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Are man made diamonds better then real diamonds?

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Started: 2/8/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that real diamonds are better then man made ones. Imagine you' re buying a wedding ring with man made diamonds. Like all humans we have flaws, and not everything is going to be perfect. Although real diamonds are a little more on the expensive side, why would one spend money on something that could potentially have errors in it.


My strongest defense is your vague statement. To start off, you didn't define what "better" means. Does it hold value in a sentimental, maybe practical context. The bottom line is: You can't ascribe a certain value to a particular matter unless it can be objectively verified. The thing that makes natural diamonds "better" is your personal, biased opinion, that holds no basis other than your feelings towards the matter. To be completely honest, I'm not really 'contra' in regard to your opinion, I just want to criticize the vague structure of your supposition.

But you make an even bigger mistake, that is not of philosophical, rather of scientific matter. It is evident that man-made diamonds have less errors than natural diamonds, mostly because of the precise procedure through which carbon must go (under artificial circumstances) to form the tetrahedron structures that make up the diamond. Because of such circumstances and very accurate and well-organised, specific process, man-made diamonds usually have NO flaws. On the other hand, NATURAL diamonds can only form under extreme pressure, in other words, under EXTREMELY CHAOTIC CIRCUMSTANCES. That's why there are blue, red, orange black etc. coloured diamonds. Various elements like nitrogen (for blue) intervene in the process of crystal formation. And here is the twist: COLOURED DIAMONDS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE! In other words, your supposed "imperfection" that (according to you) does not exist in natural diamonds gives the value in the first place.

I'll post my sources in case you demand the source of knowledge:

I'm waiting for your response.
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