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Are men better than woman?

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Started: 6/22/2016 Category: Health
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Are men better than woman? And if u can, tell and explain which ones have a harder life.


I accept this debate. This is my first debate in this site. Please be kind.

Are men (Plural) better than woman (Singular)?

Yes, many men are better than one woman at many things in that many are better than one, except at being the one woman.
Many Men's lives would be harder than one woman's life. Many men would have had more life experiences.

From a singular vs plural perspective, well, there is not much to debate. I will take this as a typo and you meant "women".

I would also like to say that since the openinng argument are 2 questions and the con side is not taking a side, then I would argue that if I take either side, "Women are better than Men" or "Men are better than women", I would succeed in this debate as long as I prove that they are not equal.

But since the topic is Are Men better than "Women"? and I am taking the pro side, I will have to interpret that Men are better than women... (sadly-as a feminist). I will go ahead and argue that men are better than women, but in nuanced ways, that show women have harder lives.

Since women have the harder lives, than men, then men have it better than women is what I will argue in the end.
Debate Round No. 1


Jen9999 forfeited this round.


fung81 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Jen9999 forfeited this round.


Since my opponent forfeited, well, there is not much to debate. See comments for cons.

Let's start with the easy stuff first.

Physically and due to testosterone, on average, men have greater muscle density than women. For the same amount of working out, men progress to higher weights more quickly. Women have to put in more effort, but if you look at weight lifter Katie Sandwina and others women can lift more than men. As for fighting, I would bet on Ronda Rousey if she fights Floyd Mayweather.

There are plenty of exceptions, but on average, mentally, men have less mood swings and are better at separating their emotions from their actions. It is easier for men to act single mindedly.

Many of the other things that men are better than women are societal or cultural. Both are equally good at math and Stem jobs. It is more a matter of focus and time spent learning rather than something innate. Other than the hormonal differences and child birthing, it is quite hard to point to something not driven by society. Women can take a lot more pain then men and are able to live and cope with pain a lot better than men. It could be from child birthing, but even women that have not given birth can take a lot of pain.

Going back to hunter gatherer days, it made sense that men hunt due to the inherent dangers of other predatory animals. Men were not at the top of the food chain and were eaten. Short life expectancy. From above, giving birth is also dangerous. Many Women for giving birth. Women staying home with the children and recovering made sense with the breastfeeding and how vulnerable children were. Also, families were bigger with extended families all living together. So women had more help gathering for the hearth, crafting, and doing household labors. Getting men to stay to raise a family were debatable since Families were in larger tribes. Older women were more dominant. With hunting, men had the more dangerous occupation and they were more expendable. When hunters got better at it and were bringing home better game and families getting smaller, then things started changing and the patriarchal society started.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by fung81 2 years ago
I'll put another con, in case I forget. Rest assured that I do have pro stuff to add to my argument.

Genetically, men are screwed.

Men have XY chromosomes that make them men.
Women have XX chromosomes that make than women.

Since men only have one X and one Y, they are vulnerable to defects on those chromosomes.
Whereas women have a pair of F that compensates for defects on the other.

I'll use "eyes" as an example because we are using them to read this.
Poor night vision is passed from father to son. Daughters don't have to worry because that trait is only on the Y chromosome.
Color blindness is on the X chromosome. Mom is not affected because she has one good X and one bad X. She gave the son the bad X. She can also give the daughter the bad X too, but the daughter does not have color blindness because she got a good X from the father.

So the daughter has no eye problems and the son has both poor night vision and is color blind.
This is just eyes, there are so many other defects men get that women don't have to worry about.
Men are screwed genetically.
Posted by fung81 2 years ago
Ugh, how did I miss round 2? Every time I checked this site, it was waiting for the other debater.

Anywho, since I missed my chance to put a "Pro" argument, I'll put a con.

Biologically speaking, (This is newer thought that is still being looked at) females define the species. Females are the dominant sex, and males are there to processes and mix DNA. This is new because, majority of scientist have been men, and people have biases. We are in a male dominated society and men naturally think that applies to nature as well. On the aggregate when looking at the total species on earth, we are finding that it is the females who dominate. Example lions who we think are the king of beasts because of the mane. Well lioness do all the hunting and eat first with the cubs. Males get the scraps. Females make up the pride.

In humans, men have mostly non-functioning nipples because women have then. I say mostly because men lactating has been recorded. Women have the babies and keep families and society as a whole together. Women build the bonds. I say women have the harder life because they are better at taking and living with pain. Men turn to babies when they have pain. Women deal with it and keep going. They have a much higher pain threshold. Some think it is because giving birth is painful. But, women who have not given birth also can endure a lot.
Posted by Rodnunez2195 2 years ago
It would've made sense if the question was "Are men more efficient in general tasks than women." As greekgeek76 said no gender is better than another.
Posted by greekgeek76 2 years ago
No sex is better than the other. We are equals and all humans.
Posted by SJM 2 years ago
Are you arguing women are better than men?
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