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Are single-sex schools better for childeren?

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Started: 1/17/2017 Category: Education
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I will start this debate by defining the motion. By single-sex schools, I mean schools with only girls or only boys in one school. As I am done defining to motion, I will begin my arguments.

1. Distraction
Children of he opposite sex can be a distraction. Especially for middle and high school students, there could be students who date each other, and this could be a big distraction for students who need to study. As you know, middle and high school is the time to study to o to a better high school/university. But if there are co-ed schools, even the students that are trying to study could be distracted by the opposite sex. As you know, dating between students could happen whether you like it or not. Of course you could just deny it if someone else likes you, but what happens if you like someone, that's not going to be easy to den, and it's also going to be a big distraction.

2. Girls and Boys are Different.
According to, girls and boys need different environments for studying. For example, girls respond better to warmer temperatures while boys respond better to cooler temperatures. Also, girls prefer collaborative and discussion-based learning while boys can dominate discussions and group-based teamwork. If we consider these variables, we can make the best environment for each boys and girls, improving both of their scores. According to, 37% of the boys in co-ed classes scored proficient, and 59% of the girls in co-ed classes scored proficient while 86% of the boys in single-sex classes scored proficient, and 75% girls in single-sex classes scored proficient.

3. Stereotypes
Single-sex schools break down stereotypes about the opposite sex. According to, girls are most likely to study computer science and technology in single-sex schools than girls educated in a co-ed school. Furthermore, these girls are more likely to compete in and excel at competitive sports than are girls attending co-ed schools. Boys attending co-ed schools are said to study more openly renouncing the notion that studying and academic success is "not cool." Co-ed schools could end up stereotyping and discriminating against opposite-sex students based on gender.


I find this topic very interesting, however I would like to begin by saying that pure education isn't the only thing that students are supposed to be taught in school, I will get into this with my argument.

I do not agree with the statement that boys and girls should receive single-sex education for several reasons. On one hand, if they study at the same school , they will become more socialized which will be really useful in their life. On the other hand, separate education may lead to inequality between men and females.

To begin with , studying in mixed classes creates better communication skills for both girls and boys. Moreover , not only will they be more talkative, but also they will not have a lack of confidence while communicating with the other gender. As a result they will understand different personalities and this ability will be helpful when they become adults. For example , say your are an adult male chef and many of your employees are women and he needs to be able to work with both sexes. However, if he had not understood the different abilities of male and female workers, he would not have been a good employer. What is more, if they are educated separately they will have wrong understanding of the equality between them. Many years ago , men were valued to be better than women and that was why boys and girls were forced to go to different schools . However, nowadays there are many things that females can do even better than boys, such as different kinds of sports and this is why they have equal rights. For instance , a friend of mine joined a science club at school and everyone seemed to judge her based on the fact that she was a girl. However, she accomplished even better achievements than the guys and she proved everybody that their prejudices were irrational in conclusion I strongly believe that co-education will be really beneficial for the younger generation in many aspects such as education, humanity and relationships.
Debate Round No. 1


As Mark_Brand123, the Contender, didn't rebut any of my arguments, I will be rebutting his arguments this round.

He said we need to learn how to communicate with the opposite gender, but as you know, school isn't the only place you talk with other people. You can learn to communicate with the opposite gender in academies, or by KakaoTalk, Facebook, or Messenger because technology is advanced enough to chat or call other people. Also, to support his argument, he only stated two examples, and no evidence. Even the two examples he gave weren't that good. The second one is a anecdotal evidence, which is a evidence relying heavily or entirely on personal testimony. This means the Contender can't prove his example, much less support the argument with it.

Now that I'm done rebutting his argument, I would like to tell the Contender has to do next round in order not to lose. First, he has to state 2 or more arguments, and he also has to rebut my arguments. If the Contender doesn't do either of them, he will almost certainly lose this debate.


Okay thank you for telling me how this format works :)

I would like to begin my rebuttal by looking at your opening point, that of distraction. Within this argument you stated

"there could be students who date each other, and this could be a big distraction for students who need study."

Well the same thing can happen in single-sex schools. According to a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, about 20 percent of the population is attracted to their own gender and according to the early high schools years are the ages that people start to figure out that they're homosexual.

In your second point you said that boys and girls require different working conditions, however no were have you stated that this was an average and that the average of the girls and boys require different working conditions. So what you have stated is a very general statement that is false. Everyone is different and there will be some girls who prefer working in cooler conditions and boys who prefer working in warmer conditions.

