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Are we devolving as a species due to advanced media and advanced media technology?

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Started: 2/3/2015 Category: Education
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My argument is based on my theory that we are devolving because advanced media and advanced media technology like video games and social media is making use devolve because we're becoming more and more lazy and because of this, we're devolving. Do you agree or do you disagree?


I'll be using this round for acceptance.

I will be arguing that technological advancements (which I'll be referring to as "Information(-Age) Technology") has advanced, and will continue to advance, our species.

I will provide argument in the second round. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


LiamMcPhersonFCC forfeited this round.


"Degenerate (v.)
Having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable; showing evidence of decline"

Unwilling to work or use energy"

The effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input"

Internetworking and the World Wide Web have made information, commerce, discussion and communication much more convenient. This new forum has allowed for easier spread of ideas and allowed for simpler interaction between consumers and vendors and businesses (and even for new start-ups to take off). This allows our economy and our greater intelligence to grow exponentially.

As for laziness (and degeneration), this can become subjective as to what you deem fit.

Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result"

Although physical effort may not be entirely involved, mental effort and development is definitely in play.

In regards to con:
Due to forfeiture, I'll be using their acceptance statement for rebuttal:
"like video games and social media is making use [sic] devolve because we're becoming more and more lazy and because of this, we're devolving."

Video games, as with any recreational activity, can be abused. Social media is simply a new medium to communication and discussion.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, sorry for the forfiet, I was busy working on other things so I lost track of things.

As of mental development, there is no dout that the internet is certainly improving our intellegence. However, because of our constant development of other media devices such as gaming consoles has atracted people to buy and play games on the video gaming consoles and we get so adicted to them that we don't get much phyisical action.

Proof of this is me. When I was 10 my body and body strength was fairly average, howver, since everyone had a gaming console of some kind and I was persuaded to get one because of youtubers and advertisements, I have been using it more and more and now my body strength has decline quite frequently and I have become a bit chubby. Instead of going outside I stayed in my room playing video games because I got addicted to playing games.

Another thing, alot of youtube videos entertain us and we then over time develope this need to be entertained constently on a more frequent baseis and we then stay in our rooms watching for uncounted lost hours and days watching youtube videos and not getting much physical action.

My point being is that we should stop developing media techonlogy, at least for the next decade, or at least slow down the development. It's fine to express ideas and create stuff that people will enjoy, but not okay that they will cause us to stop being more physical.


It's fine. As long as you return from a forfeiture, I don't tend to hold it against you!

"Historically there has always been in government a Luddite sentiment - whatever the new industry is tends to take the blame of the latest ailment of society."

In regards to con:
"we don't get much phyisical [sic] action."

"Exergaming" has been an evolving concept since the early 80's. With Nintendo's introduction of accelerometers into its analogue handsets in 2007, physically motivating games have become a major development. Dependent on the interests of an individual, they may be more or less active in comparison to their peers.

There are also many other factors involved in obesity: Genetics, family lifestyle, general inactivity, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, medication, age, social/economic issues or even quitting smoking.

Con precedes an anecdote with "Proof of this is me." This does not serve as proof as it is anecdotal evidence; it is unreliable.

However, if I should contradict your ancedote with an anedote:
I've had an inadequate exposure to sunlight or physical activity from an early age. I began gaming on a DOS system at the age of 3. I eat foods typical of inducing obesity (i.e., Junk Food) in high and frequent volumes.

My current BMI is 16.6 (an improvement from my prior status of severely underweight, yet still underweight) and my Body Fat Percentage is 9%. I do not have a gland problem.

Despite all efforts to gain weight, and my "unhealthy" lifestyle, I am underweight in two fields and yet still retain the ability to lift, carry, push or pull medium weights up to 75 pounds (or greater; a basic and often required skill for every-day productivity).

However, both of us are one person in our own regards. We do not represent a reliable batch that can be promoted as "proof" or "evidence."

In regards to entertainment media (i.e. YouTube):
(Pro, Round 2) "[...] as with any recreational activity, can be abused."
Please also refer back to the quote from the BBC article (Oct. 9, 2007).

YouTube extends as a form of social media that has been used for both user-generated content and corporate media. It, again, depends on the individual and their habits.

Although this is the final round, if you can locate a study (particularly in relation to video media such as YouTube) about its relation to obesity and physical inactivity, I'd be quite interested.

I'll here conclude "that information-age technology has advanced, and will continue to advance, our species" and that it has not significantly impacted society in a negative way so as to create devolution or degeneration.
Debate Round No. 3
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