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Are schools with uniforms better than those without?

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Started: 4/30/2013 Category: Education
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We all talk about how bullying is terrible and that it should be prevented, so why don't we take a simple step? Uniforms can eliminate harassment and certain types of bullying. It will allow students to show their creativity in other ways and they can stop worrying about comparing. Who cares if you don't have brand name clothes? This is a massive issue that can easily be prevented. It's cost efficient and can change a life. Who knows, it can potentially save one.


1. Uniforms prevent bullying

Pro claims that uniforms preventome types of bullying and harrassment. However, bullying is simply intentionally doing something to someone else that makes them feel bad. The bullies usually just do it to gain attention and popularity, so if we use uniforms they will still do so. They will just find some other topic to pick on, and to bully and harrass about.

In fact, there is no evidence to support the claim that uniforms prevent bullying, according to an expert. [1]

2. Students can stop worrying about comparing


The bullies can still compare other things, such as the technology you bring or even you yourself.

"It's cost efficient and can change a life. Who knows, it can potentially save one."

The average cost of uniforms for boys is £160.74 (or 211 USD) and for girls £155.95. (or 204 USD)[2]
How is that cost efficient?

It cannot change or save lifes, it will just change how the bullies bully others.

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