There are many reasons to disagree with having boys and girls in separate classes. One reason is that boys and girls have different set thinking patterns. By studying together in the same classroom, they allow themselves to learn from each
other"s thinking skills and points of view. This could improve their own critical thinking methods and even change their opinions in certain subjects for the better. Now, about these thinking patterns, they are generally believed to originate from the toys that boys and girls play with when they were younger. Boys usually play with toys that are to be assembled like robots and the like. They are toys that have something to do with logic. According to girls usually play with toys that can be customized. These toys are practically related to arts, emotions, and preference. When they are in the same class, boys and girls think in different directions making unknown thoughts acknowledged unlike in single-sex schools have "boycentered" or "girl centered" ideas that leave the good opinions or thoughts on the subject matter. When boys and girls come together and share ideas, academic results are usually better. Furthermore, both genders need to be taught in the same classes for sensible reasons. When they finish their studies, they eventually join the workforce, upholding the duties of their previous seniors and wishing for the improvement of their country. No matter where their workplace is, they"ll still be joined with the opposite sex. If they are not used to discussing ideas with the opposite sex, it will be hard for them to adapt in the working community. It could probably hinder improvement on their jobs. Another reason is that, if they were to be taught in separate classes, which would lead to different teaching techniques and different subjects to focus on. While it is generally observed that boys are more logically-oriented while girls are more emotionally attached, that does not automatically mean that all boys are better at logical thinking. There are many women that are good at mathematics and science, or any logic-related subjects, as exemplified by famous female scientists like Marie Curie. There are also many men that are emotionally oriented like Vincent Van Gogh, a painter of his emotions and thoughts.
Debate Round No. 2


Okay, first, I would like to thank you for following the format.
Now, I will defend my arguments, and I will also rebut what you said.

1. Distraction
You said that about 20 % of the population is attracted to their own gender, but this doesn't mean attractive like dating each other or something. If your statement was true, then 1 in 5 people would date their own gender, but this isn't true, as in, only 3.5% for people in the U.S. are homosexual, and USA is even one of the countries that had the most homosexuals.

2. Boys and Girls are different
You said that some boys and some girls require different working conditions as the majority, but as you said, this is only 'some' of the students. If we make boys and girls study in the same classroom, half of the students will feel uncomfortable, while in single-sex school, only 'some' students will feel uncomfortable. Also, you said that boys and girls have different thinking patterns. Of course we might learn about each other's thinking patterns, but we could also be confused at the same time because boy don't understand why girls are thinking differently than the boys, and vice versa. Then, you said they will eventually join the workforce, and if they aren't used to discussing with the opposite sex, it would be hard for them to adapt in their working communities. But as I said before, we can communicate with the opposite gender in other than schools such as in academies, or by Facebook, Messenger, or other social apps.

3. Stereotypes
You didn't rebut this argument, so I have no choice but to believe that you couldn't rebut it

Your argument
You also didn't defend your argument, so I also think you couldn't defend it.


Okay then I shall do the same, defend my arguments whilst rebuting yours.

You stated that only 3.5% of the US population are homosexual, and therefore my research was incorrect. However following that I would also like to point out that there are 193 other countries that exist and that the population of the US doesn't match the population of the rest of the world, and since your argument isn't directed at the US schooling system I have no choice but to believe that you think that only because the US has such little percentage of homosexual, so does the rest of the world.

In your second statement you said "we could also be confused at the same time because boy don't understand why girls are thinking differently than the boys," I would disagree with this since it is up to every individual to think about this or not therefore you cannot generalize. You have also repeatedly said that about social media to connect the genders. However social media does not convey a persons true self as face to face contact would. Also over social media the genders would have no ability to see how the other works academically.

For your original third argument about stereotypes I did not rebut that argument since every school, every race have a different belief on gender stereotypes, you if ask a man in Afghanistan about his daughters getting educated or a common family in the US, you will get very different responses.

I would like to conclude this debate by first of all giving a huge thank you to my opponent for teaching me about the format of debates and for such a challenge! You have proved to have very promising points and I would like to thank everyone reading this for their time in this matter.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by YummyBurgers 1 year ago
@Mark_Brand123 Thank you for this wonderful debate, it's been so long seen I've had a proper debate like this. Once again, I thank you for this amazing debate.
Posted by KYSDude 1 year ago
KYS, Man.
Cherry Pie is the best.
Posted by nerdydork4044 1 year ago
yea what if it a all girl school and u is lesbian
Posted by Mark_Brand123 1 year ago
Thank you Bob :)

Quite frankly I am new to debating as a hole and this information will really help me out! Thanks!
Posted by TheOriginalBob 1 year ago
This is for Con:

I would advise against using anecdotal evidence, as it proves absolutely nothing so long as you can't back it up with factual evidence. Anecdotal evidence is possibly the worst thing a debater could do. I did it once and it was so bad because sure it might've happened but I can't prove that.
Posted by YummyBurgers 1 year ago
They can, but first, there is the same sex group in Co-ed groups, and also, that is a rare possibilty.
Posted by Peach19 1 year ago
I just want to point out that "distraction" is not a valid argument here as students can be attracted to those of the same sex.
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