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Are people good or evil?

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Started: 9/1/2016 Category: People
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I believe that people all are good but seek attention every person has a chapter in Their life that they choose to keep locked up and I feel that's what causes people to be evil keeping things locked inside of you causes stress and axiety's also it causes self doubts which make you feel like you must fit in which causes you to join the world of people that are right next to you trying to be evil for attention or to be something they are not so I believe that evey person consists of goodness but it's bad choices and self doubt that cause you to be evil as well.


"Nothing is inherently good or bad only by the standards by which a certain society works, can we decide which actions are right and which ones are wrong. And that people inherently are good is also a false statement, because it's our surrounding society that shapes our view, we are not born with the knowledge of good and evil, we only learn through social interactions with other people and by those standards presented to us.
Now on the matter of what causes people to go "evil". My theory would be that people are naturally drawn to easy gain and that their hedonistic ideals draw them towards illegal or "morally wrong" paths, this is also the result of social pressure and ones family's wealth and the company one keeps."
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