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Are wage-gaps due to discrimination against women?

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Started: 11/6/2016 Category: Society
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In my personal opinion, no. The wage-gap that feminists use as a sign of an existing patriarchy and persistent discrimination against women is not real. The wage gap is due to choices that men or women make in their careers.

For example, a man will never have to take maternity leave at any point in his life. However, the chances of a woman needing to take maternity leave at some point in her career are fairly high. This is one case where a man would end up being paid more and it's not because of sexism or discrimination.

Some other factors that contribute to the wage gap are hours worked, different career choices, promotions, etc.


If a man and a women worked the same job, the man would be paid more than the woman. It's as simple as that; there are wage-gaps between men and women, and this is due to discrimination against women.

In 1963, Congress passed the Equal Pay Act, prohibiting gaps in salary between men and women. However, in 2014, over a half-century later, typical women working full-time all year in the US received only 79 percent of what the typical working man earned at the same number of hours. In other words, she earned 79 cents for every dollar he made; which, when you add it up, creates a huge gap in paychecks. No matter how you add up the data, a pay gap will always remain, no matter the work people do, or the qualifications, like experience or education.

Steps have been made to bridge this gap, and politicians in this election have promised to make salaries between men and women more fair. As a New York senator, Hillary Clinton introduced and passed the Paycheck Fairness Act, to give women "the tools to fight discrimination in the workplace." Meanwhile, Donald Trump has not had a chance to change anything, but to be fair, he has never held public office. However, his comments on women, and his actions to which he has proclaimed he has done, do not give any positive insight to what he is planning to do on the issue.

The reason employers will give women less pay is because they think that women are less likely to negotiate or argue about the pay rate. Similarly, women are more likely to be raped or sexually abused because of the perpetrators thinking that they are too weak to come forward.
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