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Are men stronger and smarter than women?

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Started: 12/10/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I saw an argument like this already posted and was going to accept but my computer said it their account was no longer active. So here is my argument:
First of all men do need women because men because they are needed for reproduction. Do remember that it is females who give birth, and go through the pain of carrying a child for 9 months.
Also, the thing they say about men providing for women is not true. Women take care of themselves.
Plus, both females and males come in DIFFERENT shapes and size. We aren't all the same, and some of us don't meet the stereotype either. There are women body builders who are stronger than men. So don`t say that men are physically stronger. I will not look for averages because they do not show all sizes of men and women. Women have as much potential in that department.
And men and women all learn different ways and are all intellectual equals. But, if you want to argue that, There is a noticeable difference in language. Females acquire language earlier than men and remain fluent throughout life. Females develop larger vocabularies, use more complex constructions, and read better. Males when young, are less communicative and use language instrumentally just to get what they want.
Try to tell me males are stronger and smarter, I dare you.
That"s all I have to say. I am looking forward to a good debate.


I will be using no sources at all besides my brain and reason.
1. Childbirth has no relevance to the question at hand.
2. Both genders are equally important to childbirth.
3. No, no one has forgotten that women give birth
4. What do you mean by "providing for women." If you are being that broad, then i will interpret it broadly. In that case, yes men provide for women. We gave you the seed which created you. If you mean financially, then i will say the majority of families have men providing for the women. This is not to say that women can't do it on their own, it's just the facts don't really back you up.
5. Men also probably built the house you live in, the buildings you work/ go to school in, and car you drive in, the roads you drive on.... i obviously could go on. 95/100 of these jobs belong to men.
6. FACT 61% of single moms receive child support. So, I guess they can't do it on their own. This is not to say men can do it on their own either as a single dad.... i'm just pointing out how wrong your point is.
7. FACT homo sapiens experience slight sexual dimorphism. Biologically, the average man is stronger and faster than the average female. This is not even debatable, really. And no, telling me that Ronda Rousey is stronger than me is not a counter argument nor is telling me that you have seen some strong females. Also not looking for the averages in size and strength in men and women is why you are wrong on this issue and basic biology is right.
8. Men and women are NOT intellectually equal. Men and women both have unique skills deep in their biology that neither sex could perform equally. There are some things that men are better at somethings women are better at. You prove this point by pointing out how women are good at language skills and men are slightly behind.
9. I like that point you made that men use language to just get what they want. I will take that as a point that men are smarter, considering getting what you want is something smart people do.
10. I already told you that the average male is stronger than the average female. And refuting this not only goes against my argument, but also goes against reason and basic biology.
11. Here is where I'll actually contribute to the topic at hand.
- men created the patriarchy. If the patriarchy exists, then i will use it as a point in favor of the fact that the average male is stronger and smarter than the average female. I mean, come on... we created a system where men hold all the important roles in society and get to do all the important stuff and have been doing it for the entire course of human history??? Sounds like a pretty smart plan to me. Not only that, but you can't even point out an instance where a matriarchy existed. Using reason alone, this could only mean two things. Either not a single matriarchy existed in the history of mankind (I believe this one) or there were matriarchies thought out human history, and they ALL were destroyed by patriarchies.

12. None of what i said was a personal attack on you. For all i know you could be stronger and smarter than me (LOL at the latter considering your opening argument).
13. Trump
Debate Round No. 1


1)Whatever. i included it anyways.
2) See my point.
3) Well, someone on here did. Get over it.
4)I have been raised in a family where my mother provides for every thing, financially. How do you know a majority of families have men providing for women? You don`t. You did`nt use facts.
5)But they did`nt completely. How could you know who built these places and things? Just sayin...
6)Not using any sources eh? How did you find that "fact" huh? And sure, they may use child support... how does that help you though? Single fathers use it too. So, how is that against the fact that men are not stronger and smarter than women?
7)Yeah, those are the averages. But, do averages say anything about weak, slow men or strong, fast females? No. It just says the averages. Plus, how do you know these averages are not biased? Females still have as much potential.
8) They are equals. Some are better at some things than others. It balances it out.
9)That is a dumb point. How is that... never mind.
10)So... what?
11)Yeah. Okay, living near the border of Tibet in the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, the Mosuo are perhaps the most famous matrilineal society. The Chinese government officially classifies them as part of another ethnic minority known as the Naxi, but the two are distinct in both culture and language.The Mosuo live with extended family in large households; at the head of each is a matriarch. Mosuo women typically handle business decisions and men handle politics. Children are raised in the mother's households and take her name. This is a modern example. I can find many more.
13) That has nothing to do with the debate at hand.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by me020603 1 year ago
not helping bruh.
Posted by Mharman 1 year ago
Technically both genders need each other.
Posted by me020603 1 year ago
what are you talking about....:)
Posted by n7 1 year ago
"Are men stronger and smarter than men?"
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