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Are school students being taught what they need for their futures?

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Started: 9/15/2014 Category: Education
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Do you agree that school students are being provided with the skills necessary for them live responsibly and independently, or do you believe that there should be more focus on the everyday tasks that responsible adults must perform, such as taxpaying, job applications or budgeting?


School students are being taught what they need for their future.
In a world that is constantly changing time and time again due to the introduction of new technology, an example being the new apple iPhone, it is important to define what a "need" for the future is.
This side of the house believes that a "need" in the context of a school student is a skill that will help the student cope in the real world upon leaving school. I believe that students are being taught this skill which i define as ADAPTABILITY.

Schools have realized that the old "1 + 1 = 11" ;) system is of little use and pertinence to our students. What is necessary is the introduction of computer systems into school to allow students to explore this technology and question it. There is a greater emphasis on allowing the children free roam on these systems.

The new world is undoubtedly more logic driven. Through research, multiple workshops have been developed to be specific to this area and any other are of need for the student.

Many young students are creating applications and starting up successful businesses at such young ages. This wasn't as easy and as common an achievement in the older generations. This is testimony to the fact that not only do students have skills for after school, they're already showing theses skills during school.

It is not fair to use the almost blanket term "students" along with lack of skill for the future. One must acknowledge that some students just aren't suited for the multi million dollar American dream lives that society views as success. The education system cater for such students through the use of technicon colleges for those aren't for the office scene.

The education system is not dishing success to students but is giving them skills and knowledge to succeed in any situation if they so please to. the foundation is set and the burden is on the student and the question is that, is the student using the skills in his pr her arsenal.
Debate Round No. 1


While I do agree that schools cater very well to students who are living in (and will lead their adult lives in) a far more technologically-advanced society than previous generations, I am of the opinion that this technology provides schools and teachers with far more advanced information (teaching material) than is necessary for a young adult to know when making their way in the world.

Upon research, I have found that many adults agree that what is important to possess in the world of work is the ability to co-operate and communicate effectively with others, a basic knowledge of mathematical calculations, and the abilities to read and write competently. Why then, are school students being taught algebraic equations, or being tested on their capability to anaylze a poem?


You concede that students are being taught for the technological world. This is the future and students with the skills to cope in such a world are undoubtedly well equipped.
Are you complaining about technology over equipping our students? I ask what in your opinion is the right amount of skills for the outside world?

Algebraic skills and the analysis of poems teaches reasoning skills which will allow students to fit into any situation that they'll be presented in the real world. Communication skills are not taught through theory at school, but are taught through peer to peer interaction and Algebra and the likes are the highest level of mathematical skills.

I challenge your skill requirement list as I think that those are requirements of now and not the future.

There is no set way to prepare students for a set future as the world constantly changes. Teach them to adapt
Debate Round No. 2


megan18613 forfeited this round.


odi forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
If they want to make a career in government. But just give them change at a cash register and they will look at it like a dog at a new pan.
Posted by megan18613 3 years ago
The pro side thinks that students are taught what they need, and the con believes they are not.
Posted by LubricantSanta 3 years ago
To be clear, which side is pro and which side is con?
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Reasons for voting decision: Con asks a lot of good questions, but never establishes a case that fits the resolution. Pro doesn't have to show that school students are being taught everything they need to know, just that schools are teaching things that are necessary for their futures. Pro manages that easily. Even if I was going based off teaching all of the necessities, Con doesn't establish that any of them are not taught by the school system, instead just presenting a couple of examples of what she thinks are spurious classes. Con needed to establish, at the very least, that there was a dearth that needed filling. Without that, Pro wins this convincingly.