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Are we are the only people on earth?

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Started: 11/22/2012 Category: Science
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I think we are not the only living things on earth like my brother told me that the moon may be a fake from other living things that we would call aliens. It may not be true that the moon is fake but there is going to be other living things some were in the world.



I assume I am arguing pro for there not being other beings on this earth that are similar to us humans? If so thank you for the interesting topic. I will now state my arguments for why there are no other beings on earth similar to humans, or genetically superior.

1. We as humans span the vast distances of the earth, live on every corner of the earth, and have traveled to places that are uninhabited. If a race with the same capabilities as us were out there living on the surface of the earth we would have found them.

2. Satellites and advanced space telescopes have allowed us to monitor the surface of the earth at all times and never have sentient beings similar to humans been found.

3. Water is the source of all life and is what allows life to happen anywhere. PERIOD. No water on the moon, no life on the moon.

If any being similar to humans in nature and intellect, or any advanced sentient life existed here on earth alongside us we would have noticed. There is no evidence to that being the case presently. I conclude that because of the lack of evidence or human interaction with any intelligent sentient life that may have developed a human like society alongside us it cannot be said that there is any.

I await cons response.

Sources: (example of what observation satellites can capture)
Debate Round No. 1


I said somewhere not the milkyway I said anywhere in space. Do you think that we are the only living things in space. It may not be proven by sinetests but a lot of people think that we are not the only living things in space. So I can not wait until the pro goes


"I think we are not the only living things on earth"

Sorry, it was a little hard to read the statement.

Now I will address the argument.

No I don't not believe life exists elsewhere. Though ice/water has been found on mars analysis of the Martian surface has come up dry of any signs of life much to the dismay of scientists. Besides the fact that no life has been discovered anywhere nor has any contact with another species been established, you also have another big piece of evidence facing our extraterrestrial friends, the odds of them existing.

The odds of the earth and everything on it coming to be were very slim. In fact earth started to develop life late into its existence making life on earth itself unlikely. It took billions of years for life on earth to start developing. This is just life, intelligent life is even more unlikely. A scientist by the name of Prof Watson came up with the statistic for intelligent life. Less than 0.01 percent over four billion years.

To conclude, because of scientific failure to come up with substantial evidence for life elsewhere, and the almost none existent chance for intelligent life to have been able to develop, I do not believe that intelligent life could exist anywhere else. The earth and the life on it was a fluke plain and simple, a fluke which is unlikely to have occurred again.
Debate Round No. 2


aprilautumn7 forfeited this round.


No arguments/rebuttals by con, I have addressed all arguments.

Apologies again for the initial confusion about the debate topic.

Vote pro!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by infalliblemind 5 years ago
we are not the only living things on earth. there are dogs, and otters and zebras...
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