the other. We all haves its advantages and weaknesses and other than that, we're all human. We're all imperfect. But in this entry I am going to show you five things that are the advantages of boys: (1) they work harder, (2) talented at sports, (3) more powerful than girls, (4) are natural leaders (which shows that most world leaders are male), and (5) smarter because more boys are inventors, etc. And other thing is, male is the biologically superior sex, not female. The contributions of women to society are not as numerous as those of men. Boys ruled most of history's great empires. Boys are usually the ones that negotiates salaries, and they're practically more confident in seeking promotions or presenting themselves at job interviews. Boys are easy going and have professional networking skills. The list of boy's advantages are amazingly endless!
Debate Round No. 1


And the list for girls advantages are not endless?

Girls are very talented at sports too. The woman's soccer league. Softball. Boxing. Volleyball. Tennis. Haven't you heard of girls doing that too?

"more powerful than girls" Okay, remember what I just said? Woman can be more powerful than men. Men are born with the muscle to get started, and woman have to build up that muscle gradually. It comes off easier to men to build that muscle than it does to woman.

"most world leaders are men" Yes, that is true. But how did Hitler turn out for you?

Some girls are really easy going too. And boys are not the only ones with professional social networking skills.


Yingluck Shinawatra, and Ewa Kopacz, among others, are also one of the worst world leaders in the world. Boys tended to go through timed multiple choice exams whereas some girls might not even finish those. There is a small amount of chance that female students even finished the multiple-choice assessments. At Oxford University, 8% of boys achieved an A compared to 7.4% of girls. Read more here: I'm not saying that girls don't do these, but what I am saying is 'most of them'. As I said, all humans are imperfect.

Some of the things that boys are better than girls are the following: (1) taking risks, (2) trading perfection, (3) internalizing success and externalizing failures, (4) motor skills (5) pursuing a love interest, and according to DailyMail, "Boys do better in exams than girls because they are 'more willing to take risks', so said the Oxford University's head of admissions." Read it here:
Debate Round No. 2


Taking risks: Okay, I agree with you there. But not all men take risks, some women take risks others don't. The same goes for men.

Pursuing a love interest. Are you sure about that. Girls are more willing to take love interest than boys. Boys may want to go deeper than girls in a relationship, but it's usually girls who are the better ones in the relationship than boys. Girls want to talk about their feelings, whereas most boys don't care about that kind of stuff. Most girls get bad tests results. That makes me disappointed. But like I said before, a lot of girls are smarter than boys.

And I agree with you, those leaders are horrible, but there are not many girl leaders in this world, so maybe we should give more a chance. I mean, the nice ones at least.


Boys have millions of sperm, and girls have only 300 eggs in their whole life, so boys are more interested in physical love than emotions (Quora and Yahoo Answers). The same is true for some girls out there. Many sociologists believe that boys are faster to fall in love but slower to commit (Yahoo Answers). A teacher asks his students the following: (1) Who falls in love faster? Boys or girls? (2) Who is more likely to fall in love at first sight? (3) Who is more likely to believe that love lasts forever? (4) Who is more likely to feel there is one perfect love? Most of his students answered girls, but it turns out that the right answer is men (BroadBlog,

I agree that boys are reserved about their feelings. But advantages are just some and some. Humans are imperfect, so to speak.

The other advantages to further lengthen our debate are that the given preference for some jobs because they do not get pregnant and leave the job to take care of a family, less pressure is put on them to look their best and follow fashion, and the risk of being raped is much lower (although it could happen according to one actor).

Most boys are global thinkers, and one example is that a vast majority of philosophers are men. Boys have better spacial sense.
Debate Round No. 3


And who do you think rapes the girls? Like you said, it is very rare for girls to rape boys. So boys take the blame.

And that's just it. Girls have more pressure on them, but they handle it well enough. They aren't really pressurized into following fashion trends.

Time to wrap it up!


Do you think that only boys rape girls? Think again, there are numerous cases of girl raped a girl.

High school boys are better than girls in math and science. According to a blog in, Angelica Moe conducted an experiment in 2009 where she worked with three groups of high school students.They were given a mental rotation test. The first group was told that males are superior in this type of task because of their genes, while the second group was told that females were better because of their genes, while the last group didn't receive any details about which gender is superior. The results are the following:

- Males outperformed females in groups 1 and 3
- Femals performed equally with males in group 2.

This showed that boys are better than girls in this degree.

According to OECD's research about the matter, it says that boys OUTPERFORM girls in mathematics in 35 of 65 countrie (53.8%) On average ub IECD countries, boys outperform girls in math by 12 score points. In countries Belgium, Chile, Switzerland, UK, and US, with Colombia and Liechtenstein, boys outperform girls by more than 20 score points.

Here is the project launched by All Science Fair Projects: Males prefer to be shown what to do, while femals seem to adopt being told what to do.Males are thought to have better gross motor skills than females. Information given by eHow states that boys are more effective at completing activities autonomously, doing tasks without thought.

Wikipedia states that men have been patterned to be more effective leaders. It is known that women experience much higher rates of Alzheimer's disease. A lack of female hormones may reduce the energy efficiecy of brain cells. Herbert Spencer said that women were incapable of abstract thought. There are some research that shows that males are better in general intelligence. Richard Lynn, a researcher, said that males have bigger brain size in proportion to their body. Richard Lynn and Paul Irwin states that the mean IQ of men exceeds that of women by a range of 5 points on the Raven's Progressive Matrices test. And there are many more studies related to this issue. Boys tend to outperform females in mathematical reasoning and navigation. In a computer simulation of a maze task, boys completed the project faster and with fewer mistakes than females. Additionally, boys have shown higher accuracy in tests of targeted motor skills.

But, you know, list of advantages of girls are also endless. But humans are all in all imperfect. The studies shown are just 'most' and 'some'. There are gender gaps, of course, but that doesn't mean that one gender is better than the other, but studies shows that male is a more superior gender than females.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by CodingSource 2 years ago
I agree that this is a stupid argument but there are other debates out there that is more silly than this :)
Posted by Sincerely_Millenial 2 years ago
This is a stupid argument.
Posted by izzyrose2004 2 years ago
The girls rarely rape boys part is true. And I didn't mean that if a girl rapes a boy, they boy takes blame. I meant that with all the studies shown, mostly boys rape girls. So they take the blame for that.
Posted by MyNameIsSean 2 years ago
Just regarding the rape part, saying that girls rarely rape boys and that boys would take the blame for it is entirely wrong and very dishonest.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Only individuals can be better they other individuals, girl can be different then boys, to say "better" is a subjective statement about an entire group of people. The difference between individuals will always be greater then the difference between the sexes.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro did not adequately refute Con's arguments, and ultimately conceded to them. Pro, I would encourage to look back at this debate and learn that you could actually argue these points. Why is risk-taking a good thing? What about higher rates of ADHD and aspergers in men? What about Men having higher rates of substance abuse, alcoholism, murder rates, etc.
Vote Placed by dynamicduodebaters 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro kept conceding points to con. Last round was the round that won it for con. Clear facts and sources, whereas pro just made one statement and was done. If pro had taken the proper time to write a final round, this might have been a lot closer.