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Are supports more important in the Duo lane?

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Started: 3/19/2015 Category: Games
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Pro means you are for support and con means you are for ADC, if by accepting this debate you must prove supperior pros and cons of ADC while I must do the same but for the support role.
For a reference game to use, I will be using the MOBA SMITE.

First I will explain support:

Support has a very important placement in the duo, ADC is really squishy with no easy way to get his contributation to his team in till a certain level has been reached, and until that level is reached, it's up to support to apply his peel and CC so his ADC can take the last hit and get as much gold as possible, the ADC would be worthless without a support next to him, and the team would be suffering as a whole without someone to initiate and absorb the damage, the gold income is a sacrifice that someone has chosen to take on as a role for while sacrificing his OWN XP and gold to give to someone else to excel quicker than himself takes a lot of determination.
And having a support get a kill is not a problem, sure an ADC could use a kill more than the support it's nothing to cry about, the enemy team being down an ally is better than him coming back later.

Second his contribute to his team:

As a mistake I listed quite a few in the first paragraph, but regardless.
A supports job is to help his lane partner exceed in the lane faster than the enemy and himself, the faster your partner gets gold/kills/xp etc. the bettter job you are doing, you aren't relied on for kills, laneclear, or insane amounts of damage, you're relied on for your ability to displace the enemy and help your team by taking the damage that would be inflicted on your team to yourself. And someone willing to take that role has a lot of balls, because support is not an easy role, meanwhile ADC is GIVEN someone to LITERALLY WATCH HIS BACK. No other lane has this which makes support a very valuable role due to the fact that no one wants to be the person to give his gold away to help someone.

Third his flaws:

Support has many flaws, one of which being until you can get your abilities to use your peel or CC to contribute, you are just another larger minion. Supports can be free gold or valuable teammates, but if the support is feeding or not helping as much as he should be that is a severe hinderance to your team, because you are not just losing a teammate, you are losing an initiate/tank/objective killer. The threatening vibe your team lets off as you are alive in general is very potent, as opposed to when you are dead, the enemy gets cocky, your team loses moral, it's very possible that when you are dead you are hurting the entire team just by not even BEING ALIVE.

Thank you for debating.


I would like to accept this debate on duo lanes. My opponent will be using Smite, while I will use LoL as my reference.
My opponent seems to be introducing, so here are some notes I'll make.

First I would like to ask what he means by duo lane. Does he mean just during the laning phase or is he using it as an umbrella term to describe ADC and Sup.
Second, I will like to point out that any champion can "support." As long as they can peel and/or help their partner survive. The listed role for a champion isn't what defines if they are a support.
Lastly, I'm going to assume that the support is not someone the ADC knows in real life, since generally that is the case, and it would be too heavily skewed towards Pro otherwise.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting.

For clarification, I meant, in terms of leaning, who is more important to be at their best, support or ADC, early or mid or late, who is relied on the most by the whole team.

And in terms of Meta gaming (out of game knowledge), the ADC and support are complete strangers.

And in terms of support champion selections let's keep it limited to tanks and people who's role is meant to be support (not a fizz or teemo supp.)


Firstly, Teemo support works. He has a blind that can win trades but fizz supports don't exist.
I'm just going to bring up some arguments and refute some points my opponent made in his introduction.

C1- The ADC provides damage
My opponent has mentioned how that supports provides peel, but the real damage comes from the ADC. Without the ADC, anything a support does is useless. An ADC without a support is better than a support with no ADC. The support will be too squishy and they just slow the opponents, or they are tanky and go all in, but do even less damage. Ultimately, the ADC wins the lane from their damage.

C2- Supports sacrifice themselves for their ADC
The topic is " Are supports more important in the Duo lane?" except, a good support will realize that the important ones are the ADC who provide the most late game damage. It's a far smaller loss for a support to be feeding than an ADC. The mindset of supports contradicts this debate topic. They sacrifice to help, and this sacrifice is valuable, but you can't forget that the ADC is key.


ADC is useless without support- This is completely untrue. A solo ADC lane would work fine. Top Vayne. Top Quinn. Top Urgot. Top Lucian. An ADC just needs to be more careful but they can manage fine.
Peel and CC- That is helpful but that's not what wins lane. What wins a lane is the teamwork and the follow up from the ADC. That doesn't make them more important. Only useful.
Supports watch the ADC's back and protect them- Then how can they be more important? They are essentially bodyguards protecting a VIP.
Debate Round No. 2


ErikC forfeited this round.


I win, I guess...
Please vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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