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Are students in schools being treated like animals?

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Started: 2/5/2016 Category: Education
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The topic for the debate is that children in schools are treated like animals.
The first round is the opening argument,second and third for arguments and,fourth
for rebuttals,and last for rebuttals and closing arguments.

-No Trolls
-Don't curse
-The argument "Yes,because humans are animals"is not a valid argument.
-Have good sportsmanship
-Check your arguments for fallacies


I am here to debate the resolution BIRT students in schools are being treated like animals. As side con I believe that this resolution must and will fall for the reasons that I will outline below and in my other arguments.

Before I start my argument, it would be helpful to define a few terms of the resolution. being treated like animals is considered dehumanization which would be known as dehumanization. The Cambridge dictionary defines dehumanization as to R03;remove from a R03;person the R03;special R03;human R03;qualities of R03;independent R03;thought, R03;feeling for other R03;people, etc.

Now that we have cleared up any ambiguous statements in the resolution, I will move on to my opening argument.

To begin, the students are in school to learn and are treated as such. Cell phones and technology are revoked to further increase learning and students are able to pick their path. Students are given choices or which courses they would like to take, and are given Individual Education Plan specialized to the student to make their learning better and more successful.

The education choices are made by the student, and they are given many resources to allow them to succeed. Technology is used to further students learning and students can get school board issued laptops to help them with writing and communication.

Since this is the beginning of the debate, I will end my argument here and allow side Pro to open their argument. To finish my opening argument I would like to state that the students are in control of their future and are never degraded or treated badly in any way. For the reasons that I have stated above, and the reasons I will state, I as side Con do believe that this message must and will fall.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello,minddrag,It's very nice to meet you.

To first understand why I argue that students are treated like animals,I would like to show the reasons I feel this way.

The animals I will be talking about,in this case,are laboratory animals.Both of these creatures are involuntarily
placed in a unfamiliar environment,where they spend long periods of time with other creatures.They are on a specific
diet,and are only allowed to use the restroom at the consent of a controller.They can be fed only information that the controller wants them to know,although they may learn of it in other ways.They are restrained from communicating.
They may be punished for not participating in forced physical activities.The experiments,in the child's case,are tests,
worksheets,and homework.These are fed into a faulty,obsolete,one-size-fits-all algorithm,which determines a "pass" or
"fail".Worst of all,the controllers are very rarely questioned on their tactics.

Most laboratories have moved past this old way of working.The question is:why have schools not?


First off good day to you science guy, and nice to meet you. I hope to have a fun and challenging debate against you, and will accept your definition and argument above, apologies for any miscommunications. Before I begin I would like to point out that I am a Canadian student, and as such my concepts of education may be different then that of another nation's.

Before I begin my constructive speech I would first like to rebut some of the points made by my opponent. First off I would like to state that the student is able to pick their school (with the help of the parent) and. An also be home schooled. They spend long periods of time with others yes, but are not on a specific diet. They are given what the parents feed them, which is how it is in nature. Students are actually allowed to use the restroom without permission, you can actually just get up and walk out. Students are allowed to pick their courses, although I must concede that not everything is able to be taught. Students in schools are not restrained from communicating in any way shape or form, seeing as I am doing this from school at the moment. We students are not forced to do physical activity at any time, as are allowed to drop any physical education courses. Now that I have rebutted my opponents points I will move on to my constructive speech.

There are three things that make up a lab experiment in the way that side Pro has defined above. The first thing is the victim must have no choice, and the second thing is they must not be allowed to leave. The third condition is that somebody is observing and controlling the experiment above.

Unless you believe in a god or deity (which is a whole other debate altogether) who will control your actions, then the only observers are the teachers. I would like to point out that the teachers have no stake in weather the experiment passes or fails, they are only there to inform. Therefore there is no observers, which means that the experiment is most likely not happening.

Now (I know I am not going in my point order, shoot me) I will move on to my second constructive point, that the students have a choice in the matter. The students can skip school easily if they really want to (trust me, living and getting away with this is easy). Also the students are allowed to make choices. You choose where you sit, who you associate with, and what courses you are taking. For example, I dropped French, and physical education, yet I continued with music and I am currently also learning law. The student is given a choice of which school they wish to attend, and their courses, and if they wish, they can be placed in a workplace for experience in a course called Co-Op. This shows that the student controls the experiment, not the teachers.

In conclusion to this round I would like to just conclude by stating that the student has a choice to leave, pick their courses, or be homeschooled. The student is given many choices, and although sometimes it may seem like a lab setting, with no observers it is certainly not. Thank you and I look forward to your speech.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm guessing that Canadian's have far better schools than in the United states,because that's not the case here. I've never heard of law classes being offered outside of college or very expensive high school courses,and using the restroom is prohibited without explicit permission,and even then we must be back in 2 minutes.To understand how defective the standardized tests are here,I present a visual:
The failures of NCLB
A accurate depiction,I would say.

Anyways,before I begin my next argument,I would like to make a statment:We are arguing about if children in schools are treated
like animals,not whether the pratices in schools are resonable or not.

Now,let's begin.Although students may pack their own lunches,students from low income families must eat school lunches.Most students in my community do,because there is a high poverty rate.Also,teachers are noy thae only obsevers.Surveillence
cameras,while used for security,are also used to ensure order.Most devices students are given are equipped with programs that
use keystroke logger technology to track students.

Homeschooling is out of reach for most children,especially those in poverty.Communication is limited by 2 things.One,no access to devices,and two,not being allowed to talk for long periods of time.The threat of being arrested for truancy keeps students from escaping better than any fence or wall.

Teachers are observers and the performers of experiments.They observe and keep order.In most labs,the pass/fail grade is not determined by those performing experiments.This is handled by a separate deparment,or other scientists.This is similar to schools

That is my argument,I look forward to yours.


That was a very enlightening argument, and I thank you for your speech. I will now move to rebuttals.

In tour previous speech you stated that "the threat of being arrested for Truancy is greater then any fence or wall".

Multiple online sources state that "you cannot get arrested or placed in juvenile detention for truancy, but if you are under 16 and disobey the judge's orders, s/he can order you to be placed in a facility for up to 45 days." My sources for this statement include:

Keystroke loggers are not supposed to track and control everything you are doing on a computer, they are mainly just to report back to the host any problematic terms you are using or any cyber bullying that is occurring. By homeschooling I meant that there is an alternative other then school.

Now you made a statement that I must completely disagree with. In your speech you stated that ".Although students may pack their own lunches,students from low income families must eat school lunches.Most students in my community do,because there is a high poverty rate." Now I would like to question when a school lunch would on average cost around 5-10$ a day, per student, and 200g of roast beef, a loaf of bread, a head of lettuce and some Havarti cheese would cost around 15$ and would make approximately 5-8 sandwiches. How are students are forced to buy lunches because it is cheaper to bring a lunch? The evidence that I have stated completely disproves your point.

Next you stated that cameras are used to insure order. I do not understand in the slightest how cameras insure order. Cameras are in place so that in the event of a problem, the footage can be reviewed, so that culprits or felons can be caught.

Standardized tests are just to compare students understanding to other. There is no point of teaching students information if you are not going to test them and allow them to compete against many other students, to see how they compare to others.

I would like to now ask a question. What is the purpose of the experiment if students are treated like a lab setting.

On that note I am finished my third argument. Thank you and I look forward to the next round.
Debate Round No. 3


sciguy23 forfeited this round.


That was one of the best speeches I have read in a while and I look forward to the next round, if any.
Debate Round No. 4


sciguy23 forfeited this round.


Good game sir!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by sciguy23 2 years ago
I really wished I could debate,but my internet service really went nutso and wasn't fixed until now
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: CodingSource//Mod action: Removed<

2 points to Con (Conduct, S&G). Reasons for voting decision: Pro's forfeiture prompted me to vote Con for better conduct. When it comes to grammar, there are many times when Pro, which is obvious in so many rounds, that he sticks the clauses to the punctuation marks. So better spelling and grammar goes to Con.

[*Reason for removal*] While I can understand that the lack of spaces between punctuation and words is annoying, it's unclear how that makes it difficult to read Pro's argument, which is the threshold that must be met for awarding S&G.
Posted by BigStokes 2 years ago
And should you break any of the "policies", you get an administrative referral which typically results in In-School Suspension which is the school equivalent to solitary confinement/isolation, basically you're sent to a room for the entire school day, you're not allowed to leave, any time you go to the bathroom you're escorted, inside the room are desk all of which have the borders on the back and sides to prevent you from seeing other students, facing the wall, and you get in trouble if you talk to anyone besides the teacher. There's a teacher or two in there with you 24/7 and EVERYTHING you do is monitored. Some schools even search the students prior to entering the room (Civil Rights argument?)
Posted by BigStokes 2 years ago
I guess Sciguy left out the part that school lunches in the US only cost about 2$ per plate and there are so many federal regulations on the matter and they're having to buy such mass stock and feed so many with such small budget and low profit margins that the food that is served is generally extremely bad or non-nutritional.
